Friday, September 18, 2020

Chi Walking


The Chi Walking program is a new approach to creating fitness and health, and maintaining one’s well-being. The program combines walking with the inner focuses of Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art renowned for creating strength, balance, and improved cognition.

Chi Walking & Chi Running

These practices were developed by Danny Dreyer, whose work was influenced by his study of Tai Chi with Master George Xu, and Master Zhu Xilin. Dreyer has 35 years of experience in racing Ultra Marathons (races longer than marathons), running and training people in “intelligent movement”. He has raced distances that range from 10K to 100 miles, and has participated in 40 Ultra marathons, finishing in the top three in all but one. Moreover, he has taught thousands of people the practice of ChiRunning and ChiWalking with profound results.

Besides regular exercise, Danny has also lived a holistic and meditative life for over 30 years. His practice focuses on healthy eating, rejuvenating activities and physical activities, and whether he is coaching a runner or a corporate executive, his teachings enable people to tap into their inner strength and power.


The Chi Walking program teaches people the bio-mechanics of walking founded on the principles of Tai Chi. Therefore, the program encourages loose joints, good posture, and relaxing the peripheral muscles of the legs and arms. Walking suddenly becomes easier, and consequently aches and pains caused by walking incorrectly disappear.

Chi Walking, however, is not only aimed at tackling the physical aspect of the body. With such an extensive background in Tai Chi, the program addresses the needs of an individual’s whole being providing the opportunity for spiritual exploration and the integration of the body.

Chi Running is based on the same principles as Chi Walking, the only difference is that the former is focused on the activity of running. In fact Chi Walking was developed out of the wish of thousands of runners, who wanted to share their knowledge with walkers.

Five Mindful Steps

The Five Mindful Steps, the basis of the Chi Walking program, serve to reinforce the body-mind component throughout the practice. Get Aligned is the first of these steps, and it encourages the individual to physically get aligned with his/her posture, and mentally with his/her intentions. The second is Engage Your Core, which requires the individual to engage his/her core with his/her lower abdominals, and mentally by using his/her will power. The third step is Create Balance, in which the individual physically creates balance between his/her upper and lower body, and mentally by creating a balanced fitness program. The fourth is Make a Choice, encouraging the individual to physically walk differently, and mentally to create health. And finally the fifth step is Move Forward, through which the individual is encouraged to physically move forward with ease and grace, and mentally by premeditating the next step.

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