Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Coping with Diabetes


Physical treatments such as insulin or pills and psychological treatments such as dealing with one problem at a time, will make dealing with your diabetes easier on you and everyone else concerned.

Diabetes is rough on the organs, especially the kidneys and eyes. This can worsen over time.

The filtering function of the kidneys may lessen. Eyesight may get progressively worse.

However, if you follow a diet regimen and exercise right, along with medicine you can handle these changes.

Another problem that is exacerbated by constantly coping with diabetes can take it’s toll in both physical and mental ways.

The result of coping with stress due to this condition can be the cause for other problems. The immune system is the only way the body has to fight off disease and infection and stress can reduce the ability to do so.

Along with the normal complications of diabetes, there may others that cause even more stress, as a pattern of coping with problems is set.

There are many ways of dealing with this pattern that requires understanding and your mind set.

Healthy habits to keep you in the best shape will help you cope with the diabetes. A healthy attitude will help you to stick with the healthy habits which will cut down on problems occurring at all.

This is not going to be the easiest thing you have ever done.

When you realize that diabetes and the problems it is capable of causing you is a long term strategy, you have mastered the beginning of managing it.

The steps to controlling your diabetes lies in monitoring your blood sugar first and foremost.

When you realize that your life habits are the controlling factor and crucial to your health, you will relieve the real aspects of your illness.

This in turn lessens stress. A daily regimen of testing your blood sugar and adjusting your routine, will have to become a habit, just as brushing your hair.

The more you know about what is needed when you are managing diabetes, the more apt you are to stick to your program.

Knowing what can happen, and most likely will, if they stray from the course is the best way to encourage following a plan for a healthy life.

Knowing the way your body will react to certain aspects of diabetes will give you the desire to manage the possible problems and your way of looking at them.

However, just knowing what is going on will not necessarily mean you will decide the best course to take.

You must have will power to cope with diabetes. Bravery is needed to take care of yourself and have a sense of normalcy.

It is more courageous to meet a challenge daily than to cope with an crisis on a one time basis.

Strength and endurance in tough situations is harder to summon on a regular basis than for a single occasion.

The will to handle what life has thrown at you is not something that just happens because you want it to.

It takes:

  •     Fortitude and hard work to adjust to all the small changes and handle them as they come.
  •    A minuscule change in your diet.
  •     Committing to an exercise a day for three days a week.
  •     Then the rules change and daily exercise is required and your diet is changed radically.

For every small victory that you have, the challenges of the larger battles will give you the belief in yourself that you need to succeed throughout your life.

The longer that you practice controlling your diabetes, the easier it gets until one day it seems no harder than the things you do on a daily basis at work or at school.

It is one more job on the daily list of activities that you take care of to get to the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Gloria Brown
Women's health and wellness retreat leader providing vacations and trips for women to get in shape -- and stay that way! On CleansePlan.com you can find my articles about weight loss, health and women's issues. Please feel free to contact me on gloria@cleanseplan.com

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