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Cucumbers and skin


Each time I go to a sub shop, I have the sandwich artist put cucumbers on my sandwich. My grandmother used to make best cucumber sandwiches and there is a recipe for cucumber soup I am itching to try. Not to mention mouth-watering dishes such as cucumber salad or a turkey and cucumber lettuce wraps. I am sure many of you enjoy similar yummy delectables, but is it possible cucumbers could be healthy for our skin and beauty? Perhaps. Cucumbers are relatives to watermelons and pumpkins, which are both nutritious for us. So, let’s explore this together.

First, cucumbers are 96 percent hydration. If you don’t drink a lot of water, then this a veggie that you want to eat. It’s going to help eliminate your body of the toxins and fats that are making it hard to lose weight. It’s estimated that around 20 percent of our water intake comes from fruits and vegetables. Think about watermelons, apples, cantaloupe, lemons and limes. These all have high water content which is going to fill your stomach and leave you fuller for longer. It’s still important to drink water, but this is a delicious way to get the rest of the 8-glass-a-day requirement.

Cucumbers also help reduce the puffiness in eyes. This is a beauty tip that has been around for a long time in home and professional beauty salons. Cucumbers have the ability to lighten the skin. It helps reduce dark circles, making the skin appear youthful and glowing. As we all grow older, this is going to become a favorite beauty secret. To reduce dark circles, place a cucumber slice onto each eye. Relax for 20 minutes. You can also soak 2 cotton pads with cucumber juice and place them on your eyes. Also, cucumbers may bring down the water retention in the eyes. This makes the eyes less puffy, reducing the swelling. The swelling may be a result from dry eyes, staying up too late or simply crying. If you want to banish it, then try this solution. To reduce the puffiness, place 2 cucumbers over your eyes for 20 minutes and relax.

Furthermore, cucumbers can assist in rejuvenating your skin’s complexion. It helps prevents redness and irritation, either related to acne or sunburns. Cucumbers are also high in Vitamin E, which contains anti-aging properties. You’re sure to see less wrinkles and fine lines after many uses of this water-based vegetable. Cucumber water may be a different face wash in which you want to invest. It helps to tone and refresh the skin, while it works to reduce the oiliness, lightening the skin over time. Furthermore, cucumbers are known for being gentle on skin. When you use cucumber water to wash your face, it’s going to close pores and reduce dark circles or puffiness around the eyes. It also helps cooling down the body, both with external and internal heat.

On another note, cucumbers may be able to cure your bad breath. Use your tongue to hold it at the roof of your mouth. While this may seem silly, it really does work. Hold this position for around 30 seconds. The chemicals of the cucumber will destroy the bacteria, leaving you with fresh breath. I’ve never tried this, but it sounds like it would be useful.

For those that want to banish freckles, cucumber juice may be the remedy. This method is considered to be a safe alternative to bleaches and whiteners that you may find over the counter. First, use a vegetable peeler to remove the peel from the cucumber. Then, blend the cucumber in a juicer or blender, using a low speed. Mix the cucumber juice in a small bowl. Then, use a cotton ball to apply the juice to your freckles in the morning and at night. Rinse after letting the juice sit for 5 minutes.

Cucumbers can also be used to banish unwanted cellulite. All you need is 1/2 cup coffee, a cucumber and 1 tablespoon raw honey. Mix these together to generate a thick paste. Apply it to the affected area, wrapping it with a muslin wrap sheet. Exfoliate the area after 30 minutes. Also, eating a cucumber daily will prevent cellulite.

If you are looking to grow hair, then cucumbers may be your snack of choice. This vegetable is rich in vitamins A and C, manganese, magnesium and potassium. Also, it is rich is silica, which helps keep tissues and cartilage healthy in the body. In addition, silica helps support healthy hair growth, while helping with healthy skin and nails. Silica will help you to not lose your hair as well. Simply mix well crushed cucumbers with cumber seed oil and apply it to your hair, rinsing with conditioner.

Cucumbers may also act as a cooling agent. For instance, when you eat cucumbers, you get relief from heart burn. When you put cucumbers on your face, then you are getting relief from sunburn. The phrase “cool as a cucumber” has truth behind it. Cucumbers are going to give your skin back its lost moisture. It’s going to revitalize it with vitamin C to help your skin get smoother and stronger, and it’s going to repair sunburns that damaged your skin.

Finally, cucumbers helps to fight acne. Cucumber juice promotes clear skin by keeping the pores clear. This keeps the skin clear and flexible. Also, the reproduction of sebum is more regulated which helps prevent an acne breakout. Also, cucumbers act as a toner to the skin. They clear up oily skin and prevent it from returning again. Cucumber juice also has the ability to open your pores. This procedure should be used on a daily basis to keep acne away. As I said earlier, I love cucumbers. All these reasons are excellent reasons to make them an addition to your beauty routine. Some of you may follow of these, and that’s fabulous! Others may be just learning about them and that’s fantastic, too. Whatever the case, incorporate at least one or two new tricks into your routine. It’s always great to stay on your toes!


  1. Santanu

    So you can pickle scinilg cucumbers? I have never canned anything, I usually just stick stuff in the freezer. I’ll have to see what kind of refrigerator recipes I can turn up, because I’m not sure I’m ready to learn how to can.

  2. Sarah Marie

    I swear I could eat only cucumbers for a whole day and feel perfectly fine, these are my go to snacks whenever I want to munch something that’s not filled with tons of calories. I fill a bowl with some cucumbers and in a couple of minutes I eat them without even noticing it.

    When I’m home in front of the TV, lounging around and watching a movie, I snack on some cucumbers and air popped popcorn; these are way healthier than chips and candy but very yummy.

    This summer I drank hundreds of bottles of cucumber water and this leaved my skin super fresh despite having a boiling summer – just add some cucumber slices in your water and you’re done.

  3. Toni

    I never thought of blending them up and using them as a paste. I have heard of cucumbers being good for puffy eyes but the rest of this article surprised me. The bad breath tip where they put the cucumber on the roof of the mouth is excellent and I am going to try it and see if it works. I eat a lot of cucumber during summer but it’s important to remember that you still have to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

  4. Eliza-Betty

    For some reason I’ve stopped eating and buying cucumbers over the last few years and only eat the occasional sandwich with them in it.

    This article has given me a good prompt to eat and use them more. My eyes could do with a nice cooling treat after a long day at the office in front of a computer screen and their taste is so non-offensive there’s nothing not to like!

  5. Michele

    I always thought that the cucumber on the eye thing was an old wives tail. It’s nice to know that it really works. Because of work and the stresses of work, I think my eyes have more bags than I do when I go out for vacation. And knowing I like to have a snack of cucumber before I go to bed at night makes me feel good when I realize I’ve forgotten to have all the water I’ve needed during the day. Thanks for reminding me of all the things I should have known.

  6. Francie

    This is great news! I love cucumbers, but don’t bother buying them very much. I could really use the help with my skin, which just isn’t what it used to be. I think that any exercise where you sit for 20 minutes and relax would help your eyes, though! LOL

    I like the fact that cucumbers are cool and refreshing. I never thought about the fact that they carry so much water, though. I live in a place with very hard water and sometimes it’s hard to try to drink that much. (And I don’t like the plastic bottles, which seem wasteful.) But dropping some cucumber slices in the water glass, and also just snacking on cucumber, sounds like a good idea.

    To be honest, sometimes I like to snack on hard candy because it’s crunchy. Probably I’d be better off eating some crunchy cucumbers instead, especially cause I like them much more than carrots and celery. I just never thought of it before.


    • Michelle

      I also love cucumbers! So delicious. And I agree Francie, hard snacks are awesome — although I personally love carrots.

      …but the one thing I disagree with this article on: freckles are CUTE.

  7. Lisa

    When I was younger, I would eat cucumbers as snacks with sea salt. I would take then ends and rub them on my face. You know what? I was praised for having beautiful skin. I should get back into the habit! Eating them and using them daily on the skin is amazing. I hardly ever had a pimple. 😀

  8. Dana

    I’ve always loved cucumbers, but had no idea they could be so useful. You’ve given me a lot of good ideas here. Cucumbers knock out bad breath? Who knew, this one will be easy to try. I also love cucumber salads, cucumber sandwiches, and cucumber melon hand lotion. Be careful with the lotions around little ones though, it smells so good they think it’s edible. Great tips! Thanks.

  9. Dana

    I’ve always loved cucumbers, but had no idea they could be so useful. You’ve given me a lot of good ideas here. Cucumbers knock out bad breath? Who knew, this one will be easy to try. I also love cucumber salads, cucumber sandwiches, and cucumber melon hand lotion. Be careful with the lotion around little ones though, it smells so good they think it’s edible. Great tips! Thanks.

  10. Eugenia

    I’ve always loved cucumber… i remember when i was pregnant, cucumber was a life saver for me when it came to heart burn!, i’ve been also hearing stories on how it cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol and controls blood pressure, one fruit to snack on daily really and it does feel you up as well!

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