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Christian Counseling


If you are a spiritual person who is having difficulty dealing with stress, conflicts or other problems, Christian counseling could be very beneficial to you.  This type of counseling is a practice of counseling that is faith based and grounded in the Holy Scriptures and teaching of Jesus Christ.

What are The Benefits?

Counselors use prayer and faith as the foundation of their sessions. The philosophy is based on spiritual beliefs and ideals and that spiritual power can overcome secular problems.  These counseling centers have qualified counseling staff members who are able to address issues about human failings and critical questions in ways that will not contradict the client’s religious beliefs. When counseling is done by qualified professional counselors who understand and respect the clients religious upbringing and beliefs the client gains strength to face and resolve troubling situations and to cope with adversity in their lives.

What is Different about Christian Counseling?

Many of the traditional secular based counseling centers are not focused or do not grasp how important their spiritual beliefs are in deeply religious people. This type of person wants to gain understanding and emotional strength to face problems and cope with them, but they strongly need to remain true to the church doctrines while doing so.

This type of counseling follows the philosophy that the Bible provides strength and direction for dealing with personal issues.  It believes that healing, guidance and wisdom can be gained from the teaching of Jesus Christ and that these teachings are far superior to any manmade technique or interventions.  This foundation of Christian beliefs for the religious person can help them better receive and understand the issues and coping methods taught to them since they are based in their faith and Christian beliefs.

Who might benefit from this Counseling?

Faith based counseling services would be beneficial to anyone who want to live by their Christian principles. The ultimate goals of counseling are to help the client move toward spiritual maturity, achieve a personal wholeness, and gain interpersonal competence and mental stability.  If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, depression, marital problems or other interpersonal issues counseling may be able to help, especially if you are very religious and find comfort in your Christianity.

Christian counseling is for anyone who wishes to abide by the teachings and traditions of Christianity and those who put their trust and faith in God, but who are having difficulties and struggling to understand or cope with the stresses, anxieties and complicated issues of the human existence.


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