Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cellulite Questions, Answered


Hi, Samantha here with a few questions and answers to help you win your battle against cellulite…

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that results in the uneven, lumpy, dimpled appearance of the skin’s surface in areas where underlying fat deposits contain damaged collagen walls. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs but also commonly appears on the belly and back, and usually occurs after puberty.

What causes Cellulite?

The things that we can control! Yes… you guessed it
“Lifestyle” factors such as:

Diet is a major contributor to cellulite development and a key ingredient in your overall cellulite reduction routine.

Lack of exercise and prolonged periods of immobility like sitting behind a desk all day really trigger the formation of cellulite or amplify an existing cellulite condition.

Even the type of clothing we wear can have an impact on Cellulite development like tight elastic underwear that stretch across the butt limiting blood flow.

Hormones. Some studies suggest that there is a strong hormonal component that causes cellulite to form, estrogen being the main culprit. Which explains why only we women are cursed with and as usual the men get off scott free.

Until now no hormone treatment has been proven to be effective. So if hormones are a contributor to your cellulite problem you really stand to benefit significantly from the information in this book, which will really help you develop an anti-cellulite lifestyle and potentially offset much of the hormonal impact.

Genetics also makes certain women more prone to cellulite than others but 80 to 90% of all women are afflicted with cellulite on some level. That does not mean that there is nothing that you can do about your cellulite or that no matter what you do the odds are somehow stacked against you. What is does mean is that for those women who are genetically prone to develop cellulite, a properly designed comprehensive cellulite reduction strategy is all the more important.

Is cellulite permanent?

Absolutely not! I will share with you the specific ways to reduce, remove and even completely eradicate cellulite and make sure it stays gone. Cellulite can be fought and conquered from within and without, it just takes knowing what works and using it daily.

Does anything work for cellulite?

Although for years my search for effective cellulite removal methods all resulted in disappointment and despair, finally I can now tell you, without a doubt that “Yes” there are simple effective strategies, routines and products that really kick the cellulite’s butt for a change.

It starts from within, cellulite reduction, fat management and skin firming and smoothing focused nutrition. In many cases women think that they are eating right and perhaps their eating habits are in fact healthy but simply not suitable for their cellulite removal needs because of a few missing super cellulite-zapping foods or an excess of ingredients that exacerbate the problem.

The good news is your current eating habits could be 90% fine but that remaining 10% could be delivering a massive serving of cellulite building components.

Simple, quick and painless… Specialized exercise routines that anyone can do in just minutes a day, within the comfort and privacy of their own home seem to escape 99% of women who suffer in hiding. Cooped up, too embarrassed of your unsightly Cellulite to get to the gym where smooth toned bodies reign supreme?

Again I have good news for you ladies… You don’t need a gym. You don’t need machines or personal trainers. All you need is to learn the few simple, fast and easy to do exercises that specifically target your cellulite problems areas.

Finally we come to topical solutions like creams, lotions, natural oils, serums, firming and smoothing agents. The top performing cosmetic products and proven natural alternatives that enhance your cellulite reduction and concealment. Whether you’re after long-term preventative strategies or a quick and effective cover-up for an upcoming occasion there are products that actually work and you don’t have to pay a fortune.

How do I lose cellulite fast?

By this point it should be starting to become apparent what turbo charges and accelerates cellulite reduction. The best way to lose cellulite fast is to attack it from all available angles.

Effective measures to quickly and easily reduce the appearance of cellulite can be implemented immediately with little impact on your regular daily life and a massive noticeable impact on those lumpy buns and thighs.

If you want fast results then immediately begin to use every weapon at your disposal that can attack those bumps and dimples.

Fight Cellulite in these ways:

From beneath the skin with specialized concentrated exercise movements that firm, tone and burn.

From within the skin itself with proper nutrition fortified with skin supporting super foods that restore the skin’s natural elasticity by delivering the key vitamins, minerals, oils and antioxidants that work to strengthen and repairs damaged and stressed skin cells.

Does cellulite go away with weight loss?

Although overall fat loss will typically result in a healthier, slimmer looking figure, for most women it is not enough to effectively get rid of cellulite.

Fat burning exercise and dieting will reduce overall body fat but the problem cellulite sufferers face is not spread out all over the body it is usually concentrated on the buns, hips thighs, legs tummy and sometimes even appears on the lower back.

Therefore a specially crafted strategy that specifically targets those problem areas and employs routines that focus entirely on cellulite reduction and removal is the best method for doing away with stubborn cellulite.

Look at it like this… if you had one limb that was significantly weaker than the rest due to a period of inactivity while recovering from an injury for example. Would you rehabilitate it as part of a total body routine? Or concentrate specifically on strengthening that weakened area in order to speed up results and balance out your overall appearance and performance? Obviously the latter strategy would yield the desired results.

The same goes for cellulite, which for many women is the only problem that really frustrates them about their appearance, making them feel self-conscious and isolated.

But no woman should have to feel that way and now that you understand the basics of what cellulite is what causes it and how we’re going to eliminate it, let’s get right into the really essential key information that will get you there fast.

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