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Desk Exercises To Keep You Fit


When you work at a desk all day long, it can be incredibly easy to start to put on weight. After all, all you do is sit and eat! It is totally unsurprising if you start to put on a little weight, but that does not mean that you have to be happy with it. On the contrary, there are many different things that you can do about it – and some of them are easier than others. Instead of joining a gym, or deciding that you are never going to eat a biscuit ever again, have you considered doing desk exercises?

Desk exercises are literally what they say on tin: exercises that you can do at your desk! That means that you can easily work them into your daily routine without having to spend a huge amount of time – and money! – trying to do them. It also means that you no longer have the problem of feeling guilty every time you reach for a biscuit, because you have already burned off calories as you have been working.

In fact, doing desk exercises can be even better for you than just helping you to shift that weight you’ve been trying to move. When a person works at a desk for many hours a day, their posture can really suffer – and that means that in the future, you could easily develop problems with your back, your neck, and even your hips. Many will also develop arthritis because of the way that they type. The smart office worker will realise this, and start to make changes in their work routine in order to combat these potential problems.

So where do you start? We believe that absolutely everyone can get into desk exercises, and they can be done in absolutely any office. Why don’t you try some of them out for yourself?

1: Never forget to stretch.

The best place to start when you spend hours and hours at a desk is to stretch. Just the simple act of having a proper stretch every thirty minutes can make a huge difference to your back, as it prevents your spine from compressing. A proper scientific is very simple. First of all, stand up. Roll your shoulders once or twice, and then go on your tip toes with your arms stretched upwards. As you breath out slowly, gently lower your arms and let them go limp, and lower your toes so that you are standing properly again. Continue moving down, bending at the hips, until you are are as far down as possible. As you breath in, stand upright slowly. Repeat this twice, and then you are ready to continue working!

2: Help your hands.

One of the biggest dangers of working at a desk for hours and hours is the damage that could be done to your wrists. Carpel tunnel syndrome, as well as arthritis, are common side effects of years typing away at a computer. To combat these medical problems, there is one simple thing that you can do. Standing up at your desk, put the back of your hands on the desk so that your fingers point towards you. You should immediately feel the muscles in the wrists and lower arms stretch out, and it will probably feel amazing.

This is a great little exercise that you can do throughout your working day, and it is perfect for many different reasons. First of all, it is completely silent and therefore does not disturb anyone else that you are working around. Secondly, it is really simple to learn – and thirdly, it can dramatically increase the number of calories that you burn off throughout your day. As you sit at your desk, let your feet rest naturally where you would normally have them. Now move them towards you by about half a foot, and just have your toes touching the ground. Your heels should be about an inch to two inches from the floor. And now bounce! Most people like to alternative which foot they bounce, especially if they are listening to music.

3: Consider getting a standing desk.

It may sound ridiculous, but a standing desk is often a great way to lose weight at work. It has been proven that we burn far more calories standing up than sitting down, and rather more alarmingly, sitting down for long periods of time without a break has been linked to the development of diabetes and heart problems! Standing desks are becoming more and more popular in offices for these very reasons, and they allow you to increase your desk exercise routine as well. Sqauts are now possible for you to do in ten second bursts every half an hour or so, and you will also be able to dance away to your favorite tunes!

4: Invest.

Of course, if you are really serious about exercising at your desk at work, you may decide to invest in something that will really vamp up the number of calories that you burn off. There are many different pieces of technology that you can buy, but our personal favorite is the Brookstone Stamina Elliptical Trainer. It pops underneath your desk without getting in the way of any cables or wires, and before you know it, you are cycling away! Once again, this is a great way to almost forget that you are exercising, and you are still perfectly able to continue on with your job. As an extra bonus, the way that this little gadget has been designed means that you will not only burn off calories using it, but you will also tone up your legs as well!

As you can see, desk exercises are not difficult or complicated, and they can make a huge difference to your weight. You should fill all of that lost time that you spend at your desk with these exercises, and before you know it the pounds will just be slipping away! A little work here and there means that you will not have to worry about that extra biscuit once in a while.


  1. Andrea Robinson

    This is a refreshing article! I spend a lot of hours sitting at a desk typing and writing, so this will help me a lot.

    I experimented with the bouncing exercise and found that I could bounce my feet to little rhythms and tunes without too much distraction, and that made it really fun.

    I’m not ready to invest in any equipment at this point, but it’s great to know that there are many exercises you can do that are simple, free, and don’t require anything.

    In fact, I did the stretching too, and my imagination is starting to activate. I have a feeling that this tip will stay with me for awhile!

    Thanks, Emily!


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