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Colon Cleanse Reviews: are they worth it?


The colon is the organ that is responsible for the overall good health of a person. While the colon eliminates waste from the body, food consumed ends up in the bowels and unprocessed food remains as waste and toxins which attract parasites.

This toxic buildup leads to problems like weight gain, constipation, Candida and loss of energy. The best option people with increased toxicity levels have is to remove as much of these toxins with the help of an effective colon cleanse.

Factors that lead to an unhealthy colon

Our bodies naturally thrive the best on healthy diets with lots of leafy green vegetables, vitamins, minerals, natural fiber and lots of water. However our lifestyles are busy today wherein eating right is rather difficult.

Most of the food we eat today are filled with toxins, byproducts, preservatives and sugars. In addition to this, our environment is polluted today. Though eating more of whole grains, leafy green vegetables, fruits, vegetables and only lean white meat would make us feel better, most of us don’t do this. These are the factors that generally lead to unhealthy colons.

Colon cleanser’s work

There are natural colon cleansing products in the market today that help restore balance in the bodies of people who don’t eat perfect every day. Moreover, its regular use helps reduce risks of colon cancer as it prevents toxins from getting stuck on colon walls.

Colonics cleanse the colon by invading water in the rectum; however this is not a recommended procedure as it depletes the digestive system of natural enzymes and protective bacteria required to live healthy.

With a natural colon cleanser, your energy levels increase, you lose weight and parasites and toxins are eliminated from the body to make you feel refreshed and renewed. However don’t attempt to make your own cleanse kit at home as you may wrongly measure ingredients.

Is a colon cleanse necessary?

It is better to have a colon cleanse as it helps restore the natural functioning of the body, removes parasites, detoxifies the body and helps your entire digestive system. It not only cleans the small and large intestines (colon) but even the pancreas, stomach and liver too.

A natural colon cleanse stimulates digestive secretions in the body and provides a support for mucus membranes in the digestive organs. Moreover, you notice an increase in the bile flow stimulation as you are no longer backed up.


Product Image

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse is a product which focuses on ridding the body of harmful toxins and waste over a period of two weeks and in some cases a few months. If you have never used a colon cleansing product, you may be surprised to know that many toxins and unhealthy waste can build up enough in your colon and cause things such as diarrhea and constipation, as well as lower energy levels and a general feeling of being constantly drained from one state the next. Bowtrol also assists in removing the buildup in our colon that causes obstruction and leads to painful cramps.

The company

There are so many different companies out there and from one company to the next, you will find the manufacturer approaches the task of colon cleansing in a slightly different manner. Bowtrol actually focuses much of their attention on cleaning out the system and assisting in weight loss. When cleaning out the colon, you may lose up to 10 pounds during this process and further from this, the harmful toxins which reside in the colon are often absorbed into the bloodstream which leads to negative effects on your skin, nails and hair. This consequently means that Bowtrol will actually help you not only internally, but also externally, giving you a better overall appearance.

How it works

As already mentioned, Bowtrol colon cleanse can be taken over a period of two weeks or for many months if you choose. Continued use of this product will not cause any harmful effects on your health and will in fact keep you regular and free of harmful unwanted toxins which will have an effect on your appearance and also your energy levels. The product has been scientifically constructed to help consumers lose weight and enjoy better vitality and improved levels of health. The product also comes in small, easy-to-swallow capsules which are taken on a daily basis. These consist of only natural ingredients meaning that you can be rest assured that your health is in safe hands with the Bowtrol product and company.


The company behind the Bowtrol product focuses closely on weight loss which ultimately leads to better health. This company also understands the fact that parasites often reside in our intestinal system which cause constipation and regularity problems. Through the special blend of herbs in the Bowtrol product, your system will be clean of not only toxins and poisons that are caused by many of our modern foods, but also parasites that often go unnoticed for months or even years. This is one of the leading products on the market and unlike many other manufacturers, they offer a complete customer satisfaction money back guarantee.  Generally recommended as one of the leading products on the market.

Almighty Cleanse

Product Image

The Almighty cleanse products is actually a short seven-day program that detoxifies your system using only natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly. The ingredients in the almighty cleanse product are completely natural and harvested with everything intact, consequently meaning that this product has literally zero affect on the environment. As of late, this is been an extremely important aspect of colon cleansing products and is perhaps one of the main reasons why many people are choosing this product over other leading competitors. There are actually two formulas available, one with 45 capsules and the second formula the 140 capsules.

The company

As already mentioned, the company behind the Almighty cleanse product are extremely conscientious of the environment. When harvesting the plants used in the Amighty cleanse product, particular care is taken and no plants are overharvesting during the manufacturing process of this great product. Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they also have a deep and comprehensive understanding of effective colon cleansing, hence why only natural ingredients are used in their products.

How it works

The Almighty cleanse product takes advantage of a two-step process that ensures you get the best and most thorough cleansing of your colon leaving you feeling revitalized and most of all, healthier. During the first process in which you ingest the capsules, the feces and toxins in your digestion system are flushed from your system. Step two is also a process in which the Almighty cleanse product will remove harmful toxins and waste from your digestive system. This is actually carried out during step one with both steps working alongside each other to ensure you get the best flush of your system as possible.


Almighty cleanse remains one of the most popular colon cleansing products on the market today. This is not only due to the fact that the company are environmentally friendly but also the fact that the product is highly effective in cleaning out your system and allowing people an improved level of health. The company also allows their loyal customers the opportunity to select various products that present many different stages of the colon cleansing process. There are actually six different options available, all offered at extremely competitive prices when compared to the competing products and companies. This is a product that will help rid your system of harmful toxins and waste leaving you with a better sense of well-being, improved energy levels and also a system that allows you to absorb nutrients much easier than previously. A highly recommended product that is also popular for those seeking to lose weight.

Dual Action Cleanse

Product Image

Dual action cleanse is a product that promotes good health for many of the most important internal organs in your body. This includes the kidneys, gallbladder, liver and perhaps most importantly, your colon. The product helps remove harmful toxins and free radicals that accumulate and build up in our internal organs over the years. Unfortunately, unbeknown to many people, this has ill effects on our health and can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system, breakdown our defenses and leave us susceptible to serious illnesses and in some extreme cases, even lead to an early death. Due to our fast paced lifestyle in which many of us simply do not have time to consume healthy foods from one day to the next, things such as junk food really do add to the problem of toxin and waste buildup in our colon. With this product your system will be given a complete blast through and is a powerful formula recommended to be taken alongside a comprehensive nutritional plan.

The company

The company behind this particular product focuses on producing a powerful cleansing kit and complete body purifier. Like many other competing companies out there, they also use natural ingredients and an environmentally friendly process to manufacture their products. Whilst they do remain high up on the list for many current health product consumers, there have been issues in the past regarding refunds and other such disputes. Unfortunately, whilst the company is committed to producing a highly effective product, these disputes seem to have caused many potential consumers to look elsewhere in the worry that this company do not deliver on their promises.

How it works

This particular colon cleansing system uses capsules containing many natural products to help flush your system of all the unwanted waste and toxins as already mentioned above. Some of these ingredients include Apple powder, fennel seed, oat bran, and many other natural products. There are actually two different types of capsules that come with this product, with the first known as the “colon clear formula” capsule and the second capsule known as the “total body purifier”, which again, consists of many natural products to help promote good health and clear your system of toxins and free radicals.


As already mentioned, this is a company that has come under scrutiny due to the fact that a handful of consumers have complained that when asking for a refund, the company simply refused to comply. However, if you are looking for an effective colon cleanser then you should not let these few negative reviews overshadow what is ultimately a great product produced by a great company. On the website you will see that they do not offer money-back guarantees, yet the testimonials are a clear reflection that this company does indeed deliver on their promises to their loyal and happy customers.


Product Image

Colonix is an effective colon cleansing program that helps rid your intestine and colon of all the built up toxic waste and fecal matter that had accumulated in it over the years. Its ingredients all help to decrease gas, water and bloating in the body, and also helps treat constipation and other health conditions associated with a toxic colon.

Colonix helps regulate bowel movements, and has quickly become one of the most popular colon cleansing products available in the market. The company Dr. Natura is responsible for producing this colon cleanse, and have today risen to be the global leader in both body cleansing and detoxification.

Efficient probiotic

Colonix has some great natural ingredients and good fibers that not only helps cleanse the colon, but also works as an efficient probiotic. However if compared to the newer and latest colon cleanser products available in the market, the overall formula of Colonix does not seem to be that strong a colon cleansing product.

Though Colonix has natural ingredients like Uva Ursi leaf, senna leaf and psyllium husks in it, it does not have any patented or proven ingredients in it that helps with colon cleansing.

Complicated program with restrictions

There is a drawback at using Colonix as a colon cleanse as it seems to be rather complicated to follow and it comes with lots of restrictions. This is because the program regulates not only the amount and kind of food you have to eat while on the program, but you also have to drink a specific amount of water every day to ensure you are not under or over the prescribed amount.

In fact, those who don’t drink sufficient water while on Colonix complain of severe headaches, cramps, constipation and bloating, which are the main symptoms that have to be treated by a Colonix and not triggered by it. However on the contrary, those who did drink the prescribed amount of water complained that this program was not an effective colon cleanse at all.

Moreover, people suffering from health problems like heart disease, Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, anemia, blood vessel diseases, divertical disease and some other diseases are not advised to take Colonix.

Consult your doctor

Though Colonix comes with money back guarantee, there are some people who complain that the ‘free trial offer’ Colonix offers generally leads to expensive auto shipments. So in a nutshell, Colonix does prove to be an effective colon cleanse; however there are even better ones available too.

Moreover, as Colonix has been around for some time, it instills confidence in potential buyers thinking of using it for their colon cleansing needs. However there are not that many satisfied Colonix customers, and those who have used it, complain that it is a bit difficult to understand and follow for a colon cleanse.

Moreover, it seems to be a rather dangerous cleanse for people suffering from health conditions to use. This is why if you plan to use Colonix, it is better to do so only after consulting your medical professional about the safety and efficiency of the product as a colon cleanser.

Blessed Herbs

Product Image

Blessed herbs is another great colon cleansing product that allows you to flush your system of harmful toxins and poisons that unbeknown to many people, lay dormant in our system causing negative effects on our health. This particular product uses a 21 day cleansing process that will rid your digestive system, kidneys, liver, lungs and many other organs of harmful toxins that build up over the years. This product also uses a specific process that really gets to the root of the problem and eliminates more than just the harmful buildup that we all have in our intestinal system.

The company

This is a company that approaches colon cleansing in a different manner to many other come health products on the market. The company have come to produce a highly effective colon cleansing product and also many other health products that you may have seen on our consumer shelves today. This is an experienced company that spends many of its resources on researching health products and helping their consumers enjoy not only better health, but also increased energy levels and a better over-all sense of well-being.

How it works

As already mentioned the Blessed herbs product uses a 21 day process to rid your body of unwanted toxins and pollutants. Unfortunately, unbeknown to many people around the world, our modern day-to-day living can be quite harmful on our health due to things such as processed foods which our human bodies cannot digestive fully and also everyday toxins and pollutants such as smoke emitted from vehicles and other environmental aspects. In fact, many people who start the 21 day process have actually reported an improvement within just a couple of days due to the herbal products which will encourage your system to clean itself. You will start to notice an improved level of vitality due to the fact that it not only cleansers your colon system but also helps improve the overall health of your most important internal organs including your kidneys, bladder, lungs and even your blood system.


As there are so many colon cleansing products out there on the market today it can often be difficult to make a choice and decide just which product it is that takes your fancy. Fortunately, the Blessed herbs product remains a popular product on the market that takes advantage of only herbal ingredients and offers a complete and effective solution to colon cleansing and general overall health. Also, perhaps another reassuring factor when purchasing a Blessed herbs product is the fact that if for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied the product, it also comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee of 90 days; this gives you a full three months trial to really see the effects of products. The company also claim that will experience other beneficial aspects to your health including clearer skin and a better overall appearance.


Product Image

Detoxatrim helps flush your internal organs of all those unwanted impurities that collect in our bodies over the years. Unfortunately for many of us, it can be our diet and general lifestyle that allows these impurities into our system and whilst we often understand how to maintain good health, many of us simply do not have the time.

The Detoxatrim product works by eliminating things such as metals, parasites, viruses and bacteria leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This particular health product uses only natural ingredients in the formula which can be attractive for many consumers and has quite clearly been a beneficial aspect of this product and the popularity it currently receives.

The Company

This is a company not dissimilar to many other companies in the health consumer market. One particularly noticeable aspect about this company is that they do appear to actually go beyond simply selling you a product and provide various types of advice regarding your health. The developers and manufacturers are committed to providing you with great products which have all undergone rigorous research before reaching our consumer shelves.

How it Works

The product works through a two-phase system that is 100% natural and mild on your colon and other internal organs such as your liver. The first phase works over a 24 hour period and is called the “fat-flush”. The second phase of the course then consists of a daily capsule that gradually works to clean your system of those impurities and harmful toxins that reside in our colon and other internal organs. The creators of this product claim that after the course you will not only be healthier but also experience a heightened level of energy and also feel revitalized.


This product has received mixed reviews but is generally considered a quality product by those currently in the health market. Not only does this product come with recommendations for a suitable diet alongside this course but also gives you a detailed break-down of how it actually works. The creators of this product also recommend that you consult a doctor before starting a course of Detoxatrim which is a clear reflection of their commitment to your health. There have been multiple studies on this product which is another beneficial aspect for many people considering Detoxatrim. As with all health products on the market, Detoxatrim does have its negative sides. One such negative aspect is the fact that the developers do not give you a clear exercise plan with the product which has been and still is a problem for many health consumers.


Product Image

Puristat is a colon cleanser that helps detoxify the liver and colon and promotes a healthy digestive system. The colon is an organ in our bodies that can often take great punishment through the way we live our lives and also the foods that we consume. This is a product that offers a very simple seven-day course to gradually bring your system back to optimum health. In fact, this is a product that is suitable for people with ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome and is guaranteed to eliminate toxins and parasites in the body.

The Company

Puristat and its creators have a product that they claim clearly promotes good health and well-being. For those who already have experience using health products such as Puristat, you will know that each company approaches this matter in a slightly different way. This particular company produces products that take just a matter of a week or so to complete a course. Also, a attractive factor for many people, aside from the short course duration, is the mild approach the company take and the money back guarantee on all of their products.

How it Works

This product works in a way that increases metabolism of your colon system and eliminates unwanted and foreign waste. Simultaneously, the Puristat colon cleansing product will also help increase the level of naturally occurring bacteria in your colon until your system is fully balanced. Unbeknown to many, it is often the colon that causes a weak immune system and low levels of energy. Puristat and the creators at the company are so confident in their product that they also offer a complete customer satisfaction money-back guarantee during the first month and a half of usage.


This is a product that has been given positive reviews by the majority of its users. As already mentioned, there are numerous other beneficial ways in which the Puristat products can promote good health. This includes skin problems such as eczema and acne and also other things such as poor indigestion and even obesity. Whilst this product alone will not be a completely effective remedy for those who are extremely overweight, it is however a great way to shed a few pounds and rid your system of foreign impurities. Also, due to the fact that they offer a money-back guarantee means that you can safely trial the product and if it doesn’t work out, the company are more than happy to offer a hassle-free return of your money.


Product Image

CleanStart is a 2-week dietary program designed to support the body’s colon health. It is manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine, which has been providing high quality herbal, vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplements for decades. Back in the early 1970s, Gene Hughes and his family started a small business selling their homemade cayenne pepper gelatin capsules as a remedy for stomach ailments. They were the first company to encapsulate herbs, which were sold to local health food stores. Eventually they grew to become Nature’s Sunshine and began using direct marketing to sell their variety of supplements to the mass public. They are now one of the largest wholesale distributors of supplements, and the company manufactures each of their own products to ensure customers receive the highest quality ingredients. Nature’s Sunshine products, including the colon cleansing product CleanStart, are now sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

CleanStart’s powerful nutrients are part of a total colon cleansing system that is available in the form of a capsule or powered mix. There are 5 key organs that cleanse and detoxify the body: the liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels, and skin. CleanStart supports each of these organs while also protecting against diseases of the digestive system, including Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. CleanStart can be safely used for up to 30 days to eliminate toxic waste and increase the body’s balance and well-being.

Each CleanStart kit lasts 14 days. Each day, you have the option of taking 3 supplements in capsule form or ingesting the supplement in a powered mix twice a day before meals. The drink packets are available in 2 different flavors (apple cinnamon and wild berry) and can be easily mixed with water or juice.

Each packet of CleanStart contains:

  • 5 grams of fiber (10 grams per day) – Dietary fiber helps to change how the body absorbs nutrients and chemicals while promoting colon health and digestion.
  • Psyllium hulls – This plant’s hulls deliver fiber and help to absorb and rid the body of toxins. Psyllium is also used to treat both constipation and diarrhea, and it has been shown to reduce cholesterol.
  • Bentonite clay – Also supports colon health by softening stools to prevent constipation.
  • Aloe vera – Calms bowel tissue.
  • Lactobacillus sporogenes – Promotes good bacteria in the intestinal tract.
  • Chlorophyll – This is a green pigment found in most plants which helps to offset toxins and prevent odor.
  • Stevia – A natural sugar substitute 300 times more sweet than sugar.
  • Enviro-Detox – A combination of 13 nutrients that support and detoxify the body’s digestive organs. Enviro-Detox contains dandelion root, ginger rhizome, red clover flowers, burdock root, fenugreek seed, pepsin, yellow dock root, sarsaparilla root extract, echinacea root extract, Bacillus coagulans, marshmallow root extract, milk thistle seed extract, and cascara sagrada bark.
  • LBS II – This is another combination of herbs used to soothe the digestive tract and enhance elimination. Its key ingredient is cascara sagrada bark, a type of tree valued by the Native Americans as a natural laxative medicine. LBS II also contains red clover flowers, capsicum fruit, Turkey rhubarb root, ginger rhizome, buckthorn bark, Oregon grape root and rhizome, couch grass rhizome, and licorice root.

These powerful nutrients found in CleanStart support the body’s natural elimination of toxic waste without any dangerous side effects.

Colon Blow

Product Image

Although it has a humorous name, Colonblow is a no-nonsense product when it comes to promoting excellent colon health. But what exactly is Colonblow? Well it is both a product and a process that an all-natural way for you to take an aggressive approach toward your colon health. You can take charge of your health and your life with this powerful product. This article will help to explain how it all works.

Colonblow works in 24 hours, during this time your body is given the opportunity to let go of all the leftover waste that has been left in your body for the past few months or even years. For best results it is suggested that you take Colonblow as a dietary supplement for 3 meals.

Good colon health can be associated with many different areas of our overall general health. Colonblow helps to target long term waste with its effective cleansing power. This process can not only help you get rid of the harmful toxins in your body but it can also help to flatten your abdomen and provide you with an energy boost.

This all-natural proprietary formula is designed to help target the long term waste that is in your body. Long term waste is fecal matter that has been built up over the weeks or months in your system and has never passed through. Colonblow helps move the process along safely and effectively so that your body can experience a full detox.

For best results, you should use Colonblow three times, 10 days apart by using the Colonblow three-pack. The Colonblow 3-Pack Colon Cleanse Kit comes with three complete Colonblow packets. Meant for single person use, these kits contain enough of the formula to take it three times, ten days apart as recommended. Or you and two of your friends or family members could all share the experience together and purchase a new kit after the 10 days have passed. If this is your first time using Colonblow products, then you should definitely go with the 3-Pack kit.

Oxy Powder

Product Image

Oxy Powder Colon Cleanse is a high quality colon cleanser that helps to promote optimal colon health and natural bowel activity. It comes in an easy to take vegetarian capsule and has no painful or harmful side effects like laxatives do. Oxy Powder is unlike all the other colon cleansers on the market today. It uses a unique proprietary process of creating oxides of magnesium while the extra 15 to 20 pounds of fecal waste is liquefied and the product begins the process of cleaning out your entire colon. By using Oxy Powder, you will be able to melt away the pounds by removing waste and also the compaction inside of the small and large intestines, and the colon in a safe and effective manner.

Many customers enjoy this product saying that it is very easy to use and you will be amazed at the positive results. Their amount of bowel movements greatly increased during the entire process and they claim that the product definitely gets things moving in the right direction. In the end they now have a smaller waistline, a clearer head, more energy and even a higher sex drive. They fell amazing and don’t feel like they need to eat as much as they once did to stay full. The customers stated that they lost around 6 pounds while taking Oxy Powder and that they actually used the product for 9 to 10 days instead of the recommended seven.

Oxy Powder seems to be one of the best colon cleansers out there with all the positive reviews that it has received. If you are considering taking a colon cleanse product yourself, you should do plenty of research first before you try anything. Many of these products can have unpleasant side effects so use your best judgment while you are shopping around for the right colon cleanse product for you.


  1. Alexander Yo

    Perfect Cleanse is a colon cleansing product produced by Garden of Life. It is considered a completely holistic cleansing remedy. It has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other product.


    The process of using Perfect Cleanse only takes about 10 days. Yet, it is very comprehensive as it eliminates toxins while using step one, and it minimizes toxin accumulation.

    It also helps capture newly accumulated toxins so that they can be eliminated from the digestive system. The toxins are expelled from the body as part of the third phase of the Perfect Cleanse remedy.

    Furthermore, since the Perfect Cleanse routine ends at night it promotes nightly bathroom visits. This can unfortunately interrupt your sleep.


    You have to take quite a few pills in order to complete the three steps of the Perfect Cleanse routine. First you have to take 3 capsules before dinner (Step 1).

    You also are required to take a powder that is meant to be used after dinner. Then, at night-time you have to take 3 more capsules. It also requires extra expense of consuming flax seed, cod liver, and olive oil which are not exactly the most pleasant tasting!


    Each step of the Perfect Cleanse process has different ingredients. The Step 1 purifying blend has in it these substances: Milk Thistle, Cilantro, Yarrow flower, Garlic, Dandelion, Broccoli, Potenzyme, and Cracked-wall Chlorella.

    The Step 2 otherwise known as The Capture is made of these ingredients: Fiber, Iron, and Protein plus a blend of Flax Seed, Pea Hull Fiber, Alfalfa, Barley Leaf, and Chia.

    The Removal Capsules make Step 3 of the process and consist of the following substances: Epsom Salts, Bishop’s Weed, Peppermint, Ginger, Aloe, and Fennel.


    It may be very good at cleaning you out. However, you may miss sleep which is not good for you. Therefore, some people may opt for a different solution than Perfect Cleanse if they feel it is not so perfect after all.

  2. BaileyJ

    The Advanced Colon remedy has this slogan that is intended to make you ‘feel naturally hungry.’ Does it really live up to this very bold claim?

    There is really only a couple very valid ways to find out. Usually this involves learning the advantages and disadvantages of a procedure. It also involves learning as much as possible about the ingredients that are present in a product like this.


    User testimonials indicate drastic weight loss-anywhere from approximately 12 to 18 pounds in a few weeks or less. Furthermore, colon cleansing is a process that is also long been associated with increases in energy and stamina.

    An overall sense of health and well being is often experienced when using the Advanced Colon cleanser regimen. Bloating and gas as well as constipation are often reduced as well.

    There have been many happy users of this product. One person has even called Advanced Colon a miracle. By the way, a good digestive cleaning is also said to help clean out the digestive system quite well-including parasites and worms.


    There is some concern about losing weight at such a rapid rate. The ideal amount of pounds to shed in any given week is usually between two to four pounds at the very most.

    Furthermore, there is not as much information to back up the claims made by the advertiser as there should be. People use it to accompany various diet and exercise programs and to help make dieting easier.


    This product has in it several natural ingredients. Some of the most common ones you probably have heard of include the following: Psyllium Husk, Senna, Fennel, Papaya, and Peppermint Leaf.

    These substances play different roles such as increasing fiber in the diet (the Psyllium Husk and Fennel Seed), lubrication of the intentional tract, and soothing the intestines (Peppermint).

    A variety of nutrients such as iron and protein are also added. In addition is present a few fillers and additives (Gelatin, Rice Powder, Silica, Maltodextrin, etc).

  3. Margaret

    The Aloe Vera Colax seemed like an interesting choice of an herbal colon cleanse. Therefore, we decided to see what it was worth.


    Aloe Vera Colon Clean is a unique mix of normal ingredients formulated to purify your bowels. It also helps ease flatulence and indigestion/upset stomach.

    The Colax Colon Purify ingredients include qualified Aloe Vera Concentrate, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and several herbal extracts. The main ingredients are known for their effective cleansing qualities. (Please see the “Ingredients” section of this review for more information.)

    Colax Colon Cleanse washes out the body, and is also a mild laxative. It is the certified Aloe Vera along with the other herbs in it that helps encourage regulation of the digestive system. It also encourages friendly bacteria growth, and increases the health of the intestines.

    Using Colax can also detoxify your colon as well as your body. Therefore, it often is regarded as a weight loss aid to. However, it requires adhering to a balanced diet can truly effect permanent long-term weight loss.


    Not everyone can use this product. Colon cleansers in general are not typically ideal for kids, while pregnant or whilst breast feeding. Therefore, talk to your doctor before trying Colax Aloe Vera Herbal Colon Cleanse.


    The herbal blend spoke of in previous sections includes this one: Cascara, fennel, licorice, gentian, dandelion, alder buckthorn, rhubarb, green anise, and mallow, peppermint) 300mg. Of course, this product also has the Aloe Vera powder (10mg) as previously mentioned. It also has in it the Lactobacillus acidophilus powder (10 million organisms) 104µg.

    Usage and Dosage

    One recommendation is to use Colax in conjunction with acai products. It has often been used with a regular diet and exercise program.

    For safe overnight colonic cleansing take one tablet. However, the amount may vary or as directed by your health care practitioner. That is, if it is determined safe enough for you to use in your situation.

    More Info

    Cleansing your colon has long been associated with weight loss. This is often because detoxifying and cleaning your system encourages increased metabolism.

    However, it cannot be stressed enough that regular exercise and eating right are also important. Otherwise, having a colon cleanse will not do any good.

  4. Shirley Robinson

    My Review and Evaluation of 7 Day Detox

    The 7 Day Detox diet pill is more than just something that cleans out the colon, although this is the primary use of it. This is a product was created for the intention of improving overall health in order to promote weight loss.

    So how well does this product work? A brief revelation of some of the pros and cons of this product is presented below.


    It has ingredients in it such as Psyllium husk, Oat bran fiber, Apple Pectin, Fennel Seed, and Pomegranate that help provide users with a substantial source of fiber. This helps ensure greater digestive system regularity as it detoxifies and cleanses.

    In addition to that, this product helps sooth the digestive system with the use of mint leaf. The aloe vera provides users with lubrication which makes cleaning out the colon even easier.

    In addition to the above cleansing, detoxifying, and lubricating agents this product also aids in weight loss. This is done with substances such as caffeine and chromium that help boost metabolism and burn fat. The apple cider vinegar helps promote fat loss as well as promotes further detoxification.


    Users may react negatively to some of the ingredients if used too long. Senna in particular is one that is not recommended for longer than seven days. People with heart problems should be particularly concerned, and so should people with high blood pressure and history of anxiety attacks.

    If a user does not know what other herbs and medications can be combined with the 7 day Detox formula irritation or worse side effects could occur. A doctor or herbalist can help you in regards to this.

  5. Angela D Bryant

    The Dr. Natura’s Colonix program is one that takes awhile but is very beneficial for most people. The pictures you see online about Day 46 of the Colonix cleansing program are slightly gross. However, when you look at them you get the point.

    This is a product that has proven to work for people. It actually does the job intended. It actually cleans out the bowels. You probably are wondering how well it works though, and if the benefits of using it outweigh the risks.


    The Dr. Natura’s Colonix product has n it several ingredients that help clean you out. One of them is the psyllium husk, while another is the flax and fennel seeds. Other substances in it such as the aloe vera and the papaya help lubricate the colon while the stools are loosened.

    There are a number of other ingredients in this product as well. Some of them such as the peppermint leaf help sooth the digestive tract while others help bind your stools for easier evacuation.

    There are 18 ingredients in all in this product. One of the advantages is that there is no milk, soy, wheat, corn, egg, sugar, or coloring in it of any kind.


    The Dr. Natura’s Colonix program is very thorough. It works over a period of about a couple of months in order to gradually improve digestive functioning. Because it works so slowly it actually does a finer job than any product that is only used for a few days.


    It may take longer than some people would like for it to work. It also sometimes makes some people feel uncomfortable and they might not know when they will have to go the bathroom. Some people may be disappointed simply just because they expect it to solve all their health problems.

  6. Irene

    Colon Cleansing 700 Review

    This product has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Does it really even work at all?

    This product helps flush out toxins and pollutants and this is what helps get rid of unwanted weight. You also are inclined to feel less bloated when using Colon700, and you also should feel less abdominal discomfort in general.

    The good news is that the benefits of using this product generally outweigh the risks. However, you may need to be concerned for a few reasons.


    Colon700 has in it the following active ingredients: Rhubarb, psyllium, licorice root, goldenseal, fennel, and ginger. The main function of these is to detoxify and cleanse. The psyllium in particular moves things along quite nicely from the colon on out of the body.

    One main benefit is that no known harmful side effects have been associated with using Colon700. The ingredients in it are quite popular as they have often been used to loosen the bowels.

    People who use this product are confident that it can be used without diarrhea either. This has been embarrassing to people in the past, but people do not have to worry about this any more.

    Usage Concerns

    You should be careful how many herbal products you use. If you use other health supplements that have similar ingredients in them make sure you do not overdo it.

    If you have any questions about what supplements can be mixed with this product you should ask an herbalist or a doctor. You should make sure any of the ingredients of it do not counteract with any other medication or supplement you take.

  7. Ashley Ramirez

    The Bowtrol colon cleansing system has seem to help many people lately. We’d like to think that this is the main reason why it has become so popular.

    If you are looking for a way to clean out your insides without further damaging your body Bowtrol is one product that is highly recommended. In order to learn more about the benefits of using it please read below.

    After the next section, you can also learn more about the concerns associated with using it. By the way, for the most part this is a trusted product and the benefits of use are likely to far outweigh the risks of using it.


    Users participating in trial studies had not experience any side effects when using it for a considerable length of time. This product helps with the following:

    Corrects constipation or other gastro-intestinal problems (i.e. diarrhea, irritable bowl syndrome)
    Helps eliminate bloating
    Toxins from the body are removed
    Calms the digestive system
    Discontinuance of muscle spasms associated with poor digestive system
    Assistance with weight loss

    This product works well especially for people who adhere to a colon cleansing fast for about 10 days. During this time Bowtrol users are encouraged to increase water intake and to eat mostly fresh veggies and fruits.

    Besides water, colon cleansing fasters can have vegetable and fruit juices or veggie soup. It is not recommended that you eat high concentrations of high fat meats and dairy or white bread during this time. A moderate amount of high-fiber whole grain cereals or breads is acceptable, but not too much.

    Bowtrol is preferred along with the above recommended colon cleansing fast. The reason why is because it thoroughly works on your system to help improve your health. The main advantage of this product is attributed to its naturally-based formula.


    Bowtrol is preferred. However, for a colon cleansing regimen some people may think it may take too long to work. Not everyone is going to be willing to take three months to clean out their digestive system when it can be done in shorter amounts of time.

    If you do not want to use a product for three months straight this one would be for you. However, if you do not mind the duration recommended for use then so be it.

    Also realize that using a colon cleanse is not at all a replacement for living a healthy lifestyle. You still need to eat right and exercise. You also need to try to stop smoking or cut down on the use of alcohol if it is a problem for you.

  8. Kristen Norris

    People everywhere are looking for the right way to clean out their digestive system. Top colon cleansing products used today include Blessed Herbs, Bowtrol, and Oxypowder.

    Blessed Herbs

    One product has been tested to be a very useful colon cleaner. This one is called Blessed Herbs. It provides enhanced digestive system support.

    This product has in recent years run neck and neck for best place along with Bowtrol. Blessed Herbs has been designed by a very reputable company that has been in business for over 25 years.

    Testimonials have been provided already by people who use this product. Therefore, there is evidence that it works. However, to some people it is considered outdated ever since newer products have entered the market.


    This product has been gaining in popularity in the past couple of years. One reason why is probably because of the ease of use of it. It has in it herbal ingredients such as Chinese Root Powder, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Flax Seeds, Cumin, or Peppermint.

    A full list of ingredients is on the label. There is a concern about the Bentonite Clay that is present in this product. Also, it does have Senna in it which can be problematic when used past seven days for certain people.


    A third product that is almost as effective as the first two mentioned is Oxypowder. This non-prescription solution works a little differently than other remedies in that the ingredients are not herbal.

    This product includes the following active ingredients: ozone-oxygenated magnesium, organic geranium-132, and citrus acid. Even though these substances are not considered “natural” no side effects in users of this product have been yet reported.

    Therefore, it is considered safe. Still, to each one’s own as some people prefer not to use this product because it is not made with so called “natural” plant or herb ingredients.

  9. Sheila

    So many colon cleanser remedies so little time it seems!
    Some people prefer a naturally-based remedy such as Co-Clean but is this really better than other types of treatments.

    This is my review:

    The Blend
    The Co-Clean blend is quite unique and quite natural. It encompasses all that is about keeping your insides clean.

    In order to determine whether this would be the right solution for you, you are advised to take a good look at the ingredients. A description of each one of the components of this remedy will enlighten you.

    Apple Cider Vinegar-This ingredient helps eliminate toxins from the body. It also has memory and concentration enhancement power. In the process, your vitality is restored.

    Senna Extract-This herb helps stop constipation and irregularity. You are warned though that it could cause problems if used more than seven days, and see “warnings” section for more information. It is, however, a very popular source of constipation relief.

    Grapefruit-This substance helps get rid of bacteria, toxins, parasites, and other undesirable organisms that reside in your intestines. The concentrated form of this fruit is used.

    Chitosan-This substance is used for cholesterol regulation which leads to greater ability to lose weight.

    Cascara sagrada-The bark form of this herb is present in Co-Clean. It helps treat bloating and constipation.

    Oat Fiber-This is a grain that helps regular bowel movements. It serves as a way to maintain the digestive system in people seeking a colon cleansing.

    The Results
    Most users who tried Co-Clean had noticed feeling much more energetic and alive. They also have experienced vastly improved bowel and digestive function. They also noticed that their concentration and memory was improved and their systems were flushed out.

    People who used this product also experienced weight loss. Additionally, they also noticed improved concentration, clearer sinuses, as well as cleaner and clearer skin.

    You might feel a bit worse during your colon cleanse than better. However, do not be alarmed if this happens because this is normal. Nausea, fatigue, and headaches are some of the most common side effects experienced.

    If you have just completed a two-week cleanse with Co-clean you should wait at least 10 to 14 days before trying a second regimen. While partaking in this regimen you should also follow a strict diet.

  10. Loretta H,

    a product review: New Life Cleanse.


    This is a product that some people have used to help metabolize food that they would otherwise not be able to digest. Using this type of cleansing program can also help correct years of bad eating habits.

    It is not the total solution though. However it is a great start. Oftentimes, people who participate in a colon cleanse also notice additional benefits afterwards.

    One of this is weight loss. Numerous people everywhere are losing weight as a result of taking a colon cleansing product.

    Usually afterwards users of this remedy also experience other benefits. For instance, their energy levels increase and they are able to accomplish more. Overall their health conditions are likely to improve.

    This is not an absolute guarantee. However, it is a huge start. Furthermore, it also is a way to literally get rid of up to 10 pounds of feces and other waste that is stuck in your body.


    The website for this product does not have a complete list of ingredients listed. Therefore, even if this product is trustworthy and safe it would be hard for a person unfamiliar with New Life Cleanse to be convinced.

    To make matters worse, this product may no longer have its original website. This product may no longer be available at least in most places of the world.

    Going on a diet is not always a pleasant course of action. You may start out enthusiastic and have good intentions but then you often fall back into your old ways.

    One thing that can help boost your confidence and speed along this process is undergo a thorough digestive cleaning.

  11. D. Lewis

    My Review on Regulux:

    Regulux is sold under the classification “natural cleansing formula.” It was made to gently flush out your system so that you can get right of feces, decay, toxins, parasites, and other matter.
    It helps also clean out your internal organs such as your liver or your pancreas. It also does quite the job on your small and large intestines and urinary tract.
    In addition to the above, Regulux can also detoxify your blood. This leads to a further building up of your immune system as bacteria, yeast, and viral substances are eliminated from your body.


    There is at least some evidence that this product does work. After all it does have in it some very essential natural ingredients such as Psyllium, Black Walnut and Senna.
    It is a fairly easy to use product as well, yet it is a comprehensive two-step system. This product was designed for a more thorough cleaning.


    One of the downsides of this product is the fact that there is hardly any user testimonials and true consumer feedback about it. Furthermore, the casings in which the ingredients are placed may be made from various animal by-products. Furthermore, it is considered somewhat expensive at $79.00 for this digestive cleaning product.
    Also note that there is some concern about using senna for longer than seven days. People with heart problems should be especially concerned.


    As far as the value compared to the cost, it has only received a 2.5/5 stars rating. This is below average and that is not saying much. Furthermore, consumers can try this product but most are reluctant probably because not much is known about it.

  12. Sharon2016

    The Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse product received an average rating of 3/5 starts. That is not excellent, but that is not “bad” either. Let’s take a minute to view the pros and cons of this product.

    It appears as though distributors of the Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse regimen have confidence in this product-so much that they are willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee for up to a year. Therefore, even though this product received only an average rating overall the fact that the company guarantees this product is necessary.

    Furthermore, no negative side effects have been found in users of this product. Very little complaints have been made against the company or this product.

    This company also has a very informative website. Most people who visit it are very well likely to understand what this process entails.

    Perhaps what brings down the ratings of this product is that some people find this product a bit more expensive than others do. It costs about $57.00 for a 15-day supply.

    That may not be very expensive, but this procedure can be costly if you administer additional Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse routines. For instance, the Cleanse Support, Probiotics, and Parasite Defense all add up in price, which totals $157.00.

    Perhaps the other major downfall of the company is they might “scare” people a little too much while trying to get people to buy their products. For instance, they refer to death and how it “begins at the colon.”

    This might be true but this company seems to take it too the extreme. Also, visitors need to beware that although the company website is very informative that they (as many companies do) show very unsightly pictures of people’s post-colon cleansing waste.

    Review Conclusion
    There is no question that this product does work. As mentioned already, the main reason it was downgraded by some reviewers was not because of its effectiveness. It is a very effective product.

    Again, the product is rather expensive. That is the only reason that some people (as mentioned now for the third time) would even have any complaint. For other people, this may be the only reason they would pass it up-because they cannot afford to purchase it.

    However, if they can at least purchase part of the remedy it may help them. Otherwise, they might need to purchase a comprehensive solution that is less expensive.

    Yet, of course there is always the risk of the job not getting done right. Everything is a risk when it comes to choosing the right solution.

  13. Kathleen

    I am attempting to present you with the real truth about the Almighty Colon Cleanse. You would think that with such a majestic-sounding name it would be the best on the market.

    I am not saying it is not helpful. It’s just that I noticed at best (at least on one review site) it has only received an average rating of 3/5 stars based on safety of ingredients. The overall rating was only 1.5 stars.

    Why such a low rating for this product?

    The main reason why one site gave this product such a stiff rating was because of the bentonite clay present in the Formula Two powder that accompanies this treatment regimen.

    The main reason the use of this form of clay is discouraged is because it consist of aluminum that the body cannot easily process. Excess amounts of this heavy metal can in the worst-case scenario could possibly cause Alzheimer’s disease.

    On the brighter side…(Not much of one really!!)

    At least the company does have a working website. I am having a hard time finding very much positive information about this product, though. Then again, some of the negative information I found could be very biased, for all I know.

    In any case, I just observed that a person responding to questions about experiences with this product ended up having an upset stomach while using it. This person later decided to instead use Colonix, which is a very popular product used today.

    Sometimes, of course, it is hard though to tell if these reviews are by real people. It is very easy to make up stories about products that may or may not be true.

    You as the person in charge of your own colon cleansing destiny have the responsibility to seek out the truth of Almighty Cleanse for yourself. I have noticed that perhaps it really may be just the “false god” of colon cleansing.

  14. Amy Baker

    A fairly new product has come on the scene. It is called the Colpurin Internal Cleanse & Body Purifier program.
    This regimen consists of two products, which you will hear about below. This is your chance to see if it would be worthwhile trying out or not.

    How it Works
    If you are serious about cleaning out your colon, you would take the Colpurin Internal Cleanse for 15 days. At the same time, you would take the Colpurin Body Purifier for 30 days.
    While using this regimenyou should also drink plenty of water. At the same time, you should eat a well-balanced meal. It helps if you get enough exercise, too.

    It has received a “letter grade” of a “B+,” which of course is way above average. This cumulative rating is based on a variety of factors, such as the reputation of the company, low count of consumer complaints, and accuracy of product label.

    There are a few concerns associated with this product, which explains why the product did not receive an “A+” rating. The most important of these to address is the fact that there is an ingredient in it called Cascara Sagrada, which is not one that should be taken for more than seven days.
    This slightly contradicts the nature of Colpurin Internal Cleanse & Body Purifier program, which is taken for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days. However, this is mostly related to if you are suffering from certain existing health conditions:

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Diverticulitis or Diverticulosis
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Severe Hemorrhoids
    Severe or Chronic Diarrhea
    Liver or Kidney Disease
    Heart Failure
    Blood Vessel Disease

    Side Effects and Safety Info
    For most people it is safe. It should not be taken by pregnant women, though. In some cases, it can cause severe abdominal pain and cramps.

  15. Lori

    Colonix is a popular product. However, some people wonder if it actually lives up to its name. What exactly does this product do? If you have asked this question you are not alone.

    The best way to understand and evaluate Colonix is to take a look at its benefits. These include as follows:
    It helps you maintain regularity. Some people after participating in a digestive cleaning regimen while using this product were able to increase bowel movement frequently up to two times daily.
    Another benefit of using this product was that it seems to contribute to the control of acne for some people. I myself am not sure if this is true or not but supposedly a clean colon has this affect.
    One of the other major benefits associated with digestive cleaning in general is the elimination of parasites. Thus worms, bacteria, fungus, viruses, and more are passed through your system with the use of a particular intestinal flushing regimen.
    You experience a total detoxification of your system not only of parasites but of environmental pollutions. This will more than likely increase your energy level.
    One of the goals of people who use this product is to lose weight. The outcome is not the same for everyone, but this often occurs as the system is cleaned out.
    Many different digestive problems are corrected with the use of this type of cleaning system. For instance, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation are often corrected. So would diarrhea, most likely.

    The Cleansing Process

    While using a product like Colonix, you may notice a few differences in your stool. This is often the case when undergoing a digestive flushing and detoxification routine.
    This product usually is applied to a cleansing procedure of a longer duration. In fact, it is used for up to three months.
    According to one person’s story within the first five days one of the first things that were eliminated from the body was “mucoid plaque.” If you have ever seen pictures of what is eliminated from the intestines while undergoing this procedure this is a long, “gross” looking string of feces and other materials that are eliminated from the body.
    Another sign of detoxification this person experienced was the elimination of white particles. This was noticed in the person’s stool and this happens to be a type of parasite. This happened during the second week of the digestive cleaning regimen.


    Not everyone will experience the same result. For instance, not everyone will lose the same amount of weight. Nor is it guaranteed that you will never experience health problems as a result of using this product.
    The general consensus, however, is that this product will do you more good than harm. The only main concern is that it does contain senna in the Kleri-Tea.
    Generally speaking, this should not be used for more than seven days.
    Of course, before using any product you should consult a physician. This will help you determine whether or not a particular regimen is completely safe.

  16. Nature

    It is easy to criticize a product like Nature Colon Detox if you have never tried it before. We have all done it and often have reason to be skeptical.
    However, you should at least read a review of it and give it a chance. Of course, that takes a certain amount of trust. However, who do we believe for advice? Who will give us accurate information about the effectiveness of this product?
    First, we should trust our instincts. Furthermore, we should take the experiences of other consumers to heart. In fact, consumer reviews is probably what will be your best resources.
    You should pay attention to recent reports if you are in need of a thorough cleaning from the inside out. With that in mind, it is time for you to learn a little bit more about the benefits of using
    Nature Colon Detox:
    Helps eliminate unwanted toxins
    Promotes regularity
    Increases energy
    Improves overall self-esteem
    Promotes Immune system building
    Improves metabolism rates
    …And of course it promotes weight loss!
    Any Disadvantages?
    Well…at least not for the people who have lost 20 pounds or more in a relatively short time period. At least two people for sure have reported that they have felt more energetic after using this product.
    These individuals have not mentioned anything negative about this product at all. Other success stories are likely to follow. Who knows? That next success story may even be reported by you.
    Who Can Benefit?
    This product is recommended for people who want to decrease chance of colon cancer. Likewise, people who want to keep their LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels often benefit from using this product.
    This unique, effective formula benefits people who want to get rid of all kinds of worms and parasites from their systems. You would not believe what is really in your intestines. If you only knew, you would get your colon cleansed today.
    Furthermore, if you only knew that a dirty colon is what most often causes people to feel the most weighed down. Thus, you now know the reason why people feel more energetic after any type of digestive cleaning.
    Nature Colon Detox is also a wise choice for use among people who just want to experience a better quality of life overall. If you are too afraid to try it right now, you should read the ingredient list:
    Natural fiber
    Amino acids
    Essential Vitamins
    Vital Minerals
    Acai Berry Extract

  17. Jane

    VitaRinse is a top colon cleansing supplement that helps boost your metabolism and flush out the waste that is built up in your system, as well as to give you the energy and stamina to make it through the day. It is a daily cleanse, something that is done by many celebrities to keep their bodies beautiful and to stay fit. VitaRinse was also designed to do its work while fitting into your daily lifestyle with ease.
    Colon cleansing can be amazing for the entire body, as the colon is at the end of the digestive tract and is often a source of waste that has built up for years. Abusing and neglecting your colon can be detrimental to your health in the long term. However, keeping your colon clean provides many benefits to the body, some of which are:
    • reducing fatigue
    • boosting energy
    • flushing waste
    This allows you to be able to live a better, healthier lifestyle. It also allows you to flatten your stomach by removing all the excess waste. The best part is, you can do all this without changing your diet. VitaRinse does the hardest part for you. It is made of herbal ingredients as well as green tea, which makes it one of the top methods of body cleansing currently available.
    In addition to cleansing your colon, VitaRinse helps boost your metabolism so it can burn fat more easily. The green tea ingredient assists in enhancing your mental and physical energy and health. Among its other ingredients, VitaRinse contains microorganisms called probiotics, which are essentially good bacteria that can help protect against disease and help digest food and allow your body to better absorb its nutrients. Probiotics have also proven useful in helping lower cholesterol, preventing colon cancer, and lowering blood pressure.
    VitaRinse is a great way to balance your lifestyle and help you create a new, healthier, better-looking you. It can also be useful to counteract the effects of an unbalanced lifestly and diet, full of toxins, pollutats, poor sleeping habits, and stress, which is becoming more and more normal in this day in age.

  18. Kelly

    With toxins accumulating in our body from the environment and most importantly food, detoxification or cleansing of the body is imperative for staying healthy. Colon is the storehouse of toxins and wastes before they are released from our bodies making it more vulnerable to deadly diseases like cancer. Colon Zen is the new remedy for flushing out the toxins and wastes from our body naturally.
    Cleansing the system
    Colon Zen, made using many natural ingredients and herbs, purifies your digestive system, circulatory system, respiratory system and liver and this is essential for good health. The constituents in it arrest breeding of bad bacteria in your digestive system that causes nagging problems. Cleansing the body thoroughly guarantees a better life full of vigor and vitality. Regular intake of the supplement ensures a disease-free body.
    Detoxification of the colon
    Colon Zen is an effective supplement for preventing the risk of colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and polyps. Colon cancer is one of the killer diseases in the world and every year millions of people die due to it. In order to clean up the colon people resort to hydrotherapy and colonics which are invasive surgical procedures but with this magic supplement, you can forget these procedures and remove the toxins from your body easily and economically. The supplement effectively kills damaging parasites and prevents occurrence of diseases caused by their presence.
    Losing weight
    Using Colon Zen can also help you shed those extra baggages and get slimmer. The ingredients in it can increase your metabolism and help you burn fats very quickly and easily. Also since toxins are flushed out; you lose a few pounds too. You will be able to experience the difference within just a few days of using the supplement.
    Anti-oxidant properties
    Colon Zen also has effective antioxidant properties and this helps to eliminate free radicals from the system. This in turn helps you to get rid of ugly blemishes and acne and get back your flawless complexion.
    No side effects
    While there are a number of colon cleansing agents that are there in the market, most have chemicals that have a damaging effect on the body. With Colon Zen you have a safe and effective way to achieve good health.

  19. Karen

    Vital Colon Cleanse is a product that seems to be not talked about as often as some others. Does that mean that it is a bad product to use?

    It may depend upon the perspective, but really and truthfully like most others it has its pros and cons. The best thing you can do is to evaluate it like you would any other product-for both the advantage and disadvantages.

    One very important benefit to users is that it helps promote regularity. This product also is said to be one that is effective as a detoxification agent, and as one that also helps you burn fat and flush out your system. Furthermore, it is attributed to some amount of weight loss.

    The unfortunate news regarding this product is that it has reported to cause side effects. However, the report that offers this information did not leave much detail about what complications could occur.

    The other concern also is that people who use this product might have some false hope built up. That is, the weight loss they experience may not be as much or for as long as they hoped.

    In regards to weight loss, people need to realize that it takes more than just undergoing a colon cleanse. It also requires regular diet and exercise. Increase in fiber is most recommended.

  20. Andrea

    The creators of Nature Cleanse have focused on two things. Firstly, they wanted to produce a product which people could use with few side effects. Secondly, they wanted a solution for weight loss, digestive health, colon cleansing, and a number of other functions – in one.
    Obviously, even for the best manufacturer, this would be a difficult task. However, the people over at Nature Cleanse took it in their stride, and have come up with an incredible product which we highly recommend. Why do we recommend it? Well, let’s take a look at what is in the product, and see why it is so successful at what it is meant to do.
    Ingredients are the building blocks of a good product. High quality ingredients – often results in a high quality result. In this case, Nature Cleanse certainly combines some of the best, and well known ingredients – in order to produce the promised results.
    The great thing about this product is that it is made of all natural products. There are no harsh chemicals, drugs, or anything else for that matter which would produce adverse side effects.
    So, what actually is in Nature Cleanse? It would appear that the company behind the product are keeping this a secret. However, what our review can reveal is the power of its formula. Here are a few beneficial side effect you can expect to experience after a short course of Natural Cleanse:
    1. Weight loss
    2. Increased metabolism rate
    3. Significant boost in energy levels
    4. Digestive health
    5. Incredible nutritional value
    Is this not enough? If not, you should also know that the safety of this product is second to none. Of all the natural products on the market which do the same or similar things, Nature Cleanse has by far got the best safety record.

  21. Teri Burns

    Have you ever wondered why it is that even if you eat a huge meal one night – you only expel a fraction of that quantity the next day? Of course, some of it is broken down and used by our body during the day. However, the figure used in this way is certainly not 100%. That leaves us with a puzzling question. We’re actually is that excess food going?
    As any medical professional will be able to tell you, in most cases – it’s actually still inside. Did you know that the colon is one of the most clogged, heavy parts of the digestive system? Indeed, if you were to ask the coroner who performed an autopsy on someone who died from colon cancer – they would tell you that the problem of excess waste in the colon affects many millions of people throughout the world.
    Obviously, the next question that you would ask is – “what can we do about it?”. Thankfully, a number of products exist which are able to flush out the lower digestive tract, which can help to prevent or minimize the risk of colon cancer – whilst improving the overall well-being of the body and mind.
    One such product is called Bromalite. As far as detoxing – with a specific focus on flushing out waste material is concerned – this would have to be the top-of-the-line, highest quality product available to the general public. Not only does it offer cleansing functions, but also the following action:
    1. Thermogenically burns body fat (by increasing the metabolic rate)
    2. Kills parasites and worms living in the colon and intestines
    3. Washes away waste and toxin build up from all areas of the digestive system
    Obviously, you can see the effectiveness that this product will have on your health. Many people have tried Bromalite in the past (including us) – and we are pleased to say that all of the claims made in the advertising that the company does, can be backed up by both scientific studies – and user testimonials.

  22. Janie Holland

    With the proper diet and exercise, ColoSlim can be the answer! With a clean and lean feeling, your energy levels will increase. The natural ingredients that you will find in ColoSlim will help to promote good colon health within your body, which is imperative to proper weight loss.
    Taken just once a day, it is herbal, dietary and all natural! This supplement allows you to lose weight safely and effectively. This allows you to burn fat and calories safely and naturally for rapid weight loss. By speeding up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite, you consume less and with the proper exercise schedule, you will lose weight!
    The most prevalent ingredient in is psyllium. This ingredient is a fiber that acts as a laxative absorbing water and expanding as it travels through your digestive system. This helps to improve overall colon health by properly guiding waste out of your body in a timely manner. Psyllium also can help control weight by decreasing appetite levels because it decreases glucose absorption in the body, making you less hungry.
    Other ingredients include: Konjac Glucomannan, Lotus Leaf Flavonoids & Alkaloids, Citrus Aurantium Synephrine, Hawthorne Hyperosides and L-Carnitine Tartrate.

  23. Monica Thornton

    Are you one of the 80% of the world’s population that suffers from some type of stomach-related disorder whether from unhealthy living or bad eating habits? If you are, Max Colon Cleanse is for you. Finding a all-natural colon cleanser has never been easier! Max Colon Cleanse cleanses your body by removing toxin buildup within your body as well as flushing out excess waste. This, in turn, will lead to better health with less instances of bloating and/or constipation.

    What exactly does a colon cleanser do?

    Our colon is responsible for storing most of the toxins and waste in our body that we receive from the food that we eat. To feel better health, it’s important these things are flushed from your body. Not only reducing body fat, but colon cleansing leads to better overall digestive health and eliminates that bloated feeling you may experience within your day. Not only will your clothes fit better, but you will feel better as well!


    Manufactured in the U.S., you can trust that the ingredients within Max Colon Cleanse, both natural and pure, are healthy for your body. No additional preservatives or artificial colors are added to Max Colon Cleanse.

    Some of these ingredients include diuretics, laxatives among other things:

    Dandelion Root
    Yellow Dock
    Black Walnut Hills
    Psyllium Husk

    Other Health Benefits

    Max Colon Cleanse can also prevent Irritable Bowel Disease as well as other intensinial-related health problems. Weight loss, cholesterol lowing and improved circulation are all other benefits to taking Max Colon Cleanse.

  24. Henrietta Lindsey

    The Power Cleanse is a fabulous way to look great and feel fresh as it cleanses the colon of all the junk stored in it and relieves you from a major set back. If the stomach is relieved of its junk, it will look a lot smaller and in a way will make one loose its belly and also help in reducing weight. It works even in those areas where you had found hard to dispose off the waste from the body.
    Research studies have shown that if your colon is healthy then it will make you have a well fit and healthy body. Normally the process of colon cleanse is very hectic and tiresome. So few people can stick to the cleansing process till the end and get desired results.
    But you do not need to worry as there are fabulous supplements like the colon cleanse which is very easy to use and does not interfere with your normal life style.
    The modern exercising and eating habits do not serve much to the well being of your colon and also ultimately is not beneficial to the health of your body. The junk foods that you eat are too much saturated in sugars, bad cholesterol, oil, chemicals and other harmful substances which are left in your digestive system for hours and produce harmful effects until they are finally gotten rid off. It is at this point that the food decomposes producing harmful bacteria which makes your body weak and lack its normal behavior.

  25. Lillie

    Have you ever tried to know the reason why you feel lethargic as you grow old and why your immunity deteriorates with time? It is actually because of the fecal matter that remains unprocessed and causes toxic gases within the body. If the body doesn’t get water and fiber in good quantities, it will not be able to do this job. In case, you have been suffering from these symptoms lately, the effective colon cleanser, namely, Colon XR is the product you should go for.
    You would be surprised as to how many of your health ailments are caused by fecal matter that is all cured by herbal ingredients contained in Colon XR. As soon as your body starts detoxifying, you would notice a great boost in your energy levels; glow in your skin and in some cases effective weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels as well. These are of course the benefits apart from the relief from usual digestive problems like upset stomach, acne, bloating et al.
    Without sufficient water and fiber, the fecal matter accumulated cannot be flushed out of the colon and sticks to its walls. But Colon XR helps the body to get rid of this toxic waste soon, assuring you good health, though increasing the intake of water and fiber alongside helps a great deal. If you fear about getting held up inside the bathroom for long hours, you need to rethink when it comes to Colon XR.
    When a product is featured on the famous Oprah show, it undoubtedly has to be effective. If this is what you also think then you surely won’t doubt the effectiveness of Colon XR. Besides being featured on the famed Oprah show, this is also a highly recommended product by Dr. Oz, who visited the Oprah show to discuss about the product. Also, the fact that more than 500,000 people have already used it is one fact that also speaks about its success. So, if you wish to feel more energetic, live a healthy life or start to reduce weight, there is nothing better than jump starting your endeavor with Colon XR today!

  26. Debbie Kim

    If I told you that colon cancer was one of the deadliest illnesses that plagues over 60,000 Americans each year – would you want to do anything about it? Additionally, if I told you that over 95% of the population had dangerous levels of toxins decaying and accumulating in their colons, would you want to do something about that? Surely, any logical person would want a product which flushed their colon and kept it healthy, day in and day out.
    Indeed, the product for this exact purpose is called ColoFlush and it has been recommended to thousands of patients by both natural health practitioners and medical professionals alike. Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients (as you will see below) – ColoFlush is able to tackle problems which other products simply couldn’t handle.
    Powerful ColoFlush Ingredients Cleanse Thoroughly.
    As we go through the list of ingredients included in ColoFlush, it will quickly become apparent that this product is fields ahead of the rest. That’s because the ColoFlush combination includes a huge number of potent ingredients, which will actively cleanse you colon and lower intestines in record time, without harming the rest of your digestive system.
    Here is the list of key ColoFlush ingredients, and their purposes:
    o Flaxseed – source of lignan (cleansing antioxidant)
    o Apple Pectin – provides soluble and insoluble fibers to the digestive tract
    o Bentonite Clay – an excellent toxin eliminator and extractor
    o Fennel Seed – transports the chemical “terpenoid anethole” and prevents cramping
    o Willow Charcoal – prevents excess pressure in colon
    o Psyllium – source of fiber, relieves constipation
    Thanks to this proprietary formula, the use of ColoFlush will ensure that you get the results you desire right from the very first day of treatment.
    They Can’t All Be Wrong.
    Even with all the information above, how can we be sure that ColoFlush actually fulfills it’s purpose? Well, try looking at the media attention that this product is getting on a regular basis. This leads us to believe that everyone can’t be wrong, nor can they all be lying – and hence, there is a very high chance that any general user of the ColoFlush system will experience similar improvements in general health, to those who have gone before them.

  27. Dixie

    We are exposed with various harmful additives in the foods, drinks and air that we take into our body on daily basis. We might not realize the negative effect instantly because it would accumulate over the years before it shows any symptom. And you would be surprised to know that people with colon problems tend to be overweight and have a hard time to lose weight.

    What are the symptoms your colon needs treatment

    You will feel weak and lack of energy because the nutrients from the food that you eat are not being absorbed properly. For worst case scenario, some people even develop cancer and live in agony before end up dying in young age.

    How to clean our colon?

    The food that we eat and drink play an important role for your colon’s health. Do not rely on fast foods and soda drinks. You need to change our eating habits and eat more organic food and accept a new lifestyle if you want to lead a healthier and longer life.

    Use Life Cleanse

    Life Cleanse is one of the most popular colon cleansers available out there. Unlike other products out there, Life Cleanse claim to help reduce weight and increase energy if the user is consuming their product.

    Life Cleanse is better known as weight loss supplement because it helps to burn fat while in the same time help to repair the digestive tract with the probiotics and antioxidants available in the formula.

    It also helps to prevent constipation and get rid of harmful toxins contained in the colon waste. These wastes will build up as toxic layer in the bowel and they won’t go away without the help of an effective colon cleanser.

    People who are using Life Cleanse claim to experience better health and energetic after using as it get rid of the toxin waste.

  28. T, Jenkins

    Lately many people have become more concerned about their colon. These same people are looking for effective products to use for this purpose in order to improve their health. This is all done in hopes they will experience a better quality of life.

    However, with all the available products, how does one tell which ones are the best? This unfortunately is largely just a matter of opinion which requires careful lengthy research. However, the more information you seek the better educated you will become.

    With that, it will help you to read about three popular colon cleansers reviewed recently. It is your responsibility to further examine the validity of the claims regarding these products. However, for now you can gain a little insight on the pros and cons of these as indicated online:

    Oxy-Powder: This powerful product is most known for helping people become more regular. It also is known to help some people who lack energy or who want to lose weight but are currently having a hard time doing so.

    It also has been associated with helping people who have mood swings, as part of cleaning the colon involves correcting all bodily systems. This often is a result of the detoxification that occurs while using this product. This product seems to work well overall, with the only complain being about too loose of stools as well as bloating.

    Blessed Herbs: This product is rated very high, but requires a little bit more steps and/or additional days of application than other solutions tried. It is made with all-natural ingredients though, and has remained a favorite product for at least two decades now (especially when the complete cleansing kit is used). It may not work for everyone, but testimonials and photos of “evidence” are shown on the product website.

    Colpurin: This colon cleansing remedy seems to be rapidly gaining in popularity. It works well to help promote digestive regularity and to help stop bloating. It is promoted as a product that is meant to purify the body. People who want to feel cleaner from the inside out have undergone a complete digestive flushing whole using this product. The main concern regarding such is that this product contains Cascara Sagrada.

    This ingredient is not meant to be used for people who have irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, or ulcers. It also is not recommended for people with severe hemorrhoids, or other digestive problems. Ask your doctor about any concerns related to this product before used.

  29. Nellie M.

    Many people have been raving about the colon cleansing programs they have undergone. By undergoing such kind of regimen, you can be sure that you are on your way to a more healthy life. We often tend to forget to check the food as we go about doing our own things. But we need to always check on ourselves because the bad food we eat would have some negative effect on our body. But by doing regular cleansing, we will surely notice a change in the way our body functions and the way our bowel movement goes.
    Here are some colon cleansing reviews:

    I do not regularly go to the bathroom. There are times when I go every other day. Sometimes I go daily. But there is never a regular schedule as to when I would go to the bathroom. I thought this was normal. In fact I never knew that people would ideally go to the bathroom two to three times a day. But one day, I heard about colon cleansing from a friend and decided to try it out. After all there is no harm in trying something that is supposed to be good for the body. I was very reluctant to try it. I was also rather skeptical about it. But once I tried it, I experienced a big change. I did have more regular trips to the bathroom. I also felt more revitalized and lighter. I would definitely continue going this.—T., 23, Ohio

    I have been traveling quite a bit recently. Because of the food and the constant change of residence, I cannot seem to go to the bathroom well. After doing some colon cleansing, I feel better. My bowel movements are more regular and I am less groggy and less irritable now.—M, 47, CA
    Here are some more colon cleansing reviews

    Every time I get really stressed, I tend to have very bad bowel movements. The doctors said this is because my system is not relaxed. However because of the bad bowel movements, I tend to suffer from constipation. Someone recommended that I try colon cleansing. I took some products he gave me and voila, I do feel great now. Even when I am greatly stressed I can now go to the bathroom. I am sure that I am even feeling better now. Perhaps it’s because the toxins are also being flushed out of my system. All thanks to colon cleansing.—J, 57, NJ

    So what are you waiting for? Try colon cleansing now and see the difference in your life

  30. Susan

    My best experiences have been using Aloe Vera!

    There are many kinds of colon cleanses available in the market now. One of them would be the aloe vera colon cleanse. This kind of colon cleanse uses the aloe vera as its main ingredient. The aloe vera plant has been known for its gentle healing effect. Many people use the aloe vera plant on wounds as it gently soothes the wound.
    Why Aloe Vera?

    Aloe vera has also been known to treat problems with the skin and even aid in constipation. Because of this, many have tried using the aloe vera cleanser as it cleanses, soothes and heals well. it can even help remove dead cells and waste materials from the body. It also eliminates the toxins from the intestines. The juice of the aloe vera helps bring back the intestinal area to its normal function. It helps flush out the toxins. Being very rich in chlorophyll, it helps soothe and heal the gastro area. It rejuvenates the digestive area and helps with its immune response. This is due to the polysaccharides in the aloe vera that match the natural setting of the bacteria.

    Being very rich in vitamins and minerals, it aids in the softening of the mucoid plaque found in the walls of the colon. This mucous substance would be part of the toxic matter that has been accumulated throughout the many years. It breaks the mucous and helps eliminate them as part of the feces. The aloe vera has immensely helped in many illnesses such as constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.
    What’s the best amount to take?

    The amount of aloe vera in the aloe vera colon cleanser is able to significantly help with the impurities found in the intestines. As it is a herb, you can be sure that there will be no side effects. Not only will it help eradicate all the bad fecal matter, but it will also nourish your colon, making it work and function better. Using this, you will be able to absorb nutrients better. It will reform the way your intestinal area works. Aloe vera would allow you to have a better and healthier lifestyle.

    If you constantly take an aloe vera colon cleanse, you can be sure that your colon would be in tip top shape. Not only will you experience better bowel movement, you will also enjoy a better overall feeling. You will lose those constant headaches and bloated feeling. You will also lose the constant constipation.

  31. Florence

    Naturally, body produces toxins and wastes biologically. Moreover, People are bare to a huge number of deadly fundamentals even if you live a healthy lifestyle in a moderately pristine atmosphere. However, if you live near city, a huge amount of toxic contact is inevitable.

    What is the best Colon Cleanse Product?
    Best colon cleansing is very significant and most effective way to manifest your health quickly and fairly. This process plays an important part of your health maintenance. It is the best way to get rid of all the contaminant and toxins inside your body.

    Benefits of Colon Cleanse

    After trying best colon cleansing, you can achieve several benefits such as having more energy after absorbing the full nutrition from the food you eat. You will notice that even you won’t have enough sleep; you would be still fresh as well as having healthy a soft and smooth skin. You will feel happier and lighter on the overall, your eyes are brighter and the pains and aches you usually feel would have vanished. Your digestive system will function better than ever without drinking any supplements afterwards; you will notice that you would have lost weight.
    Implement Best Colon Cleansing On Your Body

    There are various products available in the market where you could choose from as well as its type of consumption type. Its type is either ‘taken orally’ or ‘enema’. Only herbal supplements are prescribed medicine which when taken orally can get rid of the excess toxins or contaminants present in your body. Enema directly irrigates your colon. It contains a liquid solution which is inserted in to the rectum. It washes and flushes out all the colon waste built-up. These cleaners can be done at home, however, if serious severe colonic is built-up, enemas should be done by professionals.

    After taking the best colon cleanse technique, it is necessary to drink plenty of water as well as any vegetable or fruit juice before the initial procedure. This process will help the colon to flush out all the waste, contaminants or toxins present in your body. Aside from drinking juice, you should also eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.
    Try using Best Colon Cleansing

    Before you choose the best colon cleansing product to take, you have to think about it first. You have two options to choose from, either have an enema or take a pill. If ever that you choose a pill, ask yourself first if you want a natural release, which takes time to work or you want a laxative that works faster but will leave an additional discomfort or pain?

  32. Vicky Jensen

    Having a clean colon is one of the most important aspects of having good health. They say that the colon weight about 4 pounds but can hold almost 20 pounds of waste matters at any point of time. Colon cleansing will result in the release of toxins, poisons, carcinogens and free radicals. Following are commercially prepared products available in the market.
    What is Colon Cleansing, Herbs or Kits?

    We are surrounded with advertisements about these types of pill and diets. It is up to a person’s preference and decisions to have these diets and pills. There are numerous colon cleansing pills accessible in the market. These pills are in the form of laxatives and enema. You may suffer from nausea or vomiting when you are on these pills. So anyone who wants to choose these should always consult a physician before taking any of these colon cleansing herbs. They are easy to ingest because you do not need to change your diet but you may experience side effects from these pills. You may find frequent urge to go to the toilet for at least 72 hours, but you do not need to worry because these pills do not have any type of harmful side effects. The major disadvantage of cleansing pills is that you may get dependent to these pills eventually making your colon lose the ability to function on its own. So be aware not to overuse any of these pills.

    Herbal colon pills are food supplements and easily accessible in the market. Herbs like cascara saraguda, aloe Vera, ginger, garlic, rhubarb and many more can be found in these colon cleansing pills. The above mentioned herbs have natural laxative properties which assist in cleansing the colon naturally. These herbs help in maintaining the intestinal flora consequently removing the toxic materials from the colon. Pysillium husk which is rich in high fiber is best in colon cleansing.
    Available Colon Cleanser

    There are various colon cleansing kits available in the market. There are those that offer an eight-day intestinal cleansing program that can help revitalize the digestive system. And still there are some that assures comfortable regularity, removes old and accumulated waste and rejuvenates digestive system.
    A clean colon and better digestive health enhances your body’s absorption and assimilation of nutrients. This improves the immune system, ensuing high physical energy, greater health, weight loss, and overall well being.

  33. Regina

    There are many ways on how to do a complete colon cleanse. The colon cleanse is usually done to keep the colon healthy by taking out all the dirt that has been accumulated throughout time. All these toxins come from the foods that we have eaten that have not been excreted out of the body. It also comes from the stress we experience during our daily lives.

    The stress we experience is converted to toxins which our body would store in the cells and the other parts of the body. Because of this, we need to thoroughly cleanse our colon regularly. The colon is the latter part of the digestive system that deals with the fecal matter in our body. If the colon is not thoroughly emptied, the colon would keep the fecal matter there and the toxic matter would be brought back into our body again.

    To do a colon cleanse, we need some products to push the fecal matter out. We need to make sure that we let go off all the dirt by taking some products such as psyllium husks or bentonite. These are all natural products that aid in getting our colon area squeaky clean. The psyllium husks would act as a broom that will pull all the dirt from the sides of the colon and push it out into our bowel movement. The bentonite aids in making the bowel movement easier for us.

    While we are doing the complete cleanse, we need to make sure that we bring back the good nutrients into our body. We need to take supplements with probiotics which would bring back the flora balance to our body. We also need to have a lot of water intake. We can also drink a lot of fruit and vegetable juices. This will help us in bringing out all the toxic matter. We must always remember to drink lots of water; otherwise the fecal matter would not easily come out.

    What kind of food to consume?

    We should also take a lot of vegetables, especially the green leafy vegetables. These would aid our colon and look after the tissues that have been damaged through time. The chlorophyll from the vegetables would soothe and heal the tissues.

    How Long Would It Take?

    A complete cleanse can be done from about seven days to ten days. The maximum period of time to cleanse should be ten days; otherwise you will be putting too much pressure on your digestive system. By this time, your body will be rather clean. You can do this regularly. Every 2 to 3 months would be good to make sure that your colon is cleaned properly and that your system is working well.

  34. Gertrude

    At one point in your life, you are bound to have constipation. It is something that happens to most of us. If you are a woman, then that just increases the chance that you are going to have to deal with this uncomfortable problem. The good news is that constipation relief may not be as hard to find as you think it is. You see, most people think that the only constipation cures that are worth trying are the ones that have you taking medication. However, that is not the case. In fact, the less medication you can take, the better. The human body is made to take care of itself when you give it what it needs. That is why some people are now looking for home remedies for constipation.

    Before we start talking about great natural ways to get constipation relief, we need to talk about the main things that you need to do. First of all, try to eat unrefined foods. Try to make everything in your diet as natural as possible. Second, make sure that you chew your food properly. This can be done by making sure that you avoid hurried meals where you have to eat quickly. Last, but not least, get out there and get moving. Whether you are playing indoor games or outdoor games, you have to have some kind of exercise in your life. The more you get up and get moving, the more likely you are not to have to deal with constipation.

    If those tips are not enough for you, then you will be happy to know that there are some things that you can eat that make great home remedies for constipation. For example, some constipation cures call for you eating a lot of pears. Doctors say that pears are a great way to, not only help cure constipation, but it could help take care of chronic constipation. If you are having really bad constipation, then you should eat nothing but this fruit and its juice for a few days. For normal constipation, you just need to have a pear after dinner or with breakfast. Of course, eating some whenever you feel like it is good too!

    Another good constipation relief would be grapes. They say that grapes act as a natural laxative food. Of course, when you eat grapes in your home remedies for constipation, you are not just going to be curing your constipation! In fact, you are also going to be cleansing your bowels, which is good to do after having constipation. To make sure your bowels stay fresh and clean, a normal person should eat about 350 gm of this fruit every day.

    The last home remedies that we will talk about include oranges. Eating an orange before bedtime is a great way to expect a great bowel movement in the morning. This is because the orange acts as a natural stimulator for your bowels. Not only are oranges good for constipation, but they taste good too. That is why this is one of everyone’s favorite fruits to eat! It’s good for you, and it tastes great.

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle. sophie@cleanseplan.com

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