Saturday, June 6, 2020

Ways to follow the ‘Eat Clean’ Diet


You may have heard about clean eating. For those unfamiliar, it’s where you shop the outer edges of the grocery store. You shop the produce, dairy and meats, while avoiding the “middle” that contains processed foods. It’s one of the best ways to get healthy, and one that I’m considering starting for myself. If you have dedication, motivation and a will to stick to this diet, than you are already miles ahead of me. I struggle with eating fruits and vegetables, so this should be quite a journey.

One of the first things you have to change is eliminating the sugar and fat. Read the nutritional label and see if you recognize the ingredients. If you don’t, then don’t put the item in your cart. Also, you want sugar and fat to be until ten grams on the label. You are looking at the total fat, but you can look at the others as well. You may want to consider making homemade versions of your favorite dishes. Instead of buying a macaroni and cheese dinner, grab a box of pasta and box cheese. It’s a lot healthier and you can measure your portions better.

When you eat clean, you have to realize that you are eating healthy fats. In turn, this means cutting out the bad saturated fats. These fats are often in butter, cheese and meat. Healthy fats are usually in olive oil and nuts. The healthy fats are good for your heart, while the saturated fats promote heart disease. The bad fats are going to be in the middle part of the grocery store—where you shouldn’t be if you’re eating clean.

Eating clean doesn’t mean giving up your alcohol, but it requires you to get within the recommended allowance. Ladies, for you this one drink per day. Alcohol in moderation is good for the heart, but too much can cause dehydration. Also, mixed drinks have a lot of added sugar, which will add to your waistline. It’s okay to splurge once in a great while, but keep in check and you’ll keep your diet on track.

Another way to eat clean is to cut the sweets. I know, but at least dark chocolate is good for the heart, right? I know I am going to struggle with this one when I start the diet, although I don’t crave many sweets now. If you’re craving something salty, you can still have nuts, such as almonds and pistachios. This may be the hardest part about the diet, but if you’re serious, then you have you have to follow through with it.

Most of the foods on the diet are fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, nuts and grains. Some may find this diet hard to follow and others may find it easy. Either way, you will be eating healthier and might lose some weight. This diet helps support heart and brain health. The omega-3 that you’ll eat with the fish helps to fight moodiness and depression.

In addition, this style of eating helps prevent many forms of cancer. When you eat processed foods, you’re at a higher risk of cancer and clean eating lowers that. The fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants help with this cancer-fighting diet.

So let’s do this. I’m going to start clean eating soon and I think you should, too. From what I’ve heard and read, it’s a better way to live. I want to live a long time and like everyone else, I have some weight that can be lost. I’m not afraid of this journey or its results; I just need the motivation to stay with it—and I sure hope it works.


Jennifer Olson
A mother of three, lover of children and keeping them (and us adults!) as healthy as can be. I have worked as a midwife and nurse for 12 years. Email:

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