Friday, October 30, 2020

Why Chronic Fatigue? Chinese Medicine Perspective


“I have a headache”, “I always feel tired”, “always yawning and my head is foggy”, “I always feel drowsy and like to sleep” “It’s hard for me to get up early in the morning”.

You may have heard these a lot in your neighborhood. It’s no wonder, due to the recent economic slowdown, as many people have been laid off and get stressed out, a number of People are suffering from bad chronic fatigue.

Fatigue can be categorized by two types.

The first one is called tiredness which can be easily recovered by plenty of sleep. Second is called chronic fatigue which cannot be recovered by short period of rest.

There are no sufficient medical proof for the cause of chronic fatigue. We just assume that it is kind of physical symptoms characterized by physical exhaustion and nerve related disorder.

Recent study shows that It might be central nerve system related disease including immune system and pituitary gland.

The symptoms of Chronic Fatigue can be defined by couple of things. Over six months continued tiredness and lack of energy, sore throat, failing memory, arthralgia, headache and lymphatic disease.

Under this condition, Injecting adrenocortical hormones and nutrition medicine is no use. In Oriental medicine, it is considered to comes from weak intestinal organ, lack of ki(energy), excessive mental and physical labor and sexual relationship. Medication therapy and improving life styles are strongly advised.


This kind of disease comes from weak digestive organ, lung, kidney and intemperate life style and excessive work and too much stress. Wind, cold weather, heat and humidity are also influential. Heat wave and high humidity from scorching weather in summer make people exhausted and dehydrated easily.

People usually tend to relieve this through drinking alcoholic beverage and medicine. However, that is not appropriate way to recover. Plenty of sleep, sufficient nutrition, moderate exercise, recreational activities, positive attitude and optimistic way of thinking are recommendable. But additional medical treatment should be needed, If it is critical case.

TCM Perspective

From the Oriental medicine point of view, people who lack of energy by nature, tend to have high possibility of chronic fatigue.

So invigorating the energy and supplying plenty of hydration is essential and prescribing the medicine for removing phlegm is also important. And massaging the acupuncture spot around the backbone could be useful.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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