Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Detox Lies: The Myths about Detoxing


There is always that moment, usually about twenty four hours after you have indulged just that little bit too much, when you promise to yourself that the time has come: you are going to do a detox. But those words are so easy to say when you actually think about it, there is no real definition about what a detox even is. There are no guide limits on how long a detox should be, and whether or not you just simply make that not just your detox, but your daily diet!

There is no knowing whether one particular detox is good for everyone, and most people do not even know where to start. Countless celebrities seem to define themselves by the detox that they follow once a month, but surely they have so much other help nutritionists, personal trainers that the wonderful benefits they seem to gain cannot be available for the normal person…right?

The trouble is, there are just too many misconceptions about what a good detox really is. There are so many myths about detoxing that it can be difficult to know whether or not one detox plan is actually good for you or not. That is why we have taken three very common detox myths and we’ve all thought them at some point and explained that there is a much better way of doing things. After all you do not want to inadvertently damage your body through a bad detox, do you?

1. There are some magical liquids that remove all toxins from your body.

Yes, we should all make sure that we are hydrated throughout the day otherwise your body is going to be running below par, and struggling to keep you going. But there are many people that believe that there are certain liquids and drinks that will magically be able to remove all of the toxins and chemical build ups within your body, with absolutely no effort on your part. As much as we wish that was true, in all honesty, our bodies are a lot more complicated than that. Each and every organ can have toxins built up, and there is not one simple liquid that can rush through your system and remove them instantly.

However, there is one thing you can do: green juicing. Dark green juices combine green leafy vegetables that are packed full of iron and vitamins, and those are the things that will bring balance back to your body, helping your body naturally get rid of the toxin build up.

2. Drinking only water all day will cure all ills.

Again, hydration is key, and it is true that being fully hydrated will encourage toxins to leave your body…but over-doing your water intake could actually do you a huge amount of harm, rather than good. Very few people realise this, but it is possible to drink too much water, and we don’t just mean in a ‘can’t go twenty yards from a bathroom’ sort of way. When an individual drinks too much water, they can start to experience what scientists call ‘water intoxication’. This is a medical term for when there is too much water within your body, and the symptoms are actually quite terrifying. Many people will experience extreme tiredness, vomiting, dizziness, and mental confusion. They may even faint, or be confused as to how they got to a particular place. In extreme cases, people have died.

That is why it is medically suggested that you regulate your drinking of water throughout the day, instead of downing a litre in one go. It is also recommended that if you do not want to drink, and you have drunk a glass of water within the last hour, you do not force yourself to drink it. Listen to your body: it knows best. As a detox option, you could have one small mug of hot water and lemon every hour for eight hours in a day. That will do you the world of good, without forcing your body to contain too much water.

3. Toxins leaves through your sweat, so you can do an exercise detox.

Exercise is an excellent thing to make a part of your daily routine, and just like everything else, it should never be taken to a ridiculous extreme. There is, in fact, very little scientific evidence that sweating removes toxins from our bodies; we know that we lose a certain amount of salt, and of course in high quantities, salt can be very bad for us. But for some essential chemical reactions within our very cells, sodium or salt is a vital ingredient. Just like we need a little bit of fat in our daily diet, we do need a little bit of salt, and so losing it all through exercise is not a good idea. We also do not want to see people forcing their bodies beyond a safe point through exercising, because they believe that they can lose all of the toxins through that process. Pushing your body beyond what it is truly capable of can lead to fainting, muscle exhaustion, and vomiting and that is not a good look for anyone. And if that wasn’t enough, very heavy sweating has been proven to shut down our bodies natural detox functions and that is the last thing that we want to do.

Instead, try to exercise for around twenty minutes every day. That is a much better detox idea than forcing yourself to run fifty miles!


  1. Jo

    thanks i am not sure about the whole “toxin” thing i think rather it is better to really live a cleansing lifestyle and then forget all about toxins and all the rest of it! Great article!

  2. Taylah

    I was interested to hear the symptoms of drinking too much water. There was a story of a girl a few years ago who died because she drank too much water. The dizziness you feel when you cut coca cola out of your diet and switch to water is similar. I had dizziness for the best part of a week after I stopped drinking coke. A great choice though as I dropped a lot of weight by simply drinking water instead and my body got used to it.

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