Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Common Symptoms of Diabetes


When looking at the symptoms of diabetes, it can often be mystifying!

General signs may not always be present. Or they may be there one minute and gone the next.

However, there are many general signs when looking at diabetes.

Some Common Symptoms of Diabetes

One of the classic signs is when a great deal of your time is spent running to the bathroom to urinate.

Another sure symptom of diabetes is the high levels of glucose in the blood. The body either does not make enough insulin (Type 1) or it does not use the insulin properly (Type 2).

Frequent urination is the body’s way of getting rid of the overabundance of glucose in your body.

The kidneys are under a strain to work harder to dispel the surplus sugar.

If they cannot dispel enough what is left goes through when other fluids are gotten rid of as waste or waste products that are taken out naturally by the body.

Another symptom is being thirsty all the time. No matter how much you drink it is never enough. This adds to the problem of frequently having to urinate.

Still another common symptom is being tired all the time.

This happens because insulin is not helping the cells to gather enough glucose to give you any energy.

A major source of energy, glucose is responsible for many of the functions of the body from repairing cells to improving your muscles.

Diabetes can be the culprit when it comes to other symptoms your body displays.

Having blurry vision can be a number of things, including just getting older (presbypoia). This is caused by the lens of the eye having less elasticity which causes a breakdown in focusing.

However, the reasoning behind this problem when it comes to diabetes is not the same.

A reduction of fluid in the body tissues can be caused by high blood sugar, affecting the eyes, particularly the lenses.

The ability to focus is affected. Advancement of the disease will cause new blood vessels to show up in the retina. Vision is affected again.

However, when this happens people often see dark spots, flashing lights, or room lights have rings around them.

Type 2 diabetes can result in cuts (especially the ones found on the feet) not healing properly. Although it is not known why, this is another indication of diabetes.

The immune system, affected by this, has trouble fighting infection.

Other conditions (although not likely) can cause similar symptoms. Seeing your doctor should you think you have diabetes is a wise choice.

All it takes is a blood test and you will know how high, low, or normal your blood sugar is. These tests do not hurt and a large amount of them are covered by your insurance.

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