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Child Psychology Certificate Online


The field of psychology is incredibly rewarding, and many people feel that working with children is the most rewarding type of work in existence. Becoming a child psychologist takes a lot of work, but you can start with a child psychology certification that can be obtained online.


The first thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to a career in child psychology is that while the work is rewarding, the work can also be quite heart breaking, depending on the area of child psychology in which you work. For example, helping a child who has a history of abuse can be much harder on you, emotionally, than working with a child who has behavioral problems, with no history of abuse. Make sure that you have the personality, and the emotional strength to deal with the situations you are confronted with.

When you elect to work with children, you can specialize in numerous different areas. Abused children and children with behavioral problems are just two examples. You could opt to work with children who have experience non-abusive trauma, such as a car wreck or a natural disaster. You could also opt to work with older children who need help with substance abuse, or children who have developmental issues.

In order to become a child psychologist, you will need a doctorate level degree. Naturally, you will begin your education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and then further your education with a master’s degree. It is typically during the educational quest or your doctorate degree that you will start focusing on a specialization, such as child psychology. Numerous courses can be taken online during your quest to become a child psychologist, and this includes courses towards your bachelor’s degree, your Master’s degree, and your doctorate.

As a psychologist with a specialist, you will most likely earn more money annually than a psychologist who does not specialize. The amount that you earn, however, will vary depending on what area of child psychology that you choose, where you live, and the demand for your services.

Useful Online Resources for Child Psychology

Course Title: Educational Psychology Major
Company Name: MUST University
Location: USA, China, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Middle East
Description: This is an online degree program, and it is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization.
Resources: http://www.mustuniversity.com/schools-majors/psychology/educational-psychology.html#

Course Title: Clinical Child Psychology
Company Name: Walden University
Location: Mills District, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Description: This is a post doctorate program which can be completed online. The instruction offered through this program focuses on holistic psychology.
Resources: http://www.waldenu.edu/Degree-Programs/Certificate-Programs/Psychology-Certificate.htm

Course Title: Various Psychology Programs
Company Name: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Location: 325 N. Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Description: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers a variety of programs for graduate students who will enter the field of psychology, including child psychology.
Resources: http://www.thechicagoschool.edu/#axzz0rXMlGjuB

Course Title: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Company Name: Argosy University Online
Location: Numerous states in the United States
Description: Argosy University offers online education in various fields of psychology, including child psychology, and also offers undergraduate programs.
Resources: http://olp.argosy.edu/psychology-degrees/

Course Title: Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Child Advocacy
Company Name: Florida Tech University Online
Location: 9417 Princess Palm Avenue, Tampa, Florida, United States
Description: Florida Tech offers an online undergraduate program which is ideal for entry into the field of child psychology.
Resources: http://www.floridatechonline.com/form/psychology/applied-psychology_100316/

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