Friday, November 27, 2020

Chavutti Thai Massage


Chavutti Thai massage is a very new type of massage that blends elements from various systems into one new massage style. This form of massage was created by Kingsley Ogedendbe. Originally he was a professional athlete, competing against the world’s best at the 400 meter sprint. He had to take to the sidelines due to injuries and decided to become a personal trainer. From there he began learning massage.

Thai style technique

His massage training first led him to the normal styles including deep tissue and Swedish massage therapy then he began seeking more spiritual massage styles to add to his repertoire. He then travelled to India to learn Chavutti Thirumal and worked with the style for a while before travelling to Thailand to learn traditional Thai massage techniques. During this time, he connected the two styles together and created Chavutti Thai massage. This new type of massage is only practiced by a handful of people but it is highly beneficial.

What is Chavutti Thai?

Chavutti Thai is a fusion of styles. What makes it unique is that it is done solely with the feet. The techniques are a blend of those that are done with the feet in the Indian Chavutti Thirumal style and Thai massage techniques that normally are done with the hands administered with the feet. It takes a unique massage therapist to be able to master this style and between its newness and its relative difficulty to master, there are only a handful of people that currently practice this style, all of whom are in Europe.

What are the Benefits of a Thai Massage?

First and foremost, Chavutti Thai is a deep tissue massage that will speed up the healing process and help eliminate aches and pains. The unique nature of this massage style, however, lends itself to a number of other benefits. Among the other benefits are:

Better Posture – The way we sit causes our back to become both strained and weak which causes our spine to eventually curve in an unhealthy way. Chavutti massages work on lengthening muscle tissue and increasing flexibility of the muscles, allowing the spine to return to how it should be.

Increased Flexibility – The techniques that are incorporated from both the Chavutti Thirumal and Thai massage methods use twisting motions, followed by ever lengthening strokes to help the muscles become longer and relaxed. The outcome of this is better flexibility.

Health Improvements – Flexibility helps balance one’s energy, causing improvements in both mental and physical issues after a session. Furthermore, the massage techniques naturally help improve circulation and lymphatic circulation helping the immune system work more harmoniously with the rest of the body. Liver and kidneys are encouraged to purge toxins through the triggering of Sen channels.

Increase in Energy – The main sen channels that are contained throughout the body control the energy level that we are able to maintain. By working on unblocking these channels, the body is able to reach its full potential. Daily tasks are more enjoyable and you have the additional energy to maintain a positive outlook on the day.

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