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Colloidal Silver: What IS This Stuff??


You’ve heard of it… but just what really is this “colloidal silver”?

Over the last year or so, debates have heated up about whether or not colloidal silver is good for your body.

Ever since Oprah Winfrey had “The Man Who Turned Blue” on her show, talks have gone back and forth about how bad this liquid with particles of silver can be.

We’ve listened, researched, and researched some more to help you understand what is colloidal silver, the benefits of colloidal silver, and colloidal silver argyria, which we will discuss below.

So What Is Colloidal Silver and Its Background?

In order to really understand what this is, you have to know what colloidal means. Without getting extremely technical, it’s a way for smaller particles to be distributed evenly throughout a solid substance. In this case, colloidal silver has these microscopic size pieces of silver that are in a liquid and evenly dispersed.

Years ago, the benefits of colloidal silver were a little different then they allegedly are today. If you are in today’s older generations, you may remember your grandparents preserving milk by placing a silver dollar in the jug. It allowed the milk to actually stay fresh for longer periods of time even at room temperature.

During the 1920s and 1930s, it was considered a very expensive antibiotic treatment to help fight infections. But as the world grew, so did the ability to find other drugs that would work faster and make more money.

By 1938, the medical drug industry moved in and colloidal silver became an afterthought. In fact, it wasn’t until research in the 1970s discovered silver could help with bone growth did it start to be utilized again in various discovery efforts. Now, today, there is constant controversy over the subject as new challenges form.

The Good – Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The ability to kill disease, several viruses and many other harmful bacteria is the short answer of what colloidal silver can do for your body. Can you imagine being able to kill more than six hundred and fifty micro-organisms using colloidal silver instead of the dozen or so regular antibiotics can do.

If you take anything from this, just realize how potent it can be.

To be quite frank, the benefits are endless according to a plethora of testimonials and scientific research. People have been known to use colloidal silver to treat burns, eventually repairing skin and tissue, almost eliminating scars all together. Rashes, stys, acne, and several other skin ailments have been known to disappear after applying colloidal silver to them.

Ingesting colloidal silver has been known to help with bone growth, help keeping a strong immune system and other benefits by getting into the bloodstream. On some occasions, people have even been able to eliminate ongoing bad breath with a simple gargling routine.

Normally, when ingested, it can take around three to four days before you start feeling the positive results. However, when swishing around in your mouth, be sure to let some absorb underneath your tongue and it will move to your bloodstream quicker.

The Bad – Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

While there are many benefits of colloidal silver, even more then what we’ve talked about above, there are many side effects as well. Colloidal silver can have affect your health tremendously when taken.

The first is hardening of the arteries or better known as arteriosclerosis, which if left without proper care, can result in a heart attack down the road.

Other side effects known to occur in people who use colloidal silver revolves around organ damage, over exerting your immune system, headaches, seizures and several other issues.

So even though you may hear or read or even take colloidal silver and experience benefits, side effects may soon follow.

Another problem individuals must deal with involves mixing colloidal silver with other drugs you may take on a daily basis. This could be anything from something as small as something to relieve head and body aches to more potent pharmaceuticals that help with osteoporosis and various other disorders and diseases.

This is something we aren’t even aware of what can happen and your family physician may not as well. Then of course, all the talk surrounding colloidal argyria has been an issue to many individuals.

The Ugly – Colloidal Argyria

This problem is talked about probably more then any other side effect when taking colloidal silver. Colloidal argyria occurs when you have taken excessive amounts of colloidal silver and it begins to look as though it is staining the skin.

However, it’s far more in depth then just washing it away and could possibly be permanent.

When Paul Karason went on the Oprah talk show, he told everyone how he started using colloidal silver to alleviate an extreme case of dermatitis.

He started by simply rubbing it on his skin and as the benefits became noticeable, it wasn’t evident colloidal silver was helping his issue. Mr. Karason then began to ingest it and as time progressed, the discoloration started to take place until he was completely blue from head to toe. Something we’re sure no one wants to happen to them.

The Final Answer on Colloidal Silver

Unfortunately, colloidal argyria is irreversible at the present time. One thing everyone must understand is the FDA considers colloidal silver to be unsafe and doesn’t recommend it to be used by anyone.

Even though it has been used in Eastern medicine, this just shows us if you want to take it, be responsible and aware of both sides of colloidal silver.

Extreme doses can result in monumental health issues and no one really knows how their body will react to such a potent substance.

After reviewing and researching I do recommend you take all precautions necessary if this is still something you are interested in using.

Consult every expert you can to get all the knowledge possible on whether or not this is for you.

Books on Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References

Colloidal Silver : Antibiotic Superhero

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