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Colon Hydrotherapy


What are Colonics?

It is a holistic healing process that allows one to re-establish and maintain optimum colon health. It is often associated with naturopathy. Colonics, Colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy – all refer to different procedures and techniques that help clean the large intestine (the colon) and sigmoid (the lower bowel). Metabolic wastes that stick stubbornly to these areas are flushed out of the system without the use of any prescription medication or toxic agents.

The Process

For years, doctors have maintained that any metabolic wastes that are left in the body begin putrefying and decaying. This releases large amounts of toxins into the body and can cause a very large variety of diseases ranging from skin problems to cancer.

Treatment of the colon through hydrotherapy allows you to prevent, treat and find relief from many common ailments. Similar to an enema, hydrotherapy involves the induction of discrete amounts of pure water into the colon. Sometimes the water may be fortified with minerals or other materials which are absorbed by the body. Hydrotherapy devices include disposable speculums or gravity fed enema-like systems. These are gently inserted into the rectum.
The fluid introduced into the body is released after a short while. The process may be repeated a number of times till all the toxins are completely flushed out. When the process is carried out by the individual himself, colon hydrotherapy is also known as Colema. In this case, the patient uses a bucket with a hose and lies on a board positioned over a toilet.

History and Present

The first instance of colon cleansing dates back more than 3,000 years ago to ancient health practices in Egypt. At that time, it was used to treat constipation which was believed to be at the root of many illnesses. Today, practitioners recommend it for a variety of ills and disorders caused by the accumulation of fecal matter in the large intestine. This process of retaining fecal matter is referred to as autointoxication. Many experts attribute it to the increased absorption of bacterial and fungal matter into the body.

Risks & Cautions

Colon hydrotherapy should be avoided by people suffering from diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and severe tumors or hemorrhoids in the rectum. It should also be avoided soon after a bowel surgery. People suffering from kidney or heart problems should also avoid regular hydrotherapy. People suffering from bowel, anal or rectal pathologies should avoid hydrotherapy because the pathology may contribute to the risk of bowel perforation.

Colon hydrotherapy should be administered by trained colon therapists, using state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures maximum safety and efficacy and is the perfect method to release clogged up waste and to detoxify the major organs of the body. This returns the normal functioning of the body. If undertaken in an unhygienic manner, hydrotherapy may lead to amebiasis or other infectious diseases.

Colon cleansing can be greatly assisted by the use of herbal supplements . Excellent cleansing benefits can be gained by combining colonic irrigation with drinking lots of water and ingesting colonic bacterial flora and fiber food supplements.


  1. Gayle Reid

    Thanks, I also found this useful!

    Hydrotherapy is one of the methods of colon cleansing used today. It may be scary to try but if you learn a little bit more about this process you can get a better idea of what it would do for you.
    First, of course you deserve an explanation. It helps to know what exactly hydrotherapy is before you examine its benefits.
    Hydrotherapy is a procedure that takes place in a medical office. The watered-down description of this procedure is this: A tube is inserted into the rectum which sends warm water up to the colon and intestines.
    This process can be likened to the cleansing that an enema does, but instead the washing is done with pure warm water and no chemicals (usually). The only difference of course is that it is a machine that does the pumping rather than just a person squeezing a hand pump.
    Hydrotherapy may not be recommended for everyone and you should get a thorough examination before undergoing this treatment. Also note that it should be done in the presence of a doctor.
    Nonetheless, you can enjoy the following benefits:
    It helps clean out toxins in a more efficient manner than some home colon cleansing remedies.
    The end result is a stronger immune system which keeps diseases at bay.
    Any past constipation problems are likely to be corrected at least temporarily.
    A person may feel more energetic and “light” afterwards.
    There is the long-term effect of greater weight loss abilities.
    This process gives people who want to improve their health and well being a head start.

    Hydrotherapy is not going to necessarily make you suddenly lose copious amounts of weight. It also will not solve all your health problems. For instance, if you currently have diabetes or heart trouble your diet still needs to be altered.
    However, in many cases where people have serious health problems hydrotherapy may not hurt. It in fact may be the best thing for you if your doctor says so.

    If your doctor does not think that your health condition is serious enough to warrant hydrotherapy other options maybe considered. For instance, many people seek relief using home colon cleansing products that have all-natural ingredients.

    Other people may just use a laxative or increase the amount of fiber in their diet. Everyone is different so the past to digestive system improvement is going to be vastly different.

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