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A colonics are one kind of colon cleansing method. And one that we don’t generally recommend.

The problems with invasive methods like colonic irrigation is that it can actually cause more harm than good. This is because it can possibly disrupt the natural bacteria in your gut and colon.

That being said there are certain instances, with specific clients, where the use of hydrotherapy is something that absolutely helps them restore their body to balance.

For example they are not responding to cleansing drinks and flushes and they are experiencing intestinal cramps. Similarly in the medical profession they are used for a number of different purposes and as different treatments with studied benefits with certain conditions.

Colon cleansing in general (not just hydrotheraphy) can be useful for removing toxins and heavy metals from the body. That does not mean it is always successful.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • break down the toxins, fecal matter and the wastes that is stuck in the intestinal wall and the colon
  • lessen the amount of pressure on the colon
  • improve absorption of nutrients
  • help prevent constipation
  • clean up the skin
  • strengthen the digestive system
  • provide energy to the body
  • reduce formation of mucous
  • improve your health in totality

What is a “Colonic”?

Also called the colon irrigation of the hydrotherapy of the colon, it means the insertion of a long tube in the colon, where the introduction of instilled water is made. The water is made to circulate around the colon to loosen the toxins and fecal matter, and remove it. Besides, water is a major reason for the large intestine to commence peristalsis, which gets rid of the fecal matter from the rectum. It is not at all painful, and remember that colonic is not a kind of a surgery, but merely a massage for the colon.

There is no certified process to have come out officially, but a knowledgeable and experienced person who can do a colonic can be easily found through the telephone directory. On visiting the person, you will be explained the process of colonic. The concerned person will stick a long tube through your rectum, into the colon, and introduce water into it, and will massage at the same time, to facilitate the decal matter out of the body. Colonic process takes about half an hour, on an average. It is also suggested that you go for a full cleanse of your colon prior to doing colonic. Remember to drink lots of water, and eat little before the appointment. Also, you should take sufficient rest after the colonic, and eat light food, while staying away from raw vegetables for certain days. For restoring the good bacteria which had been lost due to colonic, Probiotic substances can be taken.   

Safety of colonic 

A colonic is generally safe and is used in the medical profession. The tube and other equipment that are used are clean and disinfected. They do not cause any damage to the colon. The people who do the colonic have done so have years of experience behind them, so there is little reason to worry or feel embarrassed.

Side effects of colonic 

You may have a few loose bowels after having a colonic done, but it will only last a few days, if is occurs that is. One major effect of colonic is that it can remove some good bacteria from the body as well. But it can be supplied back by Probiotic supplementation.

Cost of a colonic 

The cost of colonic varies, but on an average, it may cost about $75 for one session, which is a reasonable price for your health. 

How many colonic are required? 

For some it is essential to get at least one colonic after colon cleansing. At times, one is not even sufficient.

Yet for most people we recommend not to do colonics and rather use natural flushes and cleanses made with ingredients that are naturally detoxifying.

Keep in mind that toxins in our body are a result of bad lifestyle and diet that we have been following for years, so it depends on your condition what approach will work best.

You can also opt for giving an enema to yourself if you are comfortable with it, but for many people, colonic is the safest way to cleanse. Colonic is also better than enemas since with the introduction of more water into the colon, it can definitely flush and clean you out entirely.

However, again, this is an invasive method and so should be avoided most of the time. Checking with your doctor is also required for clients attending our retreats.


  1. Janet

    Anyone who wants to achieve a good colon cleanse is advised to follow certain dietary tips. This helps in order ensure the most successful completion of the procedure.

    Colon Cleanse Diets

    One aspect of a good colon cleanse involves following certain temporary diets. However, complete fasting is not usually necessary.

    Rather, light and modified meals are recommended. Regarding this, the recommendations are to consume 64 ounces of filtered water daily, and eat a variety of fresh vegetables such as cabbage, endive, broccoli and cauliflower.

    Eating a variety of fresh fruits such as apples, apricots, or pears is also essential for optimal success. Lean protein, nuts and seeds are also highly recommended. However, white bread, fried and fatty meats as well as dairy products should be avoided-only eat a minimum during your fast.

    Expected Results, Side Effects, and Benefits

    One common but healthy side effect of experiencing a good colon cleanse is that it produces favourable bowel habits changes. Bowel movements occur more often after undergoing a very thorough digestive cleaning process.

    They are often softer as well. You should watch out though, if diarrhea or severe cramps occur, more water should be consumed.

    Some common side effects that are associated with perfect cleanse include intense backache, constipation and changes in sleep patterns. These sleep pattern chances are mainly a result of having to visit the bathroom throughout the night.

    Typical Ingredients

    There is not a typical colon cleanse recipe if you decide to choose a natural colon product for digestive cleaning. Often formulas and recipes created for this purpose have in them ingredients right from earth such as the following: Aloe Vera, Flax Seed, Milk Thistle, Senna, Fennel, Ginger, Papaya, or Barberry.

    Another significant ingredient often used is cracked-wall Chlorella. This is a single-celled organism that is effective for digestion. It also helps remove harmful toxins from the body.

    Not all colon cleanses are made the same, though. You are fair warned. For instance, some of them may have Bentonite Clay in them or other substances that are questionable. There have been also some warnings about certain herbs mentioned above, such as Senna.

    You should get a doctor’s check-up regularly and find out as much as possible about the substances used in a particular digestive cleaning product. This is the best way to get a good colon cleanse, and to receive all the answers you need about this process.

  2. Marlene2019

    Enemas are tools inserted into the rectal area, very similar to douching methods used by females. The solution inside an enema bottle is used to rinse out the “back end” and this is done to help promote digestive regularity.

    Using a colon-cleansing enema can loosen up hard and impacted stool that is stuck in your intestines and/or colon. The use of an enema also helps make it easier for a specialist to perform a colonoscopy because the area is cleaner afterwards.
    Additional benefits of using an enema include the following: Improved circulation, removal of parasites, reduced allergies, and eliminate of stress symptoms (i.e. anxiety and worry). It also can encourage weight loss and removes harmful bacteria, virus, worms, and other parasites.
    Sometimes people who experience a colon cleanse also notice that they feel more vigorous sexually. At the same time, their skin tone improves since the digestive system is able to send the right nutrients to it.

    Most of the times problems occur when an enema is administered without proper instruction. If you are unsure of how to use it you should consult a health expert.
    Furthermore, using colon cleansing enemas too often can normal bowel movements to become irregular. This is ironic considered that your goal is to be able to relieve your bowels on a regular basis.
    Another problem with use of enemas is that sometimes they have in them harsh ingredients. You should be very careful about using ones that are alcohol-based, for instance.
    The ones that are usually recommended are the water-based cleansers. However, sometimes people use oil-based ones to further lubricate the bowels.
    Make sure you also consult your doctor before using the more controversial types of enema solutions, such as the coffee-based or milk-based ones. Be careful when using soap-based ones as well.

    It is possible to make homemade recipes, but in any case you should contact a doctor first. Moreover, you should be very concerned about your health.

  3. Marilyn R

    Colon cleansing is a very controversial issue and many people including experts have called it a “scam.” However, the case for it proves that it has helped some people.
    The problem is that there is so many different colon cleansing methods that it is hard to choose the ones that would be most beneficial. Furthermore, some people do not realize that you need to maintain your health by eating a proper diet.
    In addition, not everyone needs a colon cleanse if they can correct digestive problems just by eating healthier. On the other hand, usually this process does not hurt.
    The advantages of a colon cleanse are that it helps clean you out. This will give you a fresh start as it helps you remain regular. It will also help you as you participate in a colon cleanse fast. Afterwards, you are more likely to have healthier eating habits.
    Many products intended for cleaning out have harmful ingredients in them. Therefore, why use them? The goal is to get rid of toxins and feces stuck in your body and not add to them. You need to be careful what type of colon cleansing regimen you choose.
    The best way to regulate your digestive system besides finding the right product to help with this is simply increasing your fiber intake. Most people require 25 to 35 grams a day but are not even sure how to obtain it.
    Part of the problem is that people have no idea what foods contain fiber in them. They also do not realize that a majority of the food they consume is what makes them constipated.
    A simple solution to constipation or irregularity would simply be to increase the intake of vegetables and legumes. Whole- grained breads and pastas should replace the starchy, white alternatives. Whenever possible, also eat foods in the rawest forms possible.
    You can seek high-fiber liquids and snacks, too. However, make sure they are not also loaded with preservatives. Furthermore, you need to realize that not all juices are high in fiber just because they are made from fruits and vegetables.
    If you can, seek out fresh juice supplies that still contain the portions of the fruits or vegetables that contain the most fiber. For instance, most fruits are highest in fiber in the form of the seed, or with the skin still on them.
    If you choose to seek out a colon cleansing regimen, realize it cannot possibly replace proper dieting and exercise. Furthermore, also remember that results reported by advertisers often are not typical.

  4. Sara

    Most of the time a colon cleansing can be done via a temporary digestive cleaning diet (fast) and the right herbal colon cleanse. However, in severe cases (especially in instances where a person has been constipated for an unusually long time) colonic irrigation might be recommended.
    This is not an everyday type of treatment. It is one that is only meant for cases in which this problem cannot be taken care of some other way. It usually involves the pumping of a large amount of water into the colon in order to wash it.
    In any case, false claims have been made regarding colonic irrigation since 1997. The following is an example list of the many claims that were made:
    Some devices being sold for this purpose (i.e. the Jimmy John colon hydrotherapy apparatus) as well as others were at least warned for violating safety standards. This does not make any product automatically dangerous, but it lets consumers know that they should keep safe in the process.
    Sometimes false claims are made that hydrotherapy measures such as irrigation stop acne, liver malfunction, circulatory system problems, etc. Although the affect might be indirect, this method of cleansing the colon is not a “cure.”
    Other companies may have provided what was supposedly “research” on their sites. It may have either been false or they may not have received proper permission to place data results on their websites. At the very least, companies should give proper credit and not make false “scientific” claims.
    Other sellers of products that assist people in this procedure were not sold in accordance to therapeutic claims that were confirmed. Thus, the products and devices overall were unapproved. Either that or equipment sold by these companies was not tested or fell below standards when they were tested.
    So what does this all mean?
    As always you as a consumer need to be aware what you are getting yourself into when contemplating purchases. You also need to know that usually a colonic irrigation is performed by a certified medical staff.

  5. Carolyn Cook

    This is a short review of the top five most popular cleansing herbs.
    Psyllium husk: This grain source has long been associated with making people regular. It is high in fiber, generally averaging at about 4 to 6 grams per serving. This component natural colon cleansing products is often associated with the strengthening of the intestinal walls.
    Flax seed: This resource is high in protein, and is responsible for activities such as the following: reduces inflammation within the intestinal walls and moistens cell membranes.
    Fennel seed: This also is an ingredient that has long been associated with cleaning out your digestive system. It helps reduce or eliminate bloating, constipation, and other symptoms associated with a clogged colon.
    Papaya: This is a very popular source of fiber and detox. It helps dissolve all matter that is stuck to your intestinal walls.
    Licorice Root: This really helps clean out the liver, which is a very vital component of our digestive system. If you want to be detoxified as well as cleaned this is probably one of the best ingredients.
    Senna: This is a very effective ingredient of many laxatives. However, it is warned that people who use various heart medications should be careful about using it. Speak to your doctor about this before comitting to use of any digestive cleaning regimen.
    Now, some concerns have been associated with some of these natural plant sources. However, for the majority of people using them in the right proportions mixed with the right combinations of additional ingredients they seem to help more than hurt.

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