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Common Allergies: Symptoms & What to Do!


Although there are many common allergies and so it’s important to be aware of what they are – and the types of reactions caused by them.

Do you have any of these symptoms? Sneezing, coughing, rashes, or an itch that will not go away.

If you have red blotches suddenly appear on your body, more than likely there is something to which you are allergic.

This can happen at anytime of the year and anywhere you live. The first step to controlling allergies is finding the source.

You may be allergic to certain foods, pollen, or something that you come in contact with.

Some allergies are ordinary while others can cause serious complications to the normal functioning of your body. If this happens, it should be taken quite seriously.

The following will help you to comprehend everyday common allergies and symptoms you may exhibit.

Common Allergies and Their Symptoms

There are two types of allergies – indoor and outdoor. The symptoms of both can cause you to be miserable when an allergic reaction is in full swing.

Knowing what causes an allergy to flare up and taking the appropriate action can help to lessen or eliminate an attack.

One of the most common allergies is a reaction to pollen. Pollen is produced by trees, flowers, grass, and weeds. Even the shrubs in your yard can produce pollen.

Normally pollen is harmless. It is a fine matter that is produced by the male species of trees and plants to pollinate the female.

If there were no pollen producing male plants, the female species of plants could not produce fruits nor grow.

Since pollen is so fine, it can be inhaled quite easily. People who have allergies to pollen may exhibit different symptoms and suffer from an array of allergic reactions.

Asthma is one symptom of people who are allergic to pollen. Although, there are many other allergic reactions including irritations of the nose and sinus passages.

Weather plays a key factor in the extent of the attack. If it is humid, the reaction may be more severe. Pollen can stay in the moisture in the air for an extended period thus people will suffer longer from an allergic reaction.

When this happens, allergies become more severe and people have serious reactions.

Although this is a seasonal allergy for the most part, reactions to indoor allergens can happen at any time. If you live in a big city where there is a lot of pollution, allergies can plague you year round.

Living in an apartment where there are no windows is another common cause of indoor allergies. An apartment that has no outside source of fresh air uses the same air over and over.

Common causes of allergies from apartment dwellers are mold and mites. Since they are confined in the apartment, people breathe this allergen continuously. Therefore they may suffer year round from allergic reactions.

Allergy Reactions Should Be Taken Seriously

Researchers still do not know what causes some people to have allergic reactions while others do not. When you suffer from allergies, the root of the problem may take some time to determine.

While some allergies and symptoms can be traced to a simple reason, others may take longer to find. Treating the symptoms can be a difficult job if the allergen is not known.

Different reactions are experienced by different people. The reaction can be as simple as a runny nose, while others can actually go into anaphylactic shock resulting in death.

One of the beliefs is that allergies and symptoms may be triggered in the body by a faulty immune system. One person’s immune system may perceive something as a threat while another person’s may not.

Normally the immune system will produce antibodies when it senses a foreign matter in the body. The body produces the reactions to the allergen by making you sneeze, have watery eyes, and skin rashes.

Hives can also mean an allergic reaction to something. If the antibodies you produce take care of the problem, symptoms usually disappear shortly.

Ninety-nine percent of the time these reactions are short-lived. However some may leave lingering effects. If you have allergic reactions to pet hair or dander, owning a pet is out of the question.

Testing for Allergies

One test used by dermatologists to find out what causes allergic reactions is a skin test. This consists of injecting items under the skin that are known to cause allergic reactions.

Monitoring of these injections is performed until the ones causing a reaction are found. When it is narrowed down, avoiding that particular allergen can help to eliminate the attacks.

There are medications you can take to relieve the allergy symptoms so that you can still function normally. Your daily routine need not be interrupted if the medication does its job.

Also, medicines are available for using to prevent attacks before they happen. These medicines are more helpful than taking something after the attack is in progress. However the cause needs to be narrowed down before these drugs are prescribed.

How to Remove Allergens with Filtering Systems

Did you know that vacuuming your home can cause you to suffer from an allergic reaction?

The dust and mites in the air can trigger an allergy attack.

Indoor plants also produce pollen which can cause allergies and associated symptoms.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturers recognized this threat and started installing filters to remove dust that was a problem for users.

Another great way to remove these particles from the air is to install a whole-house filtering system that can reduce or prevent attacks.

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