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Three Ways You are Poisoning Your Skin


Your skin is your largest organ, and if you do not keep it healthy and in good shape, then it is going to be the first one to start disintegrating. Many people are concerned about their heart, their lungs, their brains and of course these are all very important parts of our bodies that we desperately need to keep healthy. But once your skin starts to age and die, there is almost nothing that you can do to prevent the decline. That is why it is so vital to take good care of your skin whilst it is still healthy. You can always tell who hasn’t, because they start to look fifty before they reach forty.

Sadly, many people are accidentally doing the worst things possible to their skin: in effect, poisoning it slowly. Wising up and taking action is the best thing you can do to make sure that you are not following these three ways you are poisoning your skin:

1. You are not using sun cream.

If you’ve been told once, you’ve been told a thousand times: always wear sun cream. Unfortunately, many people believe that this actually only applies to them within the summer months, when the sun rises and gets unbearably hot. However, this is totally untrue. It is absolutely critical that we wear sun cream all the year round. After all, if you can see outside, there are sunlight rays coming down, and into your skin. A little sunshine is always beneficial that’s how our bodies generate Vitamin D, essential for healthy pregnancy, preventing depression, and boosting our immune system. Nevertheless, you should always be wearing a minimum of Factor 20, even in winter. The UV rays in the sun will slowly be damaging your skin, and that damage is pretty permanent.

2. You are not washing your face twice a day.

It has been suggested through a scientific study that over one hundred different toxins naturally make their way to our skin every day. That is a huge number! It is almost impossible to avoid them because they are present in the very air that we walk around, the door handles that we touch, the lift buttons that we press. We then touch our faces, other people’s hands, and the cycle continues. All of these toxins clog up our pores which can be found all over our bodies, remember, not just our faces and can lead to spots, redness, and sore areas. Washing your face twice a day, and your hands at every possible opportunity, will ensure that these toxins do not have any lasting effect on your skin.

3. You are using harsh chemicals on your skin.

Skin is porous: anything that goes onto it will eventually go inside it. When you realise that, you can start to see why it is so important to use natural and organic ingredients within your moisturiser or facewash. The last thing that you want is to wash your face clean, and then pour more toxins straight back onto it. Make sure that you always read the label of the products that you buy, and if in doubt, don’t bother. Your skin is just not worth the risk, and when it is so easy nowadays to invest in products that only contain natural, calming ingredients, you really have no excuse. It may be that the products that you are using now seem to work, but they are only giving your skin short-term benefits. For truly long lasting benefits that you will see every decade, make sure that you are treating your skin with the care that it deserves.


  1. Joann

    need to commit to using sunscreen more often!

  2. Silvia

    i really need to start taking care of my skin and making sure that I am in the best shape ever. I have not up until now cared that much because my body has always taken care of itself. Yet I also think that now that I am beginning to age that it would be a good idea to stay healthier and look after my skin better 🙂


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