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Craniosacral Therapy Training


If you are already a licensed health professional, you may be interested in Craniosacral Therapy Training. With this training and certification, you will be further able to help your patients with many health issues – particularly those that either stem from stress, or those that cause stress. In fact, Craniosacral Therapy can be used to alleviate many health issues, including headaches, ear infections, strokes, and more.

Craniosacral Therapy is administered by manipulating the bones in the head, face, and vertebral column, as well as the membranes right below the skull. This allows the cerebrospinal fluid to move more freely, which is where the patient benefits the most. This type of therapy is often used by acupuncturists, chiropractors, and osteopaths.


While training is usually only available to those who are already licensed health professionals, some training may also be available for those who are currently enrolled in a program of study that will lead them to a career in health care as well. Many massage therapists also receive Craniosacral Therapy Training as well, as a part of their massage therapist training program.

With Craniosacral Therapy Training, you can expect to earn anywhere from $60 to $120 per one hour session. Most clients will require multiple sessions to alleviate their problem, and many will continue to visit you on a regular basis for the deep relaxation aspect of this type of therapy as well – long after their health issue has been resolved. Therefore, this is a highly lucrative career all on its own, and at the very least a lucrative add-on to an existing medically related practice.

Many different options are available for Craniosacral Therapy Training. For example, licensed medical professionals may be able to complete their training in the course of one workshop, while those with little or no medical background may take as long as a year or more to complete their training. However, if you have no medical background, your best bet is to enroll in a full program for massage therapy, which includes Craniosacral Therapy as a part of the curriculum.

Craniosacral Online Resources

Course Title: Craniosacral Therapy Training
Name of Company: Utah College of Massage Therapy – Lindon
Location: 135 South State Street, Lindon, Utah, United States
Description: The Craniosacral Therapy Training offered at UCMT is limited to those who are already in the healthcare field, such as doctors, physical therapist, and chiropractors. Contact the school if you are in the health care field, and wish to receive this training to see if you are eligible.

Course Title: Professional Massage Therapy Program
Name of Company: Denver School of Massage Therapy
Location: 8991 Harlan Street, Suite B, Westminster, Colorado, United States
Description: The Denver School of Massage Therapy only offers Craniosacral Therapy Training as a part of the full Professional Massage Therapy Program, to ensure that the student knows everything that they need to know to viably protect the overall health of future patients. However, the student does not need a background in healthcare to qualify for the full program.

Course Title: Professional Massage Training Program
Name of Company: Baltimore School of Massage
Location: 517 Progress Drive, Suite A-L, Linthicum, Maryland, United States
Description: This is another school that offers Craniosacral Therapy Training to those who are not currently in the healthcare field, as long as they enroll and complete the entire Professional Massage Training Program.

Course Title: Therapeutic Massage Training Program
Name of Company: Florida College of Natural Health
Location: 616 67th Street Circle East, Bradenton-Sarasota, Florida, United States
Description: Craniosacral Therapy Training is offered through FCNH to those who are not currently in healthcare, but are enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Training Program. Training programs and Associate Degrees are both possible through the school.

Course Title: Professional Massage Therapy Program
Name of Company: Arizona School of Massage Therapy
Location: 10000 North 31st Avenue, Suite D-100, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Description: Craniosacral Therapy Training is a part of the Professional Massage Therapy Program at Arizona School of Massage Therapy. The program covers 815.5 clock hours, and takes anywhere from seven to twelve months to complete.

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