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4 Steps to a Cleansed Colon (Detox Procedure to Follow)


People, before getting into a cleansing program, you should have a clear idea about what the regimen comprises of.

1. Before the cleansing procedure

The first thing that should be done is before the regimen actually starts. One should take care to discontinue the consumption of any medicines that are not necessary, like daily vitamin doses.

Sometimes, it is even suggested that the individual should do a fast. Some diets that can be followed for the detoxifying program are as follows.

You could go on a simple diet that consists of fresh fruit and vegetable juices or one that involves only drinking water with some salts, popularly known as a water diet.

For those who are underweight or choose not to fast, they can start the regimen without fasting. Though it is not an important part of the cleansing procedure, it is said that fasts help the process to happen in an easier way. But during the program, one must be very careful while eating. Avoiding junk food is an extremely important part of the regime. If your diet, during the regime is not healthy, then there will be several drawbacks to it.

During the process of cleansing, one should definitely stay away from pasteurized milk, coffee, black tea, candy, chocolates and other similar unhealthy food. It is also essential that one should not eat more than three or four healthy meals in a day. As this procedure is extremely taxing, it is recommended that individuals undergoing this treatment should practice yoga or meditation to help them relax.

2. Methods of a simple cleansing regime

Some of the products or ingredients that are necessary are Bentonite Clay OR Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk powder, which can be purchased from any vitamin store, water and an optional probiotic.

The actual process of bowel cleansing:

  • 1. A teaspoon each of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk is to be mixed into a large glass or water, while another glass of water should be kept ready.  
  • 2. This shake prepared, popularly known as the P&B shake or the Psyllium Husk and Bentonite Clay shake should be drunk in a day, at lest 2 hours before or after a meal. It should be noted that this should not be drunk while eating.

After the shake has been drunk, you should gulp down the other glass of water that is kept ready. It helps in ingesting the shake better. But there have been many cases, where individuals have not needed the additional glass of water to swallow the shake. 

  • 3. This shake should be drunk once a day, for three days without any fail. On the fourth day, this shake should be drunk twice, ideally once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. This same regime should be repeated on the fifth day as well. On the sixth day, the dosage should be increased to three times a day and on the seventh day, it should be drunk four times. From the eighth to the fourteenth day, the shake should be drunk four or five times daily.
  • 4. This regime should be continued for at least a month or two, till all indications or mucoid plaque is removed. In some cases, drinking this shake for 4-5 times for only a month works, but in others, the regime continues for two months.

Bentonite Clay is a type of clay, while Psyllium Husk is a powder fibrous in nature which can be taken alone as well. This procedure of cleansing the colon is the most popular method followed.

 Since Bentonite Clay is extremely hard to obtain in vitamin stores, Activated Charcoal can replace the ingredient. Though it is not as effective ad Bentonite Clay, it can be used as a replacement if no other option is available. The contents of the Activated Charcoal capsules should be mixed with the Psyllium Husk and made into a shake.

The Colonix Program, a largely popular alternative cleansing procedure

While the p&B shake works wonders for some people, others need a more thorough process to cleanse their colons. The Colonix is an effective method of colon cleansing. Wgile the P&B shake only cleans the mucoid that is present around the central portion of the colon, while the Colonix cleans the mucoid plaque more methodically and effectively.

Colonix has numerous health benefits

The many health benefits of colonix include the elimination of severe bloating of the stomach and constipation. Many a happy customer has confessed that Colonix has not only improved their bowel movement greatly.

Other satisfied patrons claim that their acne and candida has been solved thanks to Colonix. In some cases, the patient had been suffering from acne since childhood and a treatment was impossible to find, Colonix aided in recovery. Sometimes, the candida infections were affecting the patient, making them tired and lethargic; with the help of Colonix, it was overcome as well.

In cases where the patient suffers from diseases like IBS, colitis, arthritis, candida, amongst others, he has found relief with the daily usage of Colonix.

In most cases, parasites are the main reason behind an outbreak of acne. These germs also instigate other health problems. As they feed off the human body, it tends to lose resistance. But regular use of colonix also helps eliminate these parasites.

For those who want to lose weight rapidly, Colonix is yet another solution. Helping a patron lose up to 10 lbs in a month, it also successfully helped in the detoxifying regime that the human body requires after the regular consumption of junk food.  During the process of cleansing, the fecal matter is expelled, helping the body to not only function better, but to also lose those extra unaccounted pounds!

The company that sells Colonix boasts of an excellent customer care system. It not only guarantees a money back policy if the product fails to yield results in 60 days, it also offers to the consumer an excellent hotline where all possible questions abt the product are meticulously answered.  

3. During the course of the Bowel Cleansing regime

During the procedure of cleansing of the bowels, both the P&B shakes as well as Colonix dehydrate the body. Thus, it is extremely important that an adequate amount of liquids should be consumed. The more you drink, the better you will feel. But, you must be careful enough to avoid tea and coffee. But however, apart from plain water, you can indulge yourself in yummy fresh fruit or vegetable juices and herbal, flavored teas.

Bowel cleaning will not only expel the harmful toxins from the human body, but the helpful bacterium that are essential for the body functions are also removed. Thus, in order to restore the necessary bacteria in the human body, the intake of probiotics during the Toxinout Program is extremely essential.

For those who have started on the cleansing regimen without taking adequate probiotics, there is no need for them to worry. After the cleansing procedure is over, be sure that you take a probiotic or a kefir shake otherwise the body will feel weak.

 The most important aspect of this regime is the regular conduction of an  an enema, colonic, or salt water flush. This procedure stops the eliminated toxins from circulating back into the body. Though the shakes and medicines successfully eliminate the waste from the colon, there is no guarantee that all the waste will be successfully excreted. Details about a successful enema will be obtained from an enema specialist or a related website. Colonix are more easily available. Even though a specialist recommends them, they are easily available on online as well as in the Yellow Pages. These are of utmost importance if an enema can’t be obtained.

In this regard, a salt water flush indicates drinking around 2 quarts of salted water every morning. Though it tastes awful and though not many people have the ability to tolerate it, it is as effective as an enema or a colonic.  

 4.  Taking care after the regime

Though most people go through the cleansing plan for 2-4 weeks, the success of the procedure depends on each individual. If the patient is young, within their twenties or younger, a few weeks of cleansing rejuvenates and detoxifies their body completely. But with age, the time period for the treatment also increases. During this regime, it is also important that you test your bowels to see whether all excreta have successfully left the body. Thus it is important to keep a lookout for the excretion of mucoid plaque. In most cases, the excretion of the plaque is visible within two weeks, while in others, it takes a considerably longer time.

If you are leading a busy life and are pressed for time, the best solution remains the use of a colon cleanser such as the Colonix Program, which cleanses the colon, but also effectively kills the candida infections, clears acne and even accelerates weight loss.


  1. Vivian77

    Do you Need a Colon Cleanse?
    This is a very important question to ask yourself-whether or not you need a colon cleanse. Before you get a colon cleanse you should ask your self a few questions.
    For instance, are you tired all the time? Do you always feel full? Do you have irregular bowel movements? Do you want to lose weight? Is your health in jeopardy? Have you been sick frequently?
    If you have answered “yes” to any one of the questions about a colon cleanse might be quite helpful to you. You can read on to learn the benefits of a colon cleanse. This information is available in the next section.

    A colon cleanse has many benefits to users. Anyone who wants to improve their overall sense of health and well-being can take advantage of this opportunity.
    It also can be a boost to a person’s self-esteem after the colon cleanse is completed. The reason why is because of the fact that perhaps they have lost weight or they feel more energetic.
    After a good digestive cleaning, a person is often more confident. Thus, they are able to reach more of their work and personal goals. They may be less prone to sickness and disease as a good digestive system helps ward off disease.

    Knowing whether you need a colon cleanse is a very personal decision. It is also one that can be answered by your doctor.

  2. Julie

    Every day, more and more toxic are built up in your body. Your colon is not just cleansed in an overnight basis. Cleansing the colon can take several months before having the benefits of a healthy living with a cleansed colon.

    Every time you eat, toxic wastes are built up in the walls of your colon. This is due to excessive use of additive in the food or other chemicals or fertilizers in its content.

    An unclean colon can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and can be the cause of worsening of chronic cases of health problems. The best thing to avoid weakening of your body is to cleanse.

    If you really want to balance the level of good and bad bacteria in your body, you should turn to cleansing the colon. Eating is the major activity that triggers event in our colon, so this is the first thing that you should focus on. Change your eating habit into a nutritious diet. Learn to eat organic foods. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber in order to steadily cleanse your colon. You can use bulking agents while enriching your diet with healthy foods.

    Cleansing the colon may involve the role of water in your everyday living. While undergoing colon cleansing, drink two quarts of water every day. This is the recommended amount of water for those of you who want to keep on being hydrated as much as possible. It would be better if you will keep on drinking warm water before and after your meals.

    As days go by, you will feel better and lighter due to your cleaner colon. However, you can suffer some side effects such as headaches, fever, and anxiousness among others. Do not fret because this is a normal action of the body during detoxification. During this process, the body responds on flushing out toxins from your system.

    Cleansing your colon is always beneficial to you because it removes bad elements from your body. Not only does it balance good and bad bacteria, it also prevents your skin from being dull and regains clearness of your eyes. Maintenance of water inside your body will no longer be a problem. A healthier lifestyle can be visualized if you will continue on making the right choice in eating and keeping your body hydrated.

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