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Common Causes of Cellulite


Common causes of cellulite and how you can fight back!

While you may be panicking about your cellulite, realize that many women around the world are dealing with the exact same problem. In fact more than 90% of women have visible cellulite. There are many reasons why you may be developing cellulite, some of these issues can be addressed and others can only be accepted.


Almost every aspect of your physical appearance, metal traits and emotional state was predispose the day you were conceived. Our genes tell our bodies how to grow and react to certain things. This is also true of cellulite. If you have it, the main reason can be found in your genes. There is nothing that you can do to change your genetic code, but what you can do is react to the way your body develops. Just because you were predisposed to developing cellulite in your 30’s doesn’t mean you have to simply accept it.

Blood Flow:

Another common cause of cellulite is blood flow, or the lack there of. Poor blood flow over prolonged periods of time can cause cellulite to develop in those areas. The reason why blood flow and poor blood circulation can cause an increase in cellulite is because a lack of healthy blood flow means a shortage of oxygenated blood. The areas of the body that are oxygen deprived will suffer. The blood will deliver fresh oxygen to the most important cells first.

The muscle, bone, skin and ligaments will all be taken care of before anything else. One of the last cells to get oxygen when it is in high demand are fat cells. If this lack of healthy circulation continues, those fat cells will begin to deteriorate. The walls of those cells will get thinner and warped. This causes an increase in the appearance of cellulite. It is also the reason why cellulite often appears in areas where there are larger muscles like the thigh, buttocks and hips. These large muscles require a significant amount of oxygen to thrive, this often leaves other cells in that area weaken.

Skin Elasticity:

As we age, our skin looses elasticity. This can be escalated by many different factors. The sun bakes the skin and we absorb it’s radiation, over the years this takes a toll on us. The older we get the less collagen our bodies produce. Collagen is a protein that helps to repair and renew skin cells. The less of this natural component we produce the more our skin begins to age. If all that wasn’t enough, gravity is constantly pulling down on us and causing our skin to slowly stretch and sag. With all of these factors effecting us, its amazing that we look as good as we do when we get old.

Skin with less elasticity is less tight and will show cellulite more prominently. People with younger, healthier skin are less likely to notice cellulite on their bodies, it is still there, under the skin but since there are no dangers associated with that type of fat, it makes no difference.

Weight Gain:

Since cellulite is a type of weakened fat cell, the more weight you gain, the more cellulite your body will produce. This is why you will rarely see large amounts of cellulite on athletes or even regularly active people. Another interesting fact is that cellulite seems to be more prominent when an individual puts on an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time. Gaining weight to quickly will most likely result a greater accumulation of this unappealing skin blemish.

Poor Muscle Tone:

A lack of exercise and physical fitness will inevitably lead to poor muscle tone over the years. This problem will not only make cellulite much more visible but can also lead to other health issues which can increase the appearance of these imperfections even more. Aside form genetics, poor muscle tone and health is the most common cause of the accumulation of cellulite.

When your muscle becomes week, several things happen. The first issue is a decrease is circulatory health in that area. As mentioned before, healthy blood flow is key to keeping cellulite away. You should also know that weak muscles require less energy to function. Your muscle pulls energy directly from the fat around it, this is especially true if you exercise that muscle regularly. A week muscle leads to poor blood flow and a large accumulation of fat. The overall health of your muscle plays a large part in how much cellulite will be visible. The larger the muscle the more this holds true.

Hormone Imbalance:

Lastly a sudden increase in the appearance of cellulite may be do to a hormone imbalance. If there is an overabundance of certain hormones in your blood, it can cause many side effects. The female hormone estrogen has a side effect of causing the body to store excess fat. This fat will likely turn to cellulite if you are prone. There are many other negative side effects that can also be cause by a imbalance in hormones.

How You Can Fight Back Against Cellulite

Though there are certain causes of cellulite that you have absolutely no control over, there may be more you can do to improve your skin than you think. With a little work you can increase muscle tone, improve your circulation, loose a few pounds and increase the elasticity of your skin. If need be, your hormones can even be regulated. There are many treatments that you can fight back against cellulite and significantly improve the appearance of your problem areas. These include home and herbal remedies, exercise, creams and healthy eating.


Incorporating just a little exercise into your daily routine, even just three or four times a week can make a huge difference in your health. Exercise will improve muscle tone, blood flow and help you loose weight. A healthy mix of exercise is recommended. A good way to fight cellulite is to do weight workouts for the biggest problem areas.

If you have a large amount of cellulite on your legs, use weights and do squats. Over time, your muscles will begin to use the fat around that area as fuel, they will grow stronger and more toned, more veins and arteries will develop, increasing blood flow. You can take up Yoga, which is great because it increases blood flow as well as works your upper and lower body.

Eating Habits:

When it comes to changing your eating habits, you do not have to do a full overhaul. Simply cutting out sugary foods and adding a little foliage to your diet may be all that is needed to make a difference. This is especially true if you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise. Eating more healthily will help you slim down and therefore reduce the amount of cellulite visible on any part of your body that has become a problem.

Skin Creams:

We discussed how a lack of collagen may be one of the reasons why your skin has loosened and lost some elasticity. There are several creams on the market that claim to be able to increase elasticity by reintroducing a healthy amount of collagen back into the skin. This may very well help rejuvenate your skin and return the level of visible cellulite to where it was years ago.

There are also creams that are specifically made to combat cellulite. These creams work by smoothing out the surface of the skin in an similar way to collagen. Most of these creams can be quite costly and there is no evidence that they actually work.

Heated Massages:

Not only will introducing heat to the skin increase the fat burning process but it will also help promote healthy circulation, which in itself can be helpful in reducing cellulite. A heated massage can be preformed by a professional at a beauty salon or at home with heated creams or even a heating pad. Using this technique on the areas of your body that are most effected by cellulite on a regular basis can be very helpful in reducing it’s appearance.


To find out if your cellulite has been brought on by a hormone imbalance, you should make an appointment with your doctor. There are certain test that can be done to check hormone levels and the health of glands like your thyroid which have a very strong influence on hormone production. If you do in fact have a hormone problem, it can be controlled with prescription medications.

There are also medications that claim to be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Usually these pills work by blocking the body’s ability to store fat. While this may seem like a dream come true it may be unhealthy or even dangerous. You should speak with your doctor before trying any new medications.

As you can see, although there are many different causes of cellulite, there are a few ways that you can fight back.

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