Friday, November 27, 2020

Cellulite Detox Plan


Hey, it’s Samantha, I often get asked what really works to reduce cellulite?

The answer is simple yet somehow surprising to most women.

Ready? Here we go…



That’s right! Lifestyle.

It may sounds hard but I assure you it’s the easiest and most effective cellulite reduction solution you’ll ever find.

At this point you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Let me explain… Has anything you’ve tried worked? Probably not, maybe a little at best right?

Diets? Mildly effective but often too extreme, not sustainable, and when the cravings get too strong you cave and yoyo right back to where you started or worse…

Exercise programs? Great for overall health and fitness but we’re talking about cellulite here! Not cardiovascular endurance or muscle building.

I mean absolutely, if you train intensely for many hours each week you’ll see results. But, the impact a standard exercise program will have on your cellulite problem area will be limited and what happens when you decide you’ve had enough of torturing yourself at the gym or you get sick and can’t do high intensity training? Any progress you’ve made will be reversed and you’ll be right back where you started.

How about the seemingly endless plethora of creams serums and lotions that all claim to help firm and tighten the skin? How much time, money and damage to your skin are you willing to dedicate before you stumble across something that might actually help a little bit?

For many of the women I’ve helped, myself included, the choices seem literally limitless and new products keep coming out all the time. Topical “solutions’ range in quality, safety, and price dramatically selling for thousands of dollars in some cases. I call that a scam! And ladies… anything that promises to burn or acid peel your cellulite off… is just going to do more damage to your already vulnerable, sensitive skin. I’m not saying topical treatment of cellulite is not at all effective. But can you tell me which type of topical treatment actually produces real visible results?

Let’s get back to the key word for a second “Lifestyle”.

Lifestyle does not mean it takes a lifetime to get results, in fact real measurable physical results can happen very quickly, often in just days.

Lifestyle does not mean changing everything about your life either, on the contrary just a few simple concise routines that should take no more than 20 minutes a day to implement are your most powerful anti-cellulite weapon. They can (and will) have the most drastic and lasting impact on your cellulite problem areas if you simply follow them.

Simple, fast, concentrated, specialized, and most importantly effective strategies that combine all the best of the best information.

In other words… no need for lengthy intense exercise routines that don’t focus specifically on Cellulite problem areas.

No need for extreme dieting that has been proven to often result in more and more persistent fat and cellulite issues as our undernourished bodies react to stress and go into what’s known as “famine mode.”

And finally no need to waste time and money as well as running the risk of skin damage by using topical agents that make lofty claims but don’t contain any of the ingredients that have actually been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


  1. Kimmy

    It’s so true about the myriad of topical solutions!
    I see on tv at least once a day an ad about this miracle cream or that, promising cellulite reduction…of course, none work. Mainly because most of the women who use them have the cream in one hand and a twinkie in the other. I know, because I used to be one of them once :/

    Stop spending money on bullshit creams & change your lifestyle!

  2. Dana

    I honestly don’t understand why this is so hard to get for some women. Thanks for putting it out there!

    Like, seriously, let’s look at my aunt for example. Cottage cheese everywhere on her thighs. Yet, she thinks that by rubbing lotion while eating crap all the time her cellulite will go away.

    People need to get that if they eat junk and sit a desk all day, no cellulite cream is going to help them :/ It’s all about lifestyle, as you said!

  3. Alice

    Samantha, I love the way you wrote this article. Pinpointing it all down to lifestyle is a genius idea and I commend you for it.

  4. Chelsea

    It reminds me of that quote “People will do anything to lose weight except eat right and workout!”

    Cellulite reduction is just one of many good benefits of eating right and working out.

  5. Lexi

    A lifestyle change is sometimes necessary if you want to do what you want with your cellulite . Great Article .

    • Meghan

      Yeah you have to weigh it up and see what works for you. Definitely worth it in my opinion though.

  6. Marlene

    I am of the mind frame of limiting the damage rather than trying to reverse what is already there, although that would be a bonus.
    I hit the point where I was wanting to invest in me once I hit my 30s. I’m not interested in my body for reasons some are, I just want to be fit and healthy.

  7. Taylor

    A lifestyle change is the way to go as far as I am aware. For recent years I have just done diets and they did not last too long. I recent purchased a lifestyle change guide and it is has been really useful and lasted much longer than the typical diet plan I do. I feel a lot better within myself and my cellulite is decreasing daily as is the overall quality of my skin and fitness.

  8. Adriana

    Wow, it seems as if I have been over-complicating things a little bit here. I agree with your preach for a need of lifestyle change to achieve anything. I have spent lots of money on diet and fitness programs but it seems this article puts it really simply and can provide a lot of help.

  9. Isabella

    I am glad that someone can finally say it how it is. Most of my friends craze about these new diets that they are on. They last a week at tops, why? Because they are not sustainable and it often makes them worse than they were before. Lifestyle changes need to take effect. You cannot eat salad and exercise for hours every day for the rest of your life – it isn’t practical. But by changing little bits of your life you can make a change that will have great effects and last the course.

  10. Mary

    Have been a victim of Cellulite And Have been looking for a way out, thanks for these awesome article

  11. Trinity

    I have tried many different things, including exercise programs. Nothing seems to work, but thanks for the tips!

  12. Mackenzie

    If you have a desk job that requires you to stay down 8-9 hours each day, try to get up every hour or so and go to the bathroom or just stretch up your legs. Staying down for too long will damage posture and could also cause cellulite so fight back before it shows.

  13. Martha

    Squats and especially, squats with weights will help you tone that butt and those thighs. If you do 2 hours each day of cardio or hot yoga, chances are you are in good shape but this doesn’t mean you don’t have cellulite. You have to fight back with workout moves that reduce cellulite and also focus on antioxidants, one of the most powerful foods that banish cellulite.

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