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Detox Sleep Problems & How to Get Better Sleep with Detox


Many of my clients report after completing the detox program they are now getting much better sleep. Others have trouble sleeping while on detox, while more still sleep A LOT.

So what is the connection between Detox and Sleep anyway?

The first thing that stands out with my guests. Is often they are very tired. And not the normal kind of tiredness either.

Many of the people who come to my detox retreats have been taking on far too much, for far too long. Very fortunate that they checked in and when on retreat because that tiredness had begun taking it’s toll.

The type of tiredness I’m talking about is the kind when you just slept ten hours straight and you wake up and you are still tired!

It is tiredness that takes more than just sleep at night to recover from. You also need to actively be recovering in the day, too.

On a detox plan day and night are seen as together One.

To sleep well at night, there are things in the day that you should do. There are also ways of recovering from tiredness while you are awake, as well as things to do that help get a more rested sleep.

Not all sleep is created equal

Just because you slept doesn’t mean you got a good night’s sleep.

Any sleep that has been induced is usually bad quality of sleep and often lacks the needed REM sleep that helps recovery.

If you are finding yourself tired when waking up in the morning, then consider what you are doing in the day and especially before you go to bed.

If you are drinking alcohol, smoking, taking medication (especially sleep meds), then try and cut them out and sleep as naturally as possible.

Before guests come on one of my retreats I always try to have them go through a pre-cleanse first. And this pre-cleanse is where I really would like them to restore their natural sleeping patterns so they can get the most benefits of the detox.

So removing anything unnatural from your sleeping habits is an essential first step.

Good Sleep starts in the Day

A good night’s sleep starts by having a good healthy day. If you are not moving your body with a good brisk walk, or doing a Yoga class, maybe Pilates, or at very least getting outdoors in the day. Then don’t expect to get a good sleep and rest at night.

Day and night are two sides of the same coin.

Wake up early in the day, get outdoors, get some sunshine, drink lots of water, move around and be productive in the day. And by the time night comes your bed will be the ideal place to get a good night’s sleep.

Yet if in the day you are simply on the internet, scrolling through facebook or instagram, then don’t expect your body to know when to go to sleep and be ready for it.

Instead realize that your mind has been plugged into unnatural light and environment which does not help to get good sleep.

Fixing your Sleeping Patterns

While on a detox program it is a very good time to completely fix your natural sleeping patterns and return to natural balance.

For me this is a major part of what detoxing is all about. It’s not just about losing weight. It’s not just about giving your digestive system a break.

It’s about returning to natural balance.

It’s about resetting your natural wake and sleep cycles and being in good healthy routine everyday.

When you first start your detox it can seem to do more harm than good. This is just because you are making changes in your life and this comes with some time where there are competing objectives.

The part of you that has been so busy focusing on work and many of the other stressful areas of your life, is not stopping cold turkey and allowing your natural ways of being to realign.

This is a natural process and takes a few days. Yet by keeping active you can allow your body to naturally rebalance itself into a healthy state.

What if I have trouble sleeping on Detox?

Some guests experience some trouble sleeping when they are detoxing. This could be for a variety of different reasons yet usually it is friction caused between old bad habits, and your natural healthy state.

Detoxing is a time when you are making changes in your daily routine and life. These changes while often welcome and wanted, mean you are not doing things that you were doing before.

For example perhaps you were taking sleep medication to sleep. While on detox you certainly should not be because we are seeking a natural way of being.

Or maybe you are finding that you are thinking about lots of things. Well this too is a natural process that you need to get through.

So while it’s not easy to go over every single possible reason why you are not sleeping when detoxing. It is safe to say that the detox process is a process of returning to the natural way of being.

And to get there often there is a time when you are somewhat in withdrawal from many things that you are no longer doing. Like alcohol, caffeine and medications.

Can Detox Help me Get Better Sleep?

Yes! Absolutely yes. This is one of the best things about completing a detox program in the proper way that it is supposed to be done.

One of the best benefits of detox is better sleep.

If you are following a proper detox plan then it will restore you to your natural state. This natural state is one where sleep comes and goes in a natural cycle within a 24hour period.

It is about returning to your natural way of being that counts and is a core teaching behind my detox programs and retreats.


Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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