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Common Food Allergies


Many food allergies that are relatively commonplace can actually be life threatening in certain instances. No matter how badly you want to eat a certain food, it may not be worth the risk after you read this!

For some people death could easily be a severe reaction to a food they are allergic to.

Many allergies are present in many different people, however one of the most common allergies is shell fish. Peanuts also rank high on this list.

Many times people do not know they are allergic to something until they are in contact with it, but some may develop as they age. This can be quite an unpleasant surprise.

If you find out you are allergic to a certain food by eating it, this food should be removed from your diet entirely.

Common food allergies can cause many allergic reactions however normally they are easily recognized by the symptoms you display such as:

  •     Runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, or a rash.
  •     Headaches can be a sinus infection problem.
  •     Ringing in your ears that will not go away.

Some people may have an anaphylactic response if they are allergic to certain foods. This involves the blood pressure dropping suddenly.

Breathing problems can also be a result and in extreme cases can cause death.

Discovering the Cause of Common Food Allergies Before it is Too Late

If you will keep notes, a diary, or log of what you eat, you will be able to tell very shortly what is causing your allergies.

When you have discovered the culprit stop eating this food. Skins tests are often the doctor’s choice for finding what is causing your allergies.

This may be necessary to protect you from serious problems to your health.

Since so many foods are made up of different ingredients, instead of the food causing the allergy, it could be one of the ingredients that it is made with.

If this is taken out of the dish and something else substituted, the problem should go away.

Become a label reader and know what is in the food you eat.

You may have to put a halt to eating at restaurants since it is not possible to know every ingredient that is used in your dinner.

Children may be more at risk of having a severe reaction to a certain food because they do not fully understand their problem.

They may eat something that causes an allergic reaction and if it is severe enough immediate help is needed.

In order for irreversible damage to be prevented they will need to see a doctor immediately.

Medical alert bracelets are a good idea for children with severe allergies. This may prevent them from eating something by accident that could cause problems.

Common Food Allergies and How to Deal With Them

Children are the recipients of more common allergies to food than adults, however adults do have the same symptoms.

Some symptoms of food allergies are rashes, swelling (around the lips) or a tingling sensation usually concentrated around the mouth.

There may be other symptoms that are more common, including being congested or a nose that runs constantly.

If you have a food allergy, some of the symptoms may include cramps, diarrhea, and dizziness.

Anaphylaxis is an extreme sensitivity to certain foods. This symptom may cause your mouth and airways to swell until you cannot breath and you may pass out or vomit.

These symptoms are very serious and a doctor should be consulted immediately as this condition can escalate quickly resulting in death.

If you think you have food allergies, the best thing to do is call this to the attention of your doctor.

Even if you have only had mild reactions to certain foods, the next one could become quite serious. Your doctor has several options available to ascertain if in fact you do have allergies to certain foods. He may perform skin tests, blood tests, and a history of the foods you have eaten.

Removing certain foods may be an option to find out if they are the cause of your problem. This is normally an easy process, however it may require extensive testing if the food is not easily identified.

Your doctor will have a starting point with foods that are known to be the most common cause of allergies. Starting with these may pinpoint the problem.

Eight Foods That are Known to Cause Allergies

There are basically eight foods that are recognized as causing the more common of the food allergies people normally get.

Almost 90% of all food allergies can be attributed to these eight common foods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that these foods be listed on the label of ingredients by the manufacturers of food.

This is great for identifying certain foods as containing something you are have allergies to. This can save you from eating something that may cause an allergic reaction.

By doing this, you can effectively eliminate certain foods that are causing problems. This is the number one step in your treatment options.

Additionally the following are becoming more common foods for giving people allergies:

If you will become a label reader, avoiding foods that cause your problems will be easy.

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