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Children’s Health Plan: How to Look After Your Child’s Health


A child’s health includes mental, physical and social well being. Most parent know to keep their children safe, provide them healthy foods and plenty of sleep. There are also preventive care that can aid in the well being of your children.

When Should Children Be Seen By Medical Professionals

Children three years of age and older should be seen by a pediatrician at least once a year. Children younger than three should be seen more often to keep up on their vaccinations. This schedule should be created by your physician and followed closely.

Any child experiencing the following problems or changes should be seen by a medical professional:

  • gaining or losing significant weight
  • fever higher than 102 degrees
  • breathing problems
  • skin rashes or skin infections
  • problems sleeping
  • behavioral changes
  • frequent sore throats

What Symptoms Should Parents Pay Attention Too

Parents should pay attention to drastic changes in their children’s behavior and appearance. They should also pay attention to lack of changes in their behavior and appearance especially in small children. If your child does not appear to be developing on schedule then a physician should be consulted.

There are particular signs for different ailments that parents should keep their eyes open for. An example of this is if a child is pulling on their ears then this maybe a sign of an ear infection.

Prevention And Screening of Children’s Health

Prevention and health screening are the number one way to keep your children health. Routine vaccinations and screening are an important part of your child’s health care plan. Routine vaccinations protect your child against common childhood illness’s and other diseases. Routine screening of their body’s can allow physicians to catch problems earlier or before they develop. A routine physical along with dental care, vision and hearing screening should be provided to your child.

Alternative Treatments for Children’s Health

Many people feel that medicine has gone too far with children. Many people believe that antibiotics are over prescribe in small children and these people turn to alternative medicine to treat common childhood illness’s. Many childhood illness’s can be treated successfully with alternative methods. To reduce a fever for example one can use cool compresses and other non medicinal methods to treat a fever. In fact a fever is the bodies natural response to an illness. It is a way to fight the infection.

Over the Counter Treatments for Children’s Health

Over the counter medicines use to be a big part of treating symptoms of child hood illness’s. You would reach to the medicine cabinet for a decongestant to relieve a cold. This is no longer recommended for children under the age of 6 years old. These once common over the counter medicines have even been removed from the over the counter medicines by the FDA.

Medical Treatments for Children’s Health

A parent’s intuition never lies or at least should not be ignored. In small children it is wise to consult a medical professional if for any reason you believe there is something ailing your child. The smallest clue can sometimes provide the most information so don’t worry sounding like a a crazed mom or dad spill everything to the doctors and let them sort through the information.

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