Thursday, November 26, 2020

Colonic Irrigation for Constipation (Oriental Medicine)


Constipation is the cause of numerous disease in anus like hemorrhoids, rectal hernia and those such as colon cancer, aging and skin health. Like in all other diseases, it is important that the treatments of constipation need to be done in its early stage. Stress and less food intake from diet can cause, for anyone, the evacuation problem. These types of early symptoms, when unattended, may dismantle the harmonious rectal activity ending up with constipation.

Followings are some useful tips to prevent constipation:

  • (1) don’t skip breakfast;
  • (2) keep the regular sleep, dietary and physical exercise pattern;
  • (3) eat over 30g of dietary fiber on a daily basis;
  • (4) drink over 1.5 liter of water;
  • (5) do not tolerate the feeling of evacuation.

When it occurs, if temporarily, some medical measures like rectal injection, colonic irrigation or pills should be taken. Among those, constipation pills need to be taken very cautiously in that it, when taken for some period of time, damages the rectal nerve and may develop the disease to be chronic.

An estimated 65% of constipation patients is reported to abuse the pills thereby worsening the disease. The most effective ways of treat it is colonic irrigation: it removes all the feces contained long in the intestines. Then, the enough intake of dietary fiber replenishes the lacking nutritious factors.

People who are suffering from constipation need, though not mandatory, to be tested for some organic diseases like colon cancer, intestinal stenosis, etc.

When the test result shows it is not from organic ones, the types are classified along the three:

  • (1) flaccid constipation of which symptom is no abdominal pain but only the constipation exists;
  • (2) convulsive constipation that is accompanied both the abdominal pain and constipation itself;
  • (3) rectal constipation that mainly gives the feeling of feces remaining. The general treatment for flaccid and convulsive constipation is medicinal stuffs; for rectal constipation, operation or bio-feedback.

Ongoing Treatment

If taken regularly for so long a time, the drug for constipation may viciously worsen the symptom; the rectal fold loosens, so its muscular power weakens. Constipation is one of the habitual diseases when the feces doesn’t come out even 48hrs after eating something or remnant is left inside. Nowadays, people who are suffering the disease are sharply increasing due to the intake of instant foods, meat and the lack of physical exercise.

According to the oriental medicine, the reasons of constipations are followings: (1) resin in the intestines gets short; (2) stress weakens stamina; (3) ‘ki(Ѩ)’ and blood lack like in the old age.
More conventional ones are followings…

  • Yul-bi(constipation due to heat: (1) In terms of one’s physical constitution, too much heat is contained in the intestines; (2) when heat gets amassed and resin gets short due to the fever, habitual drinking, too much food intake. The main symptoms are reddened face, dried lips. The herbal treatments in the oriental medicine are ‘ma-ja-in-hwan’ (Hemp Seed Pill), ‘dang-gui-no-hoi-hwan’ (Pill of Chinese Angelica Root and Aloes).
  • ‘Ki-bi(constipation due to stagnates ki): when many nervous things cause disorder in the stomach. The main symptoms are abdominal/chest distention, frequent belching. The herbal treatments in the oriental medicine are ‘yuk-ma-tang'(Decoction of six ground ingredients) , ‘bo-jung-ik-ki-tang’ (Decoction for Reinforcing Middle-energizer and Replenishing Ki) ‘hwang-ki-tang’ (Decoction of Astragalus).
  • ‘Huh-bi(constipation due to deficiency): when ‘ki-hyul(ki & blood)’ gets weakened due to the overwork, reckless food intake, disease or delivery. The main symptoms are pale face/lips, frequent vertigo, feeling helplessness after discharging. The herbal treatments in the oriental medicine are ‘yoon-jang-hwan (Pill for Moistening the intestines)’
  • Naeng-bi(constipation due to accumulated coldness): when ‘yang-ki’ is weak causing decline of the intestines’ activities. the main symptoms are bluish face, abdominal pain. The herbal treatments in the oriental medicine are ‘ban-so-hwan’
Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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