Saturday, November 28, 2020

Grocery list for an ‘Eating Clean Dieter’


These days we do not recognize what we put into our bodies. Artificial sweeteners, kids drinks that look like a pack of sugar and GMOs (genetically-modified foods) are all changing how our bodies function. It’s brings more to argument of why we all should all ditch these foods and eat clean, while going back to the basic foods that haven’t been processed with chemicals that affect our health.

So, what is first on your shopping list?

Next, hit the meat counter. Shop for lean meats such as chicken or beef. Other meats such as salmon, tilapia and catfish are all wonderful choices. Do not think that since you are eating green you have to limit yourself. This is not a rabbit diet (no pun intended to the diet’s name), but instead a lifestyle change that’s going to benefit your life. It may be hard to give up, but avoid those middle-aisle coolers that contain pre-packaged chicken breasts, chicken nuggets and so on. You will find it is much easier to make your own with some meat and breadcrumbs.

Fruits and vegetables are super foods given to us by Mother Nature

If your grocery store is like mine, when you are in the front door, then you are in produce. This is a fantastic place to start. Fruits and vegetables are super foods given to us by Mother Nature. Apples, for instance, may assist in strengthening your bones or lowering your cholesterol. Similarly, broccoli can help you with your Vitamin D deficiency, while celery protects you from inflammation of the digestive tract. Each fruit and vegetable has its own super powers that help our body, which is why you should vary in all the colors.

Your next stop should be the dairy counter.

Instead of whole milk or fat-free milk, try almond milk. If your grocery store carries it, coconut milk is another option. It may be a different taste, but you might like it. You will find that you can still have your cottage cheese and your Greek yogurt—both of which are healthy snacks when those early-afternoon cravings come around. You may want to avoid the cheese (sorry!) because most who follow the clean eating diet consider this a processed food. According to some who follow the diet you can have low-fat cheese, however, so it is not all bad.

Let us also hit the condiments aisles.

This is where people may become a bit feisty, but some change is good—right? You can still have your pure Maple syrup and your honey. Some on the clean eating diet suggest sugar free condiments such as mustard and ketchup. In addition, green tea and decaf coffee are great options. You may also want to consider cooking with canola oil instead of vegetable oil since many contemplate it to be much healthier.

In the cereal and grain aisle.

Keep eyes on the look out for fiber and whole grains. You are going to want to buy high-fiber cereal such as Kashi GoLean, Shredded Wheat or Raisin Bran. In addition, you may want to consider buying whole wheat pasta. I actually prefer this to regular pasta and we buy it all the time. Brown rice, whole wheat breads and whole-wheat English muffins are all wonderful shopping items to add to your list.

Finally, let us not forget the seasoning aisle!

I do not know about you, but I do not like eating bland food. You will find this aisle does not change much as you finish your shopping. You can still have your black pepper and cinnamon. The only changes, really, are that most on the clean eating diet change to sea salt, which is supposed to be much healthier.

Converting to a new diet is never easy.

People often think you are going to be deprived of foods they love, but this is not the case with clean eating. It is easy to follow and easy to commit to for a lifetime. There are a few adjustable changes, but I believe you can do it. As I start this journey, I hope you will do it with me. Let us all eat clean!


  1. Heather Dennis

    thanks for the list I am just starting to eat clean and lose some of the weight I have put on my tummy

  2. Karen

    I see so many people in the supermarket buying unhealthy foods. It’s actually horrendous for supermarkets to sell some of the things they sell. No wonder people are unhealthy and overweight. If the label says natural then it should be natural. I hate the way food is packaged so most people have no idea they are buying themselves and early funeral and a crappy old age brought on by poor eating choices.

  3. Andrea

    Wow, from all the comments you’ve generated here this is a popular topic. I really hadn’t been aware that frozen chicken breasts were unhealthy. I’d love to know more about this if anyone could tell me. I think you have some great tips and I pretty much follow your lead as far as making my way through the store, but tend get hung up on snack isle. One interesting note, husband and I recently went through an income downsize and had to quit buying fast food and expensive grocery store treats. We’ve both lost a lot of weight.

  4. Jenny J.

    What a great article! It’s so clear and to the point. I honestly do believe that people overlook just how important it is to know what’s in your system. All of these processed foods, it’s like no one ever even stops to think that just the fact that it can sit on a shelf or warehouse for years at a time without going bad should say something about what it can do in your body. I love that you included condiments and spices – people forget that clean eating can be tasty eating too!! Super important for those of us trying to make a change in our diet without becoming “Rabbits”!

  5. Jenny Harris

    What a great article! It’s so clear and to the point. I honestly do believe that people overlook just how important it is to know what’s in your system. All of these processed foods, it’s like no one ever even stops to think that just the fact that it can sit on a shelf or warehouse for years at a time without going bad should say something about what it can do in your body. I love that you included condiments and spices – people forget that clean eating can be tasty eating too!! Super important for those of us trying to make a change in our diet without becoming “Rabbits”!

  6. Jen

    This made me hungry! I completely agree with your choices — and it’s so encouraging to read about healthy choices and ideas. The best part of a healthy lifestyle is when you crave healthy food more than junk food.

  7. Eugenia

    This is one clean diett added few on my list, have to agree with other… this type of diet is desirable and doable, you don’t feel like you are cheating your self by cutting off meat for instead, i cannot live without meat, i try to eat white meat, chicken and fish and the result are great, drinking lot of water as well speed up the process of losing weight.

  8. Antonia W.

    I couldn’t go on a strict diet that wouldn’t let me eat meat at all. I think that a good diet combines fruits, veggies and meat. Of course you shouldn’t eat any kind of meat like pork. Sometimes, even chicken is not that good for you because it can be processed and not as natural as you might think. The best meat is fish and the second best is beef.

  9. Becky

    It’s funny that people always think of clean eating as something that requires a huge amount of money and preparation. actually it’s just the opposite. You can still shop at the supermarket but you just have to be careful what you are buying. Processed foods are not only bad for you but they also make you fat. There are so many chemicals present in those highly processed foods that you wouldn’t normally put into your body. Fresh food is always best, no matter what the name of your diet.

  10. Jennifer

    Both my mother and my brother buy almond milk all of the time. Both of them also prefer to use almond milk with their cereal, too.
    I have used canola oil before.I love English muffins! Because my mother’s family is from Louisiana, I grew up using different spices in my foods.I love using spices!I went to a Jewish festival a few years ago. At the festival, one of the vendors had an array of spices imported from the middle east. I swore to myself that the next time I go to that festival, I will make sure that I will order a big load of spices.I cannot wait until I get my hands on those spices! I used to use sea salt.However, I kind of laid off using that.It’s all good though.

    • Jenny J.

      Almond milk is absolutely delicious!! It actually has more flavor than cow’s milk, and it is definitely way more refreshing than whole cow’s milk, not to mention the fact that it is so good for your body!!!

  11. Alycia B

    My partner and I just recently moved ourselves from an, “eat whatever we buy when we go to the grocery store” mentality, to a more natural Paleo type of diet.

    We buy fruits, vegetables, chicken, and fish. We then buy Almond Milk, Greek Yoghurt, Eggs, and sometimes bacon. We buy Kale for salads, and stick with whole wheat pasta if we get pasta. We try to stay away from any type of grains if we can.

    We have a ton of spices, Green teas, and shake recipes that we follow as well. Rarely any alcohol and mostly all water.

    This is a lot healthier then what we used to have, so we’re happy.

    Love this list and is a perfect guide for anyone who wants to start to feel better about what they eat.

  12. Sandy H.

    Great, comprehensive article. Definitely sharing with my other “clean eating” friends. Thank you!

  13. Jacqueline

    I love this list! I’ve been hearing so much about cinnamon lately. It’s a natural way to boost your metabolism too!

  14. Alexandra

    I don’t know about others but if I could I would eat only fish (as a meat) and would never touch chicken or pork. I just love all kinds of fish like salmon, tilapia, mackerel and others. Never tried to drink almond milk but it sounds very good. I also like to eat a lot of low-fat cheese with some crackers.

  15. Judie

    Lovely list! Recently I’ve been on the hunt for lists like this one, specifically, clean eating on a budget. It’s quite upsetting when I buy processed foods for my family and those run out much quicker than say non processed foods which can be 5x cheaper. We’re slowly eliminating bread and cereals but it’s the biggest leap for my husband and kids as they’re cereal junkies. Next is almond milk 🙂

  16. Beverly Green

    I personally love the idea of shopping for a clean diet. I think I’ve been too addicted to processed foods. At first, it just seemed like a convenience, and it did save me time, but I’ve been wondering for awhile just what all those unpronounceable ingredients really are?

    If you’re trying to get back to a cleaner diet, how do you know if your foods are GMOs? I understand that the food companies do not have to label GMOs, so it might be a little tricky getting the information.

    I like soy milk very much and wonder if it is just as good for you as almond milk.

    Thanks so much for the information.

    • Cindy

      this is very good news. on my muee-ccentsrid account i've run into a great deal of issue with these guidelines, even though i always encouraged users to support the music and purchase it. hopefully now they understand that their refusal to allow their artist's work on youtube may have harmed their sales instead of forced users to buy without a try.

  17. Mia

    I’m definitely taking notes on this for the next time I go grocery shopping! I love that almond milk is included here. At first it took me a while to adjust to the taste but I really do prefer it to cow’s milk now. I’ve been wanting to try making it myself. It doesn’t seem too difficult and I imagine that it must be even better than buying it in the store.

  18. Courtney

    I have recently been attempting to cut out frozen and processed foods from my diet. It can be hard to make the change and leave behind some of the junk you are used to especially when your day is as busy as mine! I try to buy lots of protein and chicken (the not frozen kind) and I do love my almond milk! I wish it was less expensive but I can only imagine how many almonds it must take to get a whole container of almond milk. It is so much healthier for you than regular cow’s milk. The only thing is that when you use it in cooking it sometimes changes the color of the food since it has a slightly beige tint to it rather than the white milk that you are used to. I prefer the unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk as opposed to the sweetened kind. Almond milk is rich and creamy and almonds themselves are really healthy.

  19. Jessica

    Great list! Almond milk is my favorite to mix with fruit for smoothies…much less calories than cow’s milk and so tasty!

  20. Arianna

    Nice collection of items to buy. I have always struggled on what to buy when it comes to preparing a week long shop but this list actually has given me quite a few ideas on what I can buy to help lead a healthy lifestyle.

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