Friday, October 23, 2020

Improving Creativity Plan (& Steps!)


It is essential to understand the psychology of creativity in order to capture your own creative aspects and use them effectively in your life…

It is often common to hear others complain that they feel as if they “lack the creativity” of others, then express a desire to increase the effectiveness of their creative process.

Most of these individuals do not understand the fact that creativity requires the ability of the mind to be challenged. If the mind is challenged, it automatically sparks the fuel that will ignite a flow of energetic and unique ideas.

In turn, the mind will work to capture methods that are appropriate for dealing with those challenges.

Based on scientific and psychological research, it has been discovered that the psychology of creativity process can be measured.

In addition to this, studies indicate that each and every single one of us has the potential to increase our level of creativity.

While it is true that certain skills and the acknowledgment of certain processes are necessary to enhance the natural creative spark, it is easily attainable by those who are open to these facts and skills.

Not only can creativity set us apart, but it has been found that it contributes to a large part of our overall happiness. Furthermore, those that enhance their reason and ability to be creative are found to be exceptional when it comes to problem solving, overcoming self confidence issues, and other challenges in life.

Therefore, the creative people in the world are not only able to set themselves apart from others when it comes to idea generation; they are actually able to tackle common issues in life more effectively.

Now, we have often heard that creative people are right brained and that the logical people of the world are left brained.

While studies throughout history have found that this seems to be a conclusive assumption, I firmly believe that this is completely inaccurate.

While it is true that we do have a right and left side in the brain, consider the fact that these two sections are actually connected.

The corpus callosum of the brain is a large structure that connects the hemispheres of the brain. It has been determined that all of the sense organs of the body communicate through both sides of the brain equally.

Numerous animals, children, and adults have been observed and studied in order to test the basic psychology of the creative process.

Interesting facts emerged about the basic psychology of creative behavior and people. This information concluded that the creative approach to various situations and experiences is actually sparked by the base behaviors that were already present. Also, as well as the knowledge that is part of the individual and/or animal that was studied.

In short, your ability to create is a larger extension of the information that you acquired from previous experience.

New ideas and various types of behaviors are formed when old behaviors and thoughts are put into place to deal with new experiences.

The Role of Behavior in Creativity

Many individuals believe that behavior is consistent and steady with any one person at any given time.

This is actually inaccurate.

It has been proven that we do not behave in the exact same way, to the same situations. Even if modified slightly, behaviors continuously change.

It has also been determined that the concept of creativity is not one that is actually grounded scientifically.

It is simply an idea or a notion.

Creativity, while viewed and respected highly, is nothing more than the ability to stray away from the norm that is considered acceptable.

The individual who acts creatively is believed to conclude ideas and behaviors that are outside the norm of base behavior.

The reason that creativity is not viewed as abnormal is that it adds value to the community, lives, and perception of others.

The Psychological Techniques to Increase Creativity

If you research ways to increase creativity, there are many unique ideas out there. Everything from simply taking a nap to complicated procedures like brainstorming ideas is expressed as methods to spark ingenuity.

However, there are only four general techniques that are psychological in nature that can be used to increase creativity. As time progresses and studies lead to more conclusive evidence, these techniques may be developed into more, but for now we have Capturing, Challenging, Broadening, and Surrounding.


Capturing is the ability to hold on to a creative concept and/or idea. How many times have you had a creative idea enter your mind only to be gone just as soon as it arrived?

I know it is a very common experience. However, the individual who is seeking to become more creative will develop and/or have the skill of capturing a creative idea and/or concept and keep it fresh.

There are many creative ways that you can capture the creative flow that is actually occurring at all times and in many different ways.

The following represents some methods for doing this:

  1. Recording ideas on electronic devices such as voice recorders and cell phones with a recording process when the idea occurs.
  2. Keeping a small notebook and pen available at all times so that ideas can be recorded as they are generated.
  3. Telling others the ideas that you have so that they are reinforced by the mind, as well as by the mind of another.


In order to be creative, it is important for the mind to be challenged. This basically means that the more difficult a situation that you are part of, the more likely that the creative flow of the mind will kick in. As the mind is challenged, it will work to impose new thoughts and behaviors. If you are not challenged, your mind will not work to create creative approaches to behavior.


You must constantly allow yourself to experience new situations, experiences, and other things in life. The more exposure and complexities that you are faced with, the more of a chance that you will spark the output of creative ideas and concepts.

Broadening is essential when it comes to bringing out the creative side that is part of all of us.


This is an essential element when it comes to creativity. Surrounding, or emerging, yourself in things that stimulate the body and the mind is an important and essential component to increasing the creativity that you experience.

Many individuals even allow themselves to become distracted or surround themselves with distractions in order to develop their ability to creatively overcome them.

Do this, and the creativity will flow easily.

Understanding the psychology of creativity is an important element when it comes to igniting the creative flow that each of us have.

The more challenged that the mind is, the easier it is to experience creativity. Creativity is nothing more than a fine tuned mix of past behaviors and experiences coming together with new behaviors and experiences. This is so you learn to deal with them in the most effective means possible while increasing your ability to learn.

By using the four psychological techniques for increasing creativity, you too can experience an out pour of creativity and add value to your life and the lives of those around you!

How to Improve Creative Problem Solving

Let’s look at some strategies that can be used to optimize your skills in creative problem solving.

When you solve problems in a creative manner, it is nothing more than a mental process of working through potential resolutions to those challenges that you face.

While many individuals rely heavily on suggestions from other people, as well as resources that they may have available to them, the creative problem solver works to create solutions in an independent manner.

Here, I will share with you some of the measures that you can take in order to optimize your skills in creative problem solving.

In order to optimize your skills in the area of problem solving in a creative manner, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you know and understand the importance of mental strengthening exercises.

Just as the body often requires physical activity in order to optimize the health and build endurance levels, the mind requires exercises that will optimize the ability to function and expand the creative spark and abilities to think and solve problems on a creative level.

Strategies to Assist In Creative Problem Solving

There are many different strategies that can be used to assist in creative problem solving.

Listed below are a few of these methods. If you want to enhance your ability to solve your problems and work through other complications in life, these steps will prove to be effective:

  1. The first thing that you should know and understand is that all problems – no matter how small or complicated that they seem – have solutions. By convincing your mind that every challenge that you face has a solution, you are increasing the mind’s ability to be proactive in determining the solution to those problems.
  2. The second way that you can optimize your ability to think in a creative manner is by designating a certain area where you can be alone, uninterrupted, and you can think things through. By providing yourself with this quiet time and space, you will be able to work through potential resolutions to your difficulties.
  3. When working through difficulties, it is important to consider possibilities that are sort of outside the box. You should actually strive to veer away from the norm and consider your own ways to work through challenges that you are faced with.
  4. As you work through difficulties that you are posed with, it is important to consider the consequences of each choice that you may potentially make. This will better equip you with the ability to make well-informed, yet creative resolutions to the problems that you may experience in life.

The Advantages to Creative Thinking

There are a number of advantages to creative thinking. The following list provides some details regarding the manner in which an individual may actually benefit from implementing the use of creative skills when working through problems:

  1. When an individual focuses on thinking through resolutions that are creative, it transitions the mind from pure logic to logic laced with creativity.
  2. This form of thinking can actually lead to unique insights regarding a particular issue.
  3. By implementing the use of creative problem solving skills, it is quite likely that fresh, new insights and perspectives will be gained when it comes to the problem on hand.
  4. The individual that uses creative thinking strategies not only enhances the overall creativity process of the mind, but also enhances the critical thinking skills of the individual.


As you can see, there are many advantages to implementing the use of creative thinking when it comes to problem solving.

There are a number of ways that an individual can actually enhance the ability to think in a creative manner.

Here, you have discovered some of those strategies. If you practice creative thinking on a regular basis, you will soon discover that you, too, can see things from a fresh, new perspective.

Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives.

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