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Diet Reviews (The Ultimate List)


On this page you can find all our diet plan reviews so you can see exactly what each and every dieting option offers you.

Many diets and programs are in fact unhealthy and ineffective at producing long-term health and weight loss.

But to be fair…there are many healthy weight loss plans out there too!

Learn what works for you.

Compare the weight loss programs and determine which one is the best, has been shown to work scientifically and will fit your personal needs.

Find out before you start a program what you can eat, if it will fit into your lifestyle, and will it meet any particular women’s health issue you might be dealing with.

Having the facts and understanding the facts is important for a healthy diet.

Okay, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Acid Alkaline Diet Review

The Acid Alkaline Diet is not just another diet program so much as it is a theory that your diet should be pH balanced.

Most of the food we consume releases either an alkaline base (bicarbonate) or an acid into our bloodstream.

Based on the normal pH levels which are between 7.35 and 7.45, the theory of this diet is that our diet should reflect our pH level and be somewhat alkaline.

Many of the foods we eat in the typical Western diet include meats, poultry, grains, dairy products and salt which are all acid producing foods.

By consuming less vegetables and fruits, our diets became more acid producing.

Alkaline Acid diet advocates believe a diet that is high in acid producing foods creates an imbalance which results in the loss of several necessary minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

With this type of loss you would be more susceptible to sickness.

It’s also believed by proponents that you can evade:

  • Headaches
  • colds and flu
  • tension
  • energy deficiency and more if you with the Acid Alkaline diet.

Foods You Would Eat

You would increase your intake of alkaline foods by approximately 75 to 80%.

The types of foods recommended are asparagus, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, lettuce, peas, radishes, parsley, avocado, soy beans, pumpkin seeds, red chili peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, kale, almonds, cayenne, and wheat grass.

Additionally you would include grapefruit, lime, lemons, rhubarb, tomato, watermelon, and fats such as avocado, borage, flax, and olive oil.

You would consume plenty of pure water, fresh vegetable juice, lemon water, herbal teas, vegetable broth, non-sweetened soy milk and almond milk.

The high acid producing foods would include 20 to 25% of your daily intake.

There aren’t any clinical trials to back this theory at this time. As with any diet program, consult with your doctor prior to starting the Acid Alkaline Diet.

Atkins Diet Review

Atkins diet review – The Atkins Diet Plan was created in 1972 by Dr. Robert Atkins. The diet uses ketosis as a means of rapid weight less.

Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. When you decrease your daily intake of carbs, you body starts to consume excess fat to use as energy. Not only that, carbs make your body produce insulin, the product through which fat is stores in the first place.

By eating more proteins and fats, you can level blood sugar levels and be less hungry throughout the day.

The Program has 4-phases: The induction Phase – 20g carb intake for 14days. The On-Going Weight Loss Phase – you can increase carbs by 5g weekly until you are within 10lbs of your weight loss goal. Pre-Maintenance Phase – You increase carb intake by 10g weekly if you are still losing weight. You start to follow the Atkins Glycemic Ranking to choose carbs. Lifetime Maintenance Phase – Add more foods back into your diet.

What You Can Eat

My Atkins Diet Review found that you will be able to enjoy red meats, pork, dairy, and other non-carb related products. You remove starches like white rice and pasta as well as potato chips and bakery type items. A complete listing is food in Dr. Atkins’ book.


A good structured plan. Many people have lost weight successfully.


Very restrictive diet can lead to binging on carbohydrate rich foods. Very high fat content.

Atkins Diet Review Summary

The Atkins Diet Review is up in the air. Yes people have lose a lot of weight and done so relatively quickly, but I know many people who used the Atkins Diet and felt very off kilter. The brain requires 100g of carbohydrates to function properly. I would probably recommended a modified Atkins plan where you eat 100-110g of carbohydrates, which trust me is not a lot at all.

Atkins Advantage Diet Review

The Atkins Advantage Diet is a 12-week high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet program developed by Dr. Stuart L. Trager based on Dr. Atkins’ diet. This program promotes more of the exercises elements of being fit for a total fitness package.

Dr. Trager is an Orthopedic Surgeon and an 8-time Ironman participant. He attributes his excellent fitness health to Dr. Atkins original diet plan. This program included nutritional information as well as exercise and motivation tips.

What You Can Eat

The Atkins Advantage Diet comes with all your meals planned out for a 12-week period. There is a little bit of flexibility in terms of how much carbohydrates you can eat.

Exercise Support

This book actually provides a section on exercise. There is a fitness plan along with illustrations that will allow you to either follow the plan routines or customize your own.


Well planned food and exercise guides. Program is all inclusive.


Still a restrictive diet. Still has high fat content.

Atkins Diet Review Summary

The All-New Atkins Advantage Diet is still the Atkins diet. It just offers you a fuller package in terms of the exercise guide. Low carb people will like this but if you are like me and enjoy eating carbohydrates and plenty of them, you might want to try another diet.

Body For Life Diet Review

Body for Life is a weight loss program which promotes fitness and body sculpting. It’s designed for the serious body sculptor and it is a 12 week program.

It is high protein and suggests the use of supplements.

Bill Phillips is the founder of Experimental and Applied Sciences which is a nutritional supplement company.

The theory is that with this diet you will experience weight loss results quite quickly, which gives you the motivation of seeing results. Helping you stick with the diet plan.

Foods You Can Eat

This is a high protein diet but carbohydrates are not excluded. To make it easier they plan your first week of meals.

Sunday is a free day! You can eat anything on the free day and start the diet again the next day.


Crab, swordfish, chicken breast, top sirloin steak, tuna, haddock, turkey breast, lean ground beef, trout, lobster, orange roughy, lean ground turkey, shrimp, buffalo, top round steak, egg whites or egg substitutes, salmon, lean ham, wild game meat, and low fat cottage cheese.


Corn, barley, rice cakes, whole grains, fat free yogurt, beans, oranges, sweet or baked potato, strawberries, high fiber cereal, pasto, oatmeal, melon, apples, whole wheat bread, popcorn, tortilla, steamed rice, squash, and pumpkin.

Vegetables and Vegetarian Proteins

Peas, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, tofu, green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, green peppers, seitan, cabbage, celery, zucchini, cucumber, onion, artichoke, veggie protein, soy foods, tempeh, veggie burgers, and brussel sprouts.


Avocado, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and oil, canola oil, low fat cheese, natural peanut butter, safflower oil, olives and olive oil and low fat salad dressing.

The Pros

The menu does call for three smaller meals with three snacks each day. The snacks are from their company.

It’s designed to keep energy levels stable, avoid the “starvation” response and supply the nutrients that your body requires.

Fitness is promoted as a very important process to lose weight and build muscle mass. The program includes weight training for 45 minutes 3 days each week and cardiovascular exercise 3 days each week for 20 minutes.

The Create a Body-For-Life meal helps you plan your meals by giving you suggestions for protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats.

Online Support is available.

The Cons

The diet is low in dairy products.

There is a cost associated with buying Body For Life snacks and supplements. Without joining or registering, the cost of the program for 12 weeks is not available.

The only drink allowed is water.

The Free for all day isn’t always a healthy idea. To allow you to plan your own menu with some favorite foods would be good. But it should still keep you on a “healthy track.”

All in all, the Body for Life Diet is healthy.

Cabbage Soup Diet Review

The cabbage soup diet is to low in calories and it is considered a fad diet.

They claim you can lose ten pounds in as little as one week.

Many people use it for fast weight loss if they have something special coming up they want to attend, and need to drop a few pounds.

The foods eaten on this diet are healthy (vegetables, fruit and brown rice). But it is too limited in variety and calories. If you only need to lose three or four pounds it would work fine.

If you really need to lose weight, it takes time and a good, healthy nutrition plan. You want a plan you can follow for more than a couple of weeks.

Foods You Can Eat

This diet is a very strict weight loss program. Alcohol is eliminated, you can have water and fruit juice (unsweetened) on a day fruit is permitted.

The recipe for the cabbage soup diet is based on cabbage, onions, green peppers, celery, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and onion soup mix.

If the stock is used as well as soup mix the finished soup could be very high in sodium content.

There are no limits on the amount of soup you can consume.

You can also add the following items on the specific days as follows:

Day 1: you can have unlimited fruit except bananas.

Day 2: you can have one potato with limited butter and vegetables.

Day 3: you can have vegetables and fruit, no potatoes or bananas.

Day 4: you can have up to 8 bananas and all the skimmed milk you want.

Day 5: you can have a maximum of 6 tomatoes and beef not to exceed 20 ounces.

Day 6: you can have all the vegetables and beef you want excluding potatoes.

Day 7: you can have vegetables, brown rice, and fruit juice (unsweetened), but exclude potatoes.

Is the Cabbage Soup Diet Healthy?

The Cabbage Soup Diet is deficient in protein, carbohydrates and essential fats. There have been reports of short duration health issues on this diet such as headaches, dizziness and weakness and fatigue.

Losing weight quickly comes from losing muscle tissue and water. Water weight loss is temporary.

A low calorie diet normally slows down the metabolic rate, making weight loss more difficult.

The key to healthy and successful weight loss is healthy diet and implementing an exercise plan.

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Review

The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet recommends eating low-carbohydrate meals and one “Reward Meal” each day.

The Author’s Theory

The authors, Rachael Heller, MD and Richard Heller, MD, base their theory that over weight people are “carbohydrate addicts.”

The biological processes that convert food into energy fail to perform as they should and sustain high levels of insulin in the blood result.

The elevated insulin makes you crave food throughout the day.

What You Can Eat

The third meal each day is the “Reward Meal” which combines carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

It can be any quantity, but the meal must be eaten within an hour. You can have a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail.

After two weeks the plan splits into different programs based on how much weight you want or need to lose.

One plan does allow a snack, but you cannot eat carbohydrate rich foods such as breads, pasta, sweets or fruit and fruit juices.

Is The Carbohydrates Addicts Diet Healthy?

The medical field doesn’t support the theory of “carbohydrate addicts.” The consensus is that you are not learning proper healthy eating habits.

Any weight loss program that limits “certain food groups” is depriving your body of needed nutrients to function healthily.

Deprivation of nutrients is unhealthy and causes many of the Women’s health related issues.

Another thing to consider, it isn’t the carbohydrate in the potato that is unhealthy, it’s the butter on the potato.

Cholesterol Lowering Diet by Anne Collins Review

Anne Collin’s cholesterol lowering diet program is truly one of the best programs out there to help you lower your cholesterol and make a healthy change in your lifestyle.

Anne’s diet is based on the standards set by the American Heart Association and The National Cholesterol Education program’s expert eanel on detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood cholesterol in adults. She has done some serious detective work and had created a great heart healthy diet plan for you.

The cholesterol lowering diet program is a 28 day plan that includes menus and recipes. Each meal includes the calorie, fat, and cholesterol content so that you can easily keep track.

The calorie intake of this diet is 1,200 calories with a fat intake of 22 grams a day (4 of which are saturated fat), and 120mg of cholesterol daily. Since every person have different caloric needs due to weight and other circumstances, snacks can be added into the meal plan to increase you calorie intake as needs. Discuss with your doctor about your specific caloric needs.

What You Can Eat

I love a diet that puts not restrictions on the foods you can eat. This provides for less opportunities to start binge eating on forbidden foods. Anne’s cholesterol lowering diet only limits the amount of fats and cholesterol you can eat daily. There are three different ways that you can follow the cholesterol lowering diet program. They are:

  • Follow the 7 Day weekly menu as is
  • Modify the 7 Day Menu using the food substitution list
  • Design your own plan using the Design Your Own Breakfasts, Lunch, and Dinners section

Got to love a plan that offers you a bit of variety when you need it.

Exercise Support

When on a cholesterol lowering diet, exercise is always an important factor. There are some guidelines provided in the member’s area but talk with your doctor about which specific exercises will help you best.

The Cost

You can just the online program for just $20. This allows you full support and access to all of the other programs Ann offers.


Lower your cholesterol levels within 3 weeks of starting. Members support area with additional information on nutrition and exercise. You will lose weight and feel healthier as you progress into the program.


None that I can see.


Anne Collin’s cholesterol lowering diet is a healthy way to jump start a new and healthy lifestyle. The program is founded on sound information provided by the American Heart Association and the The National Cholesterol Education Program. You owe it to your heart. Start a heart healthy diet and lifestyle today.

Curves For Women Review

Curves For Women’s exercise equipment is set up for you to work out on for about 25 minutes.

You finish with stretching out the muscles for 5 minutes.

Repetitive or boring? Yes and no!

If you are used to a high stepping type health club it will definitely be different. But I didn’t find it boring!

I joined a facility near my home in Ohio. At that time the sign up fee was $149/year and a monthly fee of $30.00.

I had a lot of fun there – I was among women of all ages and I enjoyed meeting new people. And the people were friendly and supportive, as well as the staff.

All in all, I thought it was a good deal. They do run specials quite often for the membership.

When you start, you move at your own pace. They have guidelines for the maximum workout as you progress.


The facilities are small with hydraulic resistance machines. The facility I was at had 12 machines. (This could vary for each facility.)

  • You start on one piece of equipment and work out on it 30 seconds.
  • There are small platforms in between each machine. You walk or jog in place for 30 seconds.
  • You then move on to the next machine until you complete two rounds on each one.
  • The workout takes about 25 minutes.


After completing the workout, you move to an area to stretch out your muscles. That takes about 5 minutes.

I did lose weight and I felt better and more energized from exercising.

They have different incentives for members as they progress. They offer group support, which is good motivation for people that need it.

It is a different workout and atmosphere from regular gyms and clubs. If you’re looking for treadmills and that type of equipment, it may not be for you.

As you reach full capacity on each machine, it is a good workout and fast paced. It does work all the muscle groups in your body.

Weight Loss Plan

Curves has two weight loss programs, one higher in protein and the other higher in carbohydrates. They recommend you lower the refined carbohydrates, but no foods were off limit.

Gary Heavin, founder of Curves, knows the causes for being overweight or obese can be an issue of too many calories or carbohydrates, and possibly both.

Finding out which one causes your issues, your plan is established complete with workouts, meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and more.

Six Week Course

Curves For Women offers a 6 week session to teach you how to eat right, eat more often but lower quantities, and boost your metabolism.

I highly recommend this program. The workout is excellent in itself, and if you do try their weight loss program, it is healthy.

The DASH Diet Review

The Dash Diet has been proven to help lower your blood pressure as well as help you lose unwanted weight. If you are at risk for heart disease, lowering your blood pressure is a great start to a heart healthy lifestyle.

The diet was originally created to help patients lower the blood pressure but it has been scientifically proven to help your lose weight as well as lower cholesterol and decrease inflammation. Many doctor prescribe the Dash Diet to their patients.

The plan was created by the US National Institute of Health and is highly recommended by many institutions including The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, as well as the American Heart Association.

What You Can Eat

The diet puts an emphasis on consuming higher quality foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean meats, and low-fat or non-dairy products. It also teaches you about portion control a very valuable skill in weight loss.

The Dash Diet Guidelines are very simple and you can find them below:

Dash Diet Guidelines

I love plan that offer you a great variety and this plan definitely lives up to that.

Exercise Support

Exercise is promoted but there is no online forum for you to seek support. The best thing is to talk to your doctor about the best exercises for you.

The Cost

You can purchase The DASH Diet Action Plan: Based on the National Institutes of Health Research: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This will book will tell you exactly what you need to do and it only costs a one time investment.


Proven to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. Promotes a healthy lifestyle change and teaches portion control. Backed by a number of Medical Institutions and doctors.


None that I can see.


The Dash Diet is a great start to a new healthy lifestyle. It teaches you to make to right choices and decision in your diet. Not only will you benefit from weight loss, you will also benefits from lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Your heart will thank you.

Diet Patches Review

Diet patches are all the rage!

They stick on you like a band-aid….but do they work?

Manufacturers claim the ingredients ooze through the skin in the body.

This supposedly suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism.

The actual ingredients are equal to most oral products to lose weight.

What Are The Ingredients?

The ingredients are guarana, chromium, garcinia cambogia and fucus vesiculosus.

Guarana is typical for caffeine which is a stimulant that has thermogenic properties.

Chromium assists in managing insulin purposes and your sugar levels.

Fucus Vesiculosus is claimed to burn fat by the manufacturers of the patch. It contains a large amount of iodine the thyroid gland uses to create the various hormones needed for performance. Using an iodine supplement only works if the thyroid hormone levels are low and you aren’t overweight for any other reason.

Garcinia cambogia is claimed to prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. This is done by inhibiting the action of the enzyme citrate lyase.

The diet patch isn’t innovative. The ingredients are common and have slight effects. However, they don’t help you in losing weight unless you implement a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Do They Work?

There is no clinical evidence to support whether diet patches really work.

There is a difference of opinion, some state the ingredients must work quickly to to be effective, others say the effect is the same regardless of application.

Until studies are conducted, the claim is not authenticated.

Although this sounds like the dieter’s dream come true, I wouldn’t be to anxious to spend my money until I see some evidence they work.

I’m also always apprehensive about the health concerns of new products until they are tested.

Hoodia is rated the number one weight loss product on the market right now. This is basically for two reasons, it works and it’s safe.

Diet Pills Review

Diet pills are an appetite suppressant and are habit forming. The side effects are unhealthy and they’re very expensive.

The changes your body goes through while on the prescription aren’t healthy.

When you stop taking the prescription, your body has another adjustment to go through.

The drugs are bad substitutes for healthy eating.

The two I personally used and will talk about are Adipex 37.5mg and Phentermine 37.5mg (Generic Adipex).

These worked exactly the same way and I had the same results with both.

Miss a dose?

The instructions are to take one pill each morning 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach.

If you miss a dose, you skip that dose and resume taking as originally prescribed the next day.

Affects Sleeping

If you take either of these, take them early in the morning. They do affect your sleeping, they last up to approximately 10 hours. So you should take them at least 10 hours before going to bed.

No Hunger Pains

You don’t get hungry. You have to make yourself eat. Your energy level is much higher, I found myself always ready to do something. If you don’t eat, you can get the shakes which is similar to a withdrawal symptom.

Going Off the Drugs

When you stop using the drugs, you’ll find your energy level decrease greatly because your metabolism isn’t working on its own. It took me about a month to get back into a good sleeping pattern and to have energy again.

Fast Weight Loss

In three months I had lost 45 pounds. I was thrilled with that! What I didn’t see (or refused to see) was the bags under my eyes, the drawn look on my face and how my complexion had changed to a dull color.

Did the pills work?

Yes, temporarily.

Did I keep the weight off?

No, I regained the weight within a year.

Side Effects Of Diet Pills

Usage of Adipex can cause:

Dry mouth, blurred vision, irritability, sleeplessness, constipation or upset stomach.

Other conditions may include gastrointestinal disturbances, changes in libido and central nervous system effects.

If you experience any of the following please call your healthcare provider or doctor:

Nervousness, chest pain, pounding heart, mood changes, urination problems, swelling or problems breathing.

If you become lightheaded, do not drive or do other activities requiring your attention.

If you experience any effects other than listed above, contact your healthcare provider or doctor.

In summary, the diet pills have side-effects, which make taking them long-term unhealthy.

I only recommend diet pills if you are obese and under the supervision of a doctor or healthcare provider.

Diet To Go Review

Diet To Go provides prepackaged meals. You can choose low-fat, low-carb or vegetarian plans.

There are four weekly menus that repeat themselves in a four week cycle.

They state they have meal plans for all types of eating habits.

If you eat at home three nights a week, they have a “convenience pack.” There are other options to choose from as well.

They meet the standards of the American Diabetic Association.

The meals are well balanced with adequate amounts of carbohydrates and protein. (Unless you choose the low-carb meal plan)

The Pros of Diet To Go

  • It does focus on balanced nutrition and supplements.
  • It deals with portion control.
  • 3 meals per day plus 3 snacks per day on the regular plans.
  • Online support with registered dieticians.
  • Convenience of prepackaged foods.
  • Offers a substitution list for foods that you may dislike or to which you have a food allergy.
  • Promotes exercise by offering a newsletter with exercise tips.

The Cons of Diet To Go

Weekly cost for prepackaged food averages from $60 to $75. (They do pay you a $50.00 referral fee for clients you send them).

I believe that the convenience of prepackaged foods is a big seller for people that don’t have the time or inclination to cook. So if you have a busy schedule this may be the plan for you!

eDiets Review

eDiets host a number of weight loss programs. Your weight loss program is customized for your personal needs, diet and goals.

This top-of-the-line company has won awards from PC Magazine and Forbes. Since 1996, they’ve been serving people from all over the world.

They feature their own program as well as many well known programs. They provide a number of special diets to accommodate everyone.

Types of Diets and Programs

They offer low-fat, vegetarian, healthy soy, low cholesterol, low hypoglycemia, Type 2 Diabetes, lactose free, low sodium/heart smart, and high fiber weight loss programs.

eDiets provides their own program as well as programs such as Glycemic Impact Diet, and Mediterranean Diet and more.

Free Evaluation Profile

Prior to joining, you’ll fill out a profile for your free evaluation so you’ll know your caloric needs. This same info will be used to generate menus, grocery lists and recipes. The guess-work is taken out of it for you, no calorie counting or weighing/measuring foods.

Foods You Can Eat

Foods are taken from all food groups, and if you have a specific need in your diet, your plan will be customized to that. Typical of a healthy diet, seafood and lean meats, and vegetables and fruits are included. Fat is kept to a healthy minimum as well as alcohol. If there are food items you do not like, you can replace them with other items.

Fitness Program

They’ll also personalize a fitness plan for you. Exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet and nutrition. A good plan will help you make permanent healthy lifestyle changes. You will have to sign up for a fitness program separately.

Support and Motivation

You’ll have access to 24/7 support online, an online member chat forum, a virtual fitness trainer, and online counseling from nutritionists.

eDiets is also packed with information and articles on various topics related to weight loss and fitness plus more. If you choose to join the member forum, you’ll also meet other people and have additional support and motivation.

The cost is very minimal and you can choose what works for you.

eDiets recognizes individual needs for everyone and will work with you on a personal level to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Eat More Weigh Less by Dr. Dean Ornish Review

Eat More Weigh Less was created by Dr. Dean Ornish as a way to help his patient achieve a heart healthy lifestyle.

Based on research he conducted through the “Lifestyle Heart Trial”, as well as other prominent heart research, Ornish discovered that not only did his program help to reverse heart disease but it also provided a safe and healthy means through which people could lose and maintain their weight.

The average American’s fat intake in 40% of their daily caloric intake. Most other diets limit your intake to about 20-30%. With East More Weigh Less, you fat intake is limited to 10% of your daily intake. You are probably asking well how do I do that?!

Dr. Ornish explains in his book that it really is the type of foods that you eat and proper exericse that allow your body to burn fat more efficiently.

What You Can Eat

Something that I liked about Eat More Weigh Less is that you did not have to count calories. I come from a long line of counting calories and it can be a daunting task day in and day out. With this program, you have change you eating style. Dr. Ornish recommends that you eat a low fat, vegetarian diet. If you can’t give up your meat, (I know I can’t) he suggests eating as little as you can. Try moving to only having meat at dinner.

When you feel hungry, you can eat bean, fruits, vegetable and grains until you fell full. Non-fat dairy product, frozen dinners, and fat free desserts should be eaten in moderation.

You should avoid meats, olives, nuts and seeds, fish, oils, margarine, dairy products, alcohol, sugar, sugar derivatives, and prepackaged foods that contain more than 2g of fat per serving.

By eating foods that are higher in fiber, you will feel fuller faster and maintain that full feeling over a longer period of time.

Exercise Support

Dr. Ornish talks about exercise in Eat More Weigh Less as exercise is an important part of any diet plan. You should start exercising 30 minute daily of for an hour three times per week. He also recommends Yoda as a way of managing your stress. I love yoga and recommend that everyone incorporate one yoga session into their lives. Trust me, you will feel the difference.

The Cost

Eat More Weigh Less will only cost you the purchase of Dr. Ornish’s Book.


Eat whenever you are hungry until you are full. No need for calorie counting. The book provides a sample week’s menu and a low-fat cooking guide You are eating healthy whole foods high in fiber.


Diet restrictions could cause binging. Tough for people who really love to eat meat


All in All, I think Dr. Ornish’s Eat More Weigh Less provides the opportunity for a great lifestyle change. If you are already vegetarian, you can probably slip into the diet easily. If you suffer from heart disease, this method has some evidence to suggest it can reverse it’s effects so you owe it to your heart to give it a try.

Fit For Life Diet Review

The Fit For Life Diet states eating specific food combinations at specific times results in improved weight loss and energy.

They have developed their plan according to authored books such as:

“The Magic of Well-Being” by Judith Jackson, “Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal” by John M. Freeman M.D., and “Foods That Cause you to Lose Weight (The Negative Calorie Effect)” by Dr. Neil Barnard, M.D.

They use Biochemical Analyzation, Metabolic Typing and Genetic Predispositions to develop the programs.

They promote supplements, enzymes and vitamins, that are part of their Basic Body Maintenance group. These are at an additional cost.

The Fit For Life Approach

Eat right for your metabolism, avoid foods not compatible to your body, avoid foods you may have sensitivities to and burn more than you eat.

The Costs of Membership

The regular program costs $499.95 US or $599.95 Canadian. However, it appears they do offer specials quite often.

They require your blood type. If you don’t know what your blood type is, they offer home testing kits for $9.95.

The Fit For Life Cons

  • Cost of Membership.
  • Restriction of lean proteins and dairy products.
  • Restriction of certain foods reduces the supply of needed daily nutrient requirements.
  • Diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables.
  • Meals are in specific combinations and eaten at certain times of the day.

The Fit For Life Pros

  • No calorie or fat counting
  • An acceptable foods list will be supplied.
  • You are provided a list of foods that are A+ which may assist your immune or hormonal systems.
  • You can eat as much as you like of the specified foods.
  • You’ll be assigned a lifestyle “coach” you can contact by phone, email or mail.
  • A menu planner is suplied to assist with the weight loss program.
  • They determine exercises for toning your muscles. You can do these at home.

Each week you can choose a day that you will not have to follow the recommendations. They call it “Freebee Friday”, but you can choose whatever day of the week you wish.

There is a lot of controversy about the “combination of foods” increasing weight loss. As of yet, there are no documented studies that confirm this is a fact.

USDA Food Guide Review

The USDA food guide pyramid has always been based on nutrition and improving health.

However, it was one size fits all!

Now we have the new MyPyramid program.

The USDA has always put an emphasis on eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fats and oils in minute quantities, as well as dairy and meat products.

This plan has always emphasized a variety and balance.

It used moderation versus elimination of all food and drinks.

The New MyPyramid


MyPyramid Plan helps you choose the foods and portions that are right for you.

At their web site, you can enter your details such as age, sex, and activity level. This helps you determine how much and what you need to eat for a healthy diet.

You should always choose foods from each food group, find a healthy balance between fitness and food and choose calories you’ll get the most nutrition from.

On the USDA Web site you’ll find additional tools to help you.

They offer tips and resources, MyParamid for kids, MyPyramid Tracker which gives you an in-depth assessment, and weekly tips.

Dietary Guidelines Describe A Healthy Diet as:

Puts an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, fat free or low fat dairy products, vegetables, and whole grains.

Incorporates poultry, lean meats, beans, fish, nuts, and eggs.

Use in moderation trans fats, saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar and salt (sodium).

Get Your MyPyramid Information

Visit the USDA Web site to get your own MyPyramid Information. (This will open a new window)

French Women Don’t Get Fat Review

French Women Don’t Get Fat – The Secret of Eating Pleasure was written by Mireille Guiliano.

Mireille Guiliano doesn’t boast of being a professional in any diet field. Instead she teaches you the lifestyle of the French and how to enjoy fabulous food.

The eating habits of the French allow for indulging while staying thin. By implementing their habits, you can be rid of calorie counting, watching your fat intake, and other issues related to dieting.

The meals of the French people include several courses which are higher quality foods but smaller in portion.

With exercise, portion control, and learning about your eating habits, you’ll enjoy delicious food without the weight gain.

Learn Your Eating Habits

The theory to learn your eating habits by keeping a journal is an excellent one. You adjust and start making the changes needed to correct how you eat.

Portion control and exercise are recommended. She recommends increasing your water intake, filling up on soups, fruits, and more vegetables.

Walking is encouraged and is an excellent exercise. Introducing more daily physical activities as you progress will not only give you energy, but it will help with losing and/or maintaining your weight.

If you “cheat” during the day, you make up for it in exercise at sometime during the day. Strength training is recommended for women over forty.

The plan she encourages is a healthy plan, but it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

You can purchase the book French Women Don’t Get Fat and get all of the information you need to be successful on this program.

She also has published The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook.

Glycemic Impact Diet Review

The Glycemic Impact Diet applies the knowledge of how foods impact your blood glucose to help you attain the best metabolic and nutritional balance.

Balancing nutrition helps you burn your stored body fat. It also assists in weight loss and prevents hunger pains and cravings.

A healthy diet requires a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. By eating less nutrient dense foods, you’re reducing calories.

Eating more fiber rich foods allows you to eat more volume with fewer calories.

Refined carbohydrates are absorbed and processed quickly in your system. This quickly elevates your blood sugar levels causing your pancreas to discharge insulin to lower your blood sugar levels.

Fiber rich foods keep your blood sugar levels stable, keep you feeling fuller longer, and help to prevent cravings.

Why the Glycemic Impact Diet Works

When your appetite is satisfied and you stay full longer, it’s much easier to stick to a weight loss plan.

This weight loss program does that by:

  1. Balancing nutrition, 40% of your calories are unrefined carbs, 30% of your calories are from healthy unsaturated and non-trans fats, and 30% of your calories are from lean proteins.
  2. Unprocessed and unrefined carbs give you the best possible amounts of nutrients and fiber.
  3. Fiber rich foods digest much slower which allows your body to metabolize and process the blood sugar slower allowing the insulin released to be gradual.
  4. You’ll eat five smaller, balanced meals each day. This stabilizes your blood sugar levels and reduces cravings.
  5. Portion sizes play an important role for weight loss as well as maintaining weight loss.

The Glycemic Impact Diet is outstanding. What I really love about this program (and all programs at eDiets) is the convenience of the meal planner, recipes and shopping list.

Once you take the free profile, you’ll know which program will work the best for you, and then all the work is done for you.

The type of foods on the Glycemic Impact Diet are healing my reflux esophagitis without medications.

Isagenix Cleanse for Life Review

This Isagenix cleanse reviews is of the 9 day cleanse is a detoxify program that can reults is significant weight loss over a short period of time. This review was submitted from one of our readers of the site, Carol from St. Louis, and we have gladly republished her review of this product here, along with some of our research of the product. Thanks, Carol!

If you want to send in your own review, use the form at the bottom of this page to let people know about your experience.

I love the isagenix 9-day cleanse. I have used this product three times and lost anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds each time. It really has been quick and fantastic.

isgenix cleanse, Isegenix 9 day, isgenix cleanse reviews

The weirdest things is how much I’m not used to chewing all the time. It’s not really the hunger that yoru feel, but rather it’s the weird sensation that you need to be chewing something. Almost like you are addicted to chewing. But overall, I was really surprised at how my overall energy increase and I even saw changes in my skin. My skin was a lot brighter and seemed be livelier if skin can do that. My mental clarity was even better. I’m assuming because my body was getting all the nutrients it needed from the cleanse that I was not likely getting thorugh my normal diet.

About the 9 Day Cleanse

The first two and last two are cleansing days, this means that you can only drinks liquid, no solids. You also drink LOTS of water, so expect to be going to bathroom fairly often. But it really isn’t that bad. I felt so hydrated. maybe that’s why my skin was looking better.

During the middle five days, you drink a meal replacement shake twice a day, and then eat a well balanced meal once a day. I found the shakes to be quite appetizing and that they were able to curb my hunger.

The isgenix Cleanse also comes with chewable snacks that you can have 5 times per day. So that really helps. They are like little snack tablets. Nothing to write home to mom about, but not hospital food either. These tablets help to maintain you blood pressure through the cleansing process. Think of it as something to chew and it can help with your cravings.

Other Options:
If you think the 9-day program is a little restrictive, Isagenix offers a 30 day cleanse program. Both programs have the ultimate goal of detoxifying your body, but the 30-day cleanse just takes a little longer to get it down. The 30-day is also a great way to maintain detoxification after your cleanse.

Why it Works:
Toxins actually prevent our body from getting rid of fat. Toxins glob up our fat and make then harder to break down. They can capsulated the fat deposits making it impossible for our bodies to break them down. This is how we get cellulite. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, a detox once a year is a great way to cleanse you organs and revitalize your body.

Why Cleanse?
The Isagenix cleanse is not designed to starve your body. Most cleanses done long ago did not feed the body with what it needed. Cleansing has been an important part of culture since ancients times. It has been shown that body cleanses can help prevent certain types of illness and provide you body with a healthier balance.

Detoxification therapies used by NDs may serve as an adequate means to reduce the body burden of synthetic chemicals found today in humans; however, scientifically rigorous research is needed to determine the safety and efficacy of these therapies.”

What is included in the Isagenix Cleanse 9 day program?

  • 2 bottles Cleanse for Life dietary liquid supplement
  • 1 canister Isalean Shake (14 meal replacements)
  • A bottle accelerator capsules
  • A bottle Isagenix snacks
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 1 CD – Isagenix for Life

Jenny Craig Diet Review

Jenny Craig offers several plans for weight loss programs. Is it a fad diet?

In this author’s personal opinion having been on this weight loss program, it is not a fad diet.

The meals are prepackaged and well balanced with a big selection of entrées, snacks and desserts.

You are required to eat the prepackaged foods during the first half of your weight loss.

As you approach your weight loss goal, they will help you transition into preparing your own food.

This weight loss program is now offered to you “at home” with delivery directly to your door.

Jenny Craig Centers and At Home Programs

The centers have weekly scheduled one-on-one consultations with their trained counselors. They do have over 640 centers in the USA and Canada.

At home offers weekly scheduled phone consultations from your home, office, or a location of your choice.

This is convenient if you aren’t close to one of the centers or are just to busy to attend a center.

They will deliver every 2 weeks or 4 weeks directly to your home. The online support provides 24/7 message boards and live chat for support if you want it.

They provide eTools such as online menu planner, a journal to track food intake, record your physical activity and to keep a daily log.

The Pros

Jenny Craig offers well balanced meals, snacks and desserts and they now have over 80 foods to choose from.

For various reasons such as “boosting metabolism” and “preventing hunger and cravings,” you will eat three meals and three snacks each day.

They do offer nutritional supplements but you can buy your own. Nutritional supplements are important for women’s health.

Their meals and focus also deals with portion control and fitness is promoted.

Program Options Offered by Jenny Craig

They offer several programs which include the Jenny Direct at-home program, a program for men, a program for Type 2 Diabetes, Jenny Craig Silver, and Jenny Craig for teens.

Most include the following

  • Planned and personalized menus
  • Personalized profile and activity
  • Product Discounts
  • One-on-one Consultations
  • Weight loss guides and maintenance support
  • Online support – 24/7 customer support

Note: Not available at all Centers.
They also have Special “Internet Only” offers.

As far as “cons” on this weight loss program, I don’t personally feel there are any. As far as the cost, you are paying for well balanced meals and convenience.

This isn’t a “fad diet” or a “quick weight loss” program. You will have to do your part for it to work as in any program.

Their consultants assist you in transitioning from the prepackaged stage to preparing your own food – based on relationship to food

The Jillian Michaels Diet Review

Jillian Michaels’ Diet Online is yours for the taking. Now you can kick your butt into shape with the help of Jillian Michaels’ weight loss program online.

Jillian’s online program is personally customized for you. This way you get the results and do that things that are best for you. She uses the “triple threat” approach incorporating – Self, Science, and Sweat.

You need to change yourself by changing your lifestyle in order to lose weight. In the program you get personal advice and inspiration from Jillian. There are also message boards that are great source of support and motivation as well. Jillian’s program also includes the 7 Steps to Behavioral Modification.

Science is found in the meal plans that are tailored to your specific body type and metabolism. There are 100 different recipes to choose from as well as food guides to help you eat right.

Sweat, and we know Jillian like to make everyone do that. There are over 100 printable exercises you can do at home. Jillian Michaels Diet Online also comes with a fitness diary and fun cardio workouts.

What You Can Eat

I love Jillian Michaels diet because it puts no limits on food. When you limit foods you feel you are depriving yourself of something and are more likely to go ahead and eat it anyway.

You will receive customized meal plans daily. You can view a whole week’s worth of meals and generate a grocery shopping list to take to the store with you. There is also flexibility if you are going out to eat that week or if you do not like something on the menu.

Exercise Support

Support is a great part of an exercise program and with the online community there definitely is no lack of that. Your fitness plan will be customized for you and your needs.

The Cost

The cost of Jillian Michaels Diet Online is $4 a week. You are billed once every 13 weeks so it’s about $52 eat payment or $208 dollars for the entire year. There are even specials you can sign up for sometimes.


A personalized plan. Personalizes meals and grocery shopping lists. Extremely affordable. Online community support.

The Cons

Absolutely None.


The Jillian Michaels Diet is an all inclusive plan. There is no question it works, it is completely personalized for you! Not many other diet plans out there do that. You will get support and motivation from a wonderful online community to help you make your lifestyle a healthy one.

Lose Weight For Life Review

Lose Weight for Life endorses lifestyle change as the key to sustained weight loss and vibrant health.

The site promotes a whole foods, plant-based diet.

The mantra is keep as close to nature as possible: avoid processed foods, chemicals, and toxins that sabotage healthy weight maintenance and health.

Moderate exercise and resolving emotional reasons for overeating are also addressed.

The Quick Weight Loss Plan summarizes the steps necessary to live the lifestyle and achieve a healthy weight.

These include:

  Purify Your Body
  Purge Your Space
  Stop Binge Eating
  Think Thin


The plan described is easy and free. There is no calorie counting, weighing of food, requirements to purchase food or expensive supplements, or strict meal plans.

A Meal Plans page and Products We Love page provide suggestions for what to eat. Examples are helpful for those new to a plant-based diet and address the question So if I don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs what DO I eat?

The diet and exercise recommendations are supported by books like The China Study by Colin Campbell and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, MD.


The program is unstructured so those who are more comfortable with specific rules might find this plan too vague.

For some a diet that eliminates meat, dairy, and eggs may be too extreme.

Low Glycemic Diet Review

A low glycemic diet has been shown by The American Medical Association Journal to keep weight off longer than people losing weight on a low-fat diet.

Diets that restrict calories (especially those with high restrictions) will eventually lower your body’s metabolism rate. This reducing the number of calories your body burns a day. So once you return to a normal way of eating, your body just quickly regains any weight you lost.

With a low glycemic diet, carbohydrates are absorbed more slowly. This keep insulin levels in your body from jumping up and down and all over the place. Sharp changes in insulin, which is released by your pancreas, is the cause for hunger. By eating staying away from refined carbohydrates, your blood insulin levels stay much more level. This is why this diet is a very good choice for those suffering from Type II Diabetes.

What You Can Eat

No foods are restricted on this diet. Don’t you love that? But…you will eat more unrefined, complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthier fats. You will need to limit your intake of high Glycemic Index (GI) foods such as sugar, pasta, white bread and rice.

The Glycemic Impact Diet has a great balance. 40% of your calories come from low glycemic carbohydrates, 30% comes from lean proteins like chicken and fish, and 30% from healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado. Vegetarian option are available.

You will get snacks to eat throughout the day, so you will not feel like you are starving yourself.

Exercise Support

If you decide to go with eDiets low glycemic diet they have a great free fitness program as well as online community support, meal planners, shopping lists, recipes and a whole lot more. The online support is really worth it.

The Cost

eDiets costs about $18 a month for the online program.

There are also many books out there that you can purchase to read up on starting a low glymeic diet like The G.I. Diet: The Easy, Healthy Way to Permanent Weight Loss or Living the Glycemic Index Diet.


You lower your chances of regaining weight. No foods restrictions or specialties. Great for those with Type II Diabetes.


None that I can see.


A Low Glycemic Diet will teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle. It is a method that is recommended to many persons suffering from Type II Diabetes, but anyone can benefit from the lessons learned with this diet.

The Mayo Clinic Diet Review

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a lifestyle changing program. The diet is designed to be incorporated into your life so that you can follow it every day. It focuses on eating less carbohydrates while eating more healthy fats to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle.

mayo clinic diet, mayo clinic diet menu, mayo clinic menu plan

The Mayo Clinic is behind the design of this diet plan. This assures you that you are getting a diet that has been well researched. I love that this diet has 4 main components to it, a big part of it being goal setting and motivation. Research has shown, that the best way to lose wait and to keep it off is through goal setting. Goal setting gives you objectives to obtain and can help you feel more successful. Finding motivation and having a great support system are also a big piece of the puzzle. I am very glad that the Mayo Clinic has chosen to include both of these vitals roles of dieting in their program.

These are the four main components that the diet focuses on: Eating Well Exercise Realistic Goal Setting Staying Motivated

The Mayo Clinic Diet Menu Plan

This is just a sample of one of the diet plan menus. The menu plan is as follows:

    One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
    Two eggs cooked to your preference
    Two bacon slices
    coffee or tea (black)

    One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
    Raw veggies or salad and your preference in salad dressing
    Your choice of meat

    Your choice of meat
    Red or green vegetables (cook veggies in butter) or raw vegetables or a salad
    coffee or tea (black)

Bedtime Snack
Eight ounces of skim milk or tomato juice

Foods You Can Eat

There are not really any restrictions to this diet, which is great. Restrictions just create craving. as long as you stick to their pyramid, you will be doing everything right.

Daily Servings Are: Fruits – unlimited with a min. of 3 servings
Vegetables – unlimited, with a min. of 4 servings
Carbohydrates – 4-8 servings
Protein/Dairy – 3-7 servings
Unsatruated fats – 3-5 servings
Sweets -up to 75 calories a day

The Cost

The Clinic provides two books for your to follow they are The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well, Enjoy Life, Lose Weight and The Mayo Clinic Journal for Your Diet.


A fully researched program developed by the Mayo Clinic All items can be bought at the grocery store for easy shopping Provides a lifestyle change, not a quit fix.

The Cons



The diet provided by the Mayo Clinic is an overall package. It really like that it has goal setting and motivational tips written into it along with healthy eating habits you can use for the rest of yoru life. This plan will help you learn how to eat healthy and have an overall healthier lifestyle. This is not a quick fix. If you are looking to lose 10lbs in one week, this is not the diet for you. You might want to check out the Isagenix Cleanse if you are looking for more faster weight lose results.

The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet Review

The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet is a high fat and low carbohydrate weight loss program.

Is this a fad diet?

This weight loss program theory claims grapefruit has special properties that allow you to burn fat. The weight loss program also claims eating large amounts of fat will cause weight loss.

The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet Menu Plan

The menu plan is as follows:

    One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
    Two eggs cooked to your preference
    Two bacon slices
    coffee or tea (black)

    One-half grapefruit or eight ounces of juice (unsweetened)
    Raw veggies or salad and your preference in salad dressing
    Your choice of meat

    Your choice of meat
    Red or green vegetables (cook veggies in butter) or raw vegetables or a salad
    coffee or tea (black)

Bedtime Snack
Eight ounces of skim milk or tomato juice

Foods You Cannot Have

Potatoes, peas, celery, cereal, corn, carrots, starchy vegetables, rice, bread, noodles, pretzels, fruit and diet salad dressing.

The Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet Plan Instructions

The plan supports the theory of combination foods burning fat. You eat until you are full and you aren’t to eliminate any foods from the plan. The grapefruit is the stimulus that starts the fat burning process.

Cut back on your coffee, limit it to one cup per meal. Do not snack between meals.

They claim fat doesn’t form fat, it helps burn fat. Using butter and frying foods in butter is allowed. Sugars and starches are eliminated.

You may double or triple the servings of meat and vegetables. Eat until you are completely satisfied. They claim the more you eat, the more weight you will lose.

You must drink one-half gallon of water per day. Soft drinks must be sugar and caffeine free.

You will be on the Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet for twelve days and off for two days.

The Cons

It isn’t a healthy diet, it is too limited in carbohydrates. This would cause low energy, possibly fatigue. The idea that eating grapefruit burns fat is unfounded.

It is nutritionally unbalanced and encourages high fat foods which are associated with heart disease. Complex carbohydrates are the body’s major source of energy and they are eliminated.

Even though it’s called the Mayo Clinic diet, it is not endorsed by the “Mayo Clinic.” According to the web site, they have produced the book, “Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Every Body” and this is the only diet program by them.

Meal Replacement Bars Review

High protein bars, energy bars and low carbohydrate bars are popular for meal replacement.

Maybe you use them because you’re very physically active… or you use them for portion control in a weight loss program or to maintain your weight.

But…are they healthy?

Energy bars are geared toward sports and fitness. They contain a concentrated source of carbohydrate for quick energy. They also contain protein which is good for muscle repair.

Snack bars that are low carbohydrate and high protein are geared towards weight loss. They are usually used for snacks on the go.

The Pros

All of the energy/snack/nutrition bars are convenient and easy to use “on the go.”

Most are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and are low in sodium and cholesterol.

The Cons

Even though energy/snack bars are promoted as a meal replacement, they aren’t equal to a balanced meal that provides more nutrients.

They can equal the vitamin and mineral content found in vegetables and fruits.

However, other nutrients such as phytochemical, natural fiber and bioflavonoids are missing.

The fat content isn’t nearly as high as some snacks, but the percentage of saturated fat can be as high as 50 percent in some bars.

Be sure to check the nutrition label for trans fat, as that is very unhealthy and you want to avoid that.

Making A Comparison

Of course, I would choose an energy/snack bar over a fast food meal for nutrition. But compared to a balanced, healthy meal of vegetables and fruits, lean sources of proteins and low nutrient dense carbohydrates, you loose nutritional value.

Read The Labels

If you’re going to make these part of your meal replacement and diet, read the nutrition labels and select the best choices.

Look for energy/snack bars fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Check for the amount of saturated fats, be sure they contain no trans-fat.

Check for stimulants such as caffeine or herbal supplements that you may not want.

Check the sugar content… not all bars are healthy and have added sugar for a quick energy source.

My recommendation is to choose natural bars. I like an ingredient list that makes me feel healthy when I read it! (Also one that I can pronounce the ingredients).

I choose ones made from fruits, nuts and seeds. They are sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. They don’t have food additives, chemicals, colors, or preservatives.

Medifast Diet Review

Medifast is a clinically proven weight loss program and it’s also recommended by many physicians.

“The 4 & 2 & 1 Plan used at Medifast Weight Control Centers was effective for weight loss, preservation of lean mass and improvement in cardiometabolic risk factors. The plan was generally well tolerated in a broad population of overweight and obese adults.”

This weight loss program is nutritionally complete with low-fat and low-calorie meals, and it teaches you portion control.

It is extremely healthy! You will be eating balanced meals with snacks and it will make huge improvements in your health.

It’s time to give up the crash and burn fad diets and make a healthy lifestyle change. With Medifast… there’s no guessing on how much to eat or the right foods to eat.

They have programs for women, men, and if you’re a diabetic, you can now lose weight with the confidence you can manage your Type 2 Diabetes.

So… What are the Programs?

Weight Loss for Women

The 5 & 1 Plan helps you lose the weight faster, but just as important, it teaches you how to keep the weight off!


  • No counting calories or carbs – it’s done for you.
  • Nutritionally complete and healthy
  • You will feel the difference and see a difference the first week!
  • It’s affordable.

You have the convenience of ordering 4 week packages which also gives you a substantial savings.

What You Eat

With the 5 & 1 Plan you’ll eat 5 Medifast Meals and 1 Lean & Green Meal Daily. You get to choose from over 60 meals which includes shakes, soups, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bars, puddings and more. You can mix and match these to your convenience.

Your Lean & Green meal will include salad or vegetables and lean protein such as chicken, fish, or beef.

You will eat every two to three hours to avoid hunger and with the results of quick weight loss you will stay motivated. You’ll also receive the Quick Start Guide and a lot of great information to help you lose quicker and make a healthy lifestyle change.


Once you reach your goal you’ll begin the transition which will reintroduce you to additional healthy foods. You’ll start adding calories back into your diet over a period of time to allow your body to adjust to the new levels of carbs and calories.

You’ll also have started a new habit of eating more often but with portion control. This keeps your metabolism boosted and helps you to maintain your weight loss and it’s just simply healthier.


They will teach you to sustain your weight loss through healthy food choices and an active lifestyle. The goal is helping you remain at your healthy weight for life. The complete transition and mainenance information is free and will help you determine the calories you need to maintain your weight loss and stablize it.


For some exercise is the hardest part – whether it’s getting started or just finding something YOU really enjoy doing so it doesn’t seem like it’s work!

But it does help you maintain your weight loss… therefore it also helps prevent many health related diseases.

Make it simple when you start… walking is still rated in the top 5 exercise programs… and it’s also one of the easiest exercises to work into your schedule.

Weight Loss for Men

The 5 & 1 Plan for Men follows the same process as the 5 & 1 Plan for Women.

A lot of men have been very successful using the weight loss program. They have the same advantages with the prepackaged meals and besides not having to count calories and carbs – this program has a a higher Fullness Index™ which leaves you feeling more satisfied than many other weight loss programs.

Weight Loss Type 2 Diabetics

Researchers released the results of a weight-loss study that found that after 34 weeks, diabetic participants using Medifast’s portion-controlled meal replacement program lost twice as much weight and were twice as likely to complete the study as participants following a standard food diet based on the dietary guidelines of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Also, after 34 weeks, 24 percent of the Medifast users decreased their diabetes medication, compared to 0 (zero) percent on the standard food diet.

Program Choices

They offer the Basic Package Plan for 4 weeks, the Enhanced Package Plan with Omega 3 which boosts your weight loss and health, and the Momentum by Medifast which energizes both you and your Medifast Plan.

Online Assistance

Support options are always available. You can choose to do this program online and have the support of forums and a community of people that have been through the program, are on the program, and know what it takes to lose weight and maintain it.

You can also get a free health coach! You’ll have access to online meal planning, and the support of Registered Dieticians.

Medifast has you covered… if you’re ready to lose weight, learn how to keep it off, and make a permanent healthy lifestyle change, this is a sure way to accomplish your goals and with a Professional company that knows what it takes and will be there with you every step of the way.

The Mediterranean Diet Review

The Mediterranean Diet is not a specific weight loss program. It is the typical eating habits traditionally followed by the people in the Mediterranean area and has been noted for it’s heart healthy diet benefits.

The low rates of diseases and high life expectancy rates in the Mediterranean are credited to their traditional diet and active and agricultural lifestyle. Being an Italian myself, I love good old Italian meals.

The diet plan has many aspects to it that make it very appealing especially if you are looking to lose weight. You will get the opportunity to try foods that are native to the areas that lie alond the border of the Medditeranean Sea. This means olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables even red wine.

The diet is said to be extremely beneficial reducing risk of disease.

What You Can Eat

Although there are many attempts at replicating this traditional style of living, it originally was not a weight loss program. The diet is based on the traditional lifestyle and carries through with delicious cuisine.

You will eat less processed foods and more yogurt, beans, nuts, legumes, vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, potatos and whole grains. Red meat, sweets, poultry and eggs are consumed less often.

Red wine (in moderation), is a part of the traditional lifestyle this weight loss plan is based on. Sixteen countries border the sea, and the diets can vary between the countries and regions. However, they have a very common ground in how they eat.


It can be a very affordable program that runs about $5 a week and provides sample meals plans.

Or you could just buy the book The Mediterranean Diet and do your own research and meal planning.


Greatly reduces your chances of heart disease. Inexpensive with great variety. Allows for extras like sweets and red wine.

The Cons

There are plenty of options, but beware if you have shellfish or nut allergies.


Rather than just a diet plan, the New Mediterranean Diet Plan is a lifestyle change. Your chances of maintaining your weight are better because the foods you eat are more satisfying. Also, exercise is promoted and it’s easier to stick with a program like this.

The Metabolic Typing Diet

The Metabolic Typing Diet came about from the belief that each person has their own unique metabolism.

Two factors researched were the Oxidative System and the Autonomic Nervous System.

From this research, William Wolcott determined there are three Metabolic Types:

The carbo type usually has a weak appetite, weight issues, a high tolerance for sugar and sweets, and is dependent on caffeine.

The protein type tends to be hungry often, craves salty or fatty foods, and doesn’t do well on low calorie diets. This type also is often anxious or nervous and tired most of the time.

The mixed type has an average appetite, craves starchy or sweet foods, and often is anxious or nervous. This type rarely has a weight issue, but is tired most of the time.

Type of Foods You Eat

The foods you eat are set up according to your type.

Carbo Type:
A diet high in carbohydrates, low in protein, oil, and fats.

Protein Type:
A diet high in protein, oils, and fat with minimal carbohydrate intake.

Mixed Type:
A diet that is basically equal in protein and carbohydrates. Protein suggestions include eggs, cheese, tofu, nuts and yogurt.

The book, The Metabolic Typing Diet, by William Linz Wolcott and Trish Fahey, is very detailed and explains the metabolic types and eating plans.

It also explains why and how the research was conducted.

You can also get this information online. However, you have to register and at the time of this writing, the fee for obtaining your profile and joining is $39.95 US.

Once registered, you will find out your metabolic type, and receive the metabolic typing report, a personalized eating plan, individualized supplement list and other tools to assist you on the diet.

I haven’t found any other research to document their theory. However, not every diet plan works for everyone. This may possibly be a plan that works for you.

Always consult your doctor before starting a weight loss program, especially if you have any health issues or are taking medications.

NutriSystem Weight Loss Program Diet Review

NutriSystem offers prepackaged healthy meals with a great on-line service that’s available all the time.

If your lifestyle is extremely active, this is a great plan for you!

There’s no guess work or counting calories, they’ve done it all.

You pick what you like to eat and you’re on your way to weight loss.

NutriSystem has also made it easier for you to transition into cooking again with the types of meals you’ll eat.

The meals are based on meals you would normally fix yourself.

NutriSystem Program

The USDA Food Guide Pyramid and the Glycemic Index are used as the basis for this diet plan. It’s loaded with complex carbohydrates and it’s low in calories and fat.

The bad carbohydrates are replaced with good carbohydrates. It’s healthier and leaves you feeling satisfied for longer periods of time.

Programs Offered by NutriSystem

They offer more than one weight loss program.

For the mature woman they offer Nourish Women’s Over 60 intended to assist the more mature woman with weight loss. It’s a low calorie, nutritional program that’s high in fiber, protein and healthy fats.

The Women’s program includes a meal plan that offers more than 120 prepackaged meals and desserts.

NutriSystem provides a program for Type II diabetics. It controls carbohydrate and calorie consumption to encourage losing weight safely. Seventy prepackaged meals are offered including desserts.

They also have an all Vegetarian Program which offers over 60 prepackaged meals for Vegetarians.

They didn’t leave the men out… they have a Men’s Program and a Men’s Over 60 Program.

The over 60 programs include vitamins and minerals with the meal plans.

Food Choices

NutriSystem does focus on balanced meals and portion control. The plan includes meals and snacks. You eat more often in smaller quantities.

The prepackaged meals are convenient and eliminate meal planning. The average cost is approximately $300.00 per month. The prices are very comparable and more affordable than some programs that offer packaged food.

There are a variety of meals to choose from such as pasta, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, Thai noodles with peanut sauce, veggie chili, hearty beef stew and many more. They even have great desserts like peanut butter cookies!

The packaged meals are loaded with nutrition, require no refrigeration and you can add spices and herbs for your own personal taste.

Eating out is doable, they’ll go through that with you on the types of foods you need to choose.

Do I Have to Exercise?

Yes! (Well… that’s my personal answer!) But in all seriousness, they do promote fitness. That should become a part of your lifestyle change along with better eating habits.

NutriSystem services are available online with complete support around the clock. You can also access them through email or telephone.

Membership is free and includes support and counseling, motivational support, online classes and a newsletter.

They also provide a chat room where you can meet people and get more support and motivation. You will have a member profile and have access to a personal online diary.

So why give up your favorite foods? If you love home cooked meals, pizza, hamburgers, lasagna, and chocolate…you may just love it!

Optifast Diet Review

Optifast is a medically supervised plan composed of fortified liquid replacements.

This is a eighteen week program. The first twelve weeks will be meal replacement options followed by integrating healthy meals back into your lifestyle.

It consists of liquid shakes and supplements, with some whole foods.

It is designed for obese patients that are 50 pounds or more over weight, or have a body mass index of 30 or more.

The statistics show over 600 people have sustained a weight loss of 10% of their body weight.

They have maintained this for five years or longer.

The Pros

It addresses weight related health problems. A preliminary medical examination is performed to determine health status.

The plan is customized to the needs of each person based on health status and weight loss goals. Medical monitoring of your progress and health throughout the entire program.

Counseling is provided by professionals and includes individual and group therapy.

The nutritional products supplied cut calories, but the daily regimen allows for 100 percent of the recommended intake for vitamins and minerals.

The Optifast Shakes are delicious and very convenient.

Promotes fitness at a level you can handle to start with and promotes healthy eating changes.

The Cons

The only “con” I can present is the cost of the program. However, if you are obese and have poor health, you cannot put a price on becoming healthy.

This isn’t a fad diet, it’s a medically supervised plan for obesity.

The statistics have shown good success for obesity with the Optifast Plan.

“Compared with an FB approach, OP was more effective with greater sustained weight loss.” study

If you are obese and have health related problems, I would recommend you speaking with one of their medical professionals.

I would also recommend you consult with your own personal doctor or healthcare provider before starting any weight loss program.

The Perfect Body Plan Review

The Perfect Body Plan is not a quick weight loss program. It’s designed to help you lose weight, gain weight if you need to, or maintain your weight, and get into a healthy fitness program.

This book isn’t about telling you that “everyone can have a certain perfect body.” This is quite refreshing!

Instead… it’s about you achieving your perfect body. Whether that means losing, gaining, or maintaining your weight, it’s about you. your goals and your body.

What You’ll Find in the Book:


They address core principles in how your thought process works in relation to your current body and your goal, and provide the solutions.


This book is educational and takes you through the proper workout for the muscle groups. It re-educates you about the muscle groups and what you should feel after working out.

The comparison chart for this is very informative as it points out where you should be feeling the exercise you just completed. If you’re doing the exercise incorrectly, this is a plus for pointing that out.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important part of fitness programs.

Fitness Program

Many people that want to start a new program are always concerned with the thought… will I be able to do the exercises?

This program is well designed and has taken into consideration all fitness levels. From beginner to advanced, the workout plans are well laid out so that you can implement them into your lifestyle.

Gym or Workout at Home?

This section gives you advantages and disadvantages of both working out in a gym or at home.

The workout plans are usable whether you want to work out in a gym or at home. The charts are planned out for you with the types of exercises, the time required for each exercise, and the descriptions of how to do each exercise properly.

Your workout sessions will be three to five days a week with thirty minutes to an hour for each workout.

Nutrition and Diet

This section will reinforce healthy eating habits and the way to obtain the vitamins your body requires naturally by eating the right foods.

You won’t find a planned diet program, but you will find healthy tips to eating properly that go along with making a healthy lifestyle change.

Often we choose to start a program and jump in full speed ahead. Unfortunately if you have not been physically active you’ll find yourself too sore to want to continue.

On the other hand, if you’ve been physically active and find yourself losing weight, you’ll be extremely happy until you hit the plateau that no matter what you do, the weight loss has stopped.

The Perfect Body Plan recognizes these issues and has designed a fitness plan that will work. But as with any plan, you have to make the choice to stick with it for it to work.

So if you’re looking for a plan that will work and you’re ready to commit to what it takes, this one will work for anyone.

The Perfect Body Plan comes as a downloadable eBook in PDF form which makes it available to you immediately. You may read it on your computer or print it out.

Pritikin Weight Loss Diet Review

The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough stresses foods that are natural and high in unprocessed carbohydrates and fiber and low in salt, cholesterol and fat.

Nathan Pritikin, the diet plan originator, was diagnosed with heart disease.

Because of his dramatic improvements in health, he opted to help others with similar medical problems.

It is heart healthy. If you’re at risk for heart disease or have heart disease, it may be beneficial to you.

If you have a medical problem, always consult your doctor before starting a diet.

You may have a problem following this long-term because the diet is very low in fat.

Recommended Foods:

Unrefined Complex Carbohydrates

Select five servings daily such as oats, wheat, brown rice, rye, yams, potatoes, chestnuts, winter squashes, peas and beans.


Select four daily.


Select three daily.

Calcium rich foods

Select two daily.

Animal protein

Select only one serving daily.

Shellfish and Fish

Select fish over red meat and poultry.

It recommends eating six or seven meals each day. The portion sizes are not restricted.

It also encourages you to walk at least 45 minutes a day.

The diet recommends healthy foods but you also need portion control if you are trying to lose weight or maintain weight. Even with exercising, you’ll need to burn off calories over and above what you need. Portion control is an important part of any diet.

The New Pritikin Program covers all of the information in detail.

Protein Power Diet

Weight loss programs like Protein Power are at an all time high in popularity.There are so many books out about low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets. But this particular weight loss program has taken a little different turn.

Dr. Michael R. Eades and Dr. Mary Dan Eades, authors of this plan, promise “you will feel fit and boost your health in just weeks!”

The doctors provide explanations for the purpose of insulin and glucagons. It also explains the hormones involved with the food to fuel process, backed with research and studies.

Basically, the authors believe our metabolism is geared to handle high levels of protein.

They also believe through studies, that high carbohydrate and low fat diets have created the problem of excess production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that controls fat storage.

A point they make that does make me think is that even with all of the “healthy eating” pertaining to low fat foods and less protein, obesity, diabetes, heart disease among other diseases continues to rise.

The doctors make the point that the consumption of a lot of carbohydrates, especially refined and processed carbs, leads to the over-production of insulin.

You learn how to calculate your lean body mass and body fat and complete measurements for answers through the book. It also addresses your physical fitness level.

The book, Protein Power, contains some sample menus and recipes. It also offers suggestions on how to order when eating out.

The Gram Counter is also another tool provided to help you with this program.

Protein Power Theory

The theory is insulin control manages cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and fat.

Minimal carbohydrate intake keeps the insulin levels lowered. This forces the A low intake of carbohydrates keeps insulin levels low, forcing the making of glucagon, a counterbalancing hormone, which looks for energy the body has stored in fat.

Ketones are partly burned fat. If you eliminate them through urine or other means you’re getting rid of surplus fat and not having to burn them off. The beginning phase could easily put an overweight person into a condition of ketosis.

They have a lot of information in their book regarding the latest findings on insulin resistance. They define what it is, what you need to do to correct it, and other problems associated with it.

Other things discussed include good quality fats, natural sunlight health benefits, and supplements.

It’s complete with menus, meal plans, recipes, and fitness. The various questions such as whole wheat or red meat? or… should you have a salad with fat free dressing or olive oil are addressed.

I’m of the opinion what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. If you are on low carbohydrates, Protein Power Lifeplan would be a good book for you to read.

Scarsdale Diet Review

The Scarsdale diet has been around for a long time. It’s a low carbohydrate weight loss program and recommends taking appetite suppressants.

It’s a seven to fourteen day plan that uses artificial sweeteners and herbal appetite suppressants.

The plan is very strict and allows fruits, vegetables, lean animal fats and no snacking.

The Scarsdale Diet theory is to be able to lose up to one pound per day.

This is done by following a low carbohydrate plan based on chemical reactions instead of calorie counting or portion control.

The Pros

  • Quick Weight Loss makes the customer happy.
  • Easy Plan to Follow
  • Portion Control isn’t important, you can eat all you want of the specific foods.
  • You don’t have to manage calories.

The Cons

  • This plan is low in carbohydrates.
  • Appetite suppressants can be dangerous if you have heart disease or high blood pressure. They shouldn’t be used with other stimulants such as caffeine.
  • Extremely strict diet plan based on a 7 to 14 day period.
  • Eliminates foods high in fiber.
  • It’s not a healthy weight loss program.

The Seven Day Scarsdale Diet Menu

First Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Chicken, lean beef, or fish with tomato salad and tea or coffee
Dinner: Fish (broiled) with tomato and lettuce salad, and melon or grapefruit

Second Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Fruit salad and tea or coffee
Dinner: Hamburger (no bread) and cooked vegetables

Third Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Melon or grapefruit with Tuna salad
Dinner: Pork chops (2 lean) with salad (mixed greens), tea or coffee

Fourth Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Two eggs with 3 oz of squash, cottage cheese, and one slice of toast with tea or coffee
Dinner: Broiled or grilled skinless chicken with green pepper or spinach and coffee

Fifth Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Cheese and spinach with one slice of toast
Dinner: Fish (broiled) with vegetables or salad and one slice of toast

Sixth Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Salad made of fruit and tea or coffee
Dinner: Broiled skinless chicken with a salad of tomato and lettuce, melon or grapefruit and tea or coffee

Seventh Day:
Breakfast: Tea or coffee and half a grapefruit
Lunch: Chicken witha salad of lettuce and tomato, melon or grapefruit and tea or coffee
Dinner: Beef (lean) with a mixed green salad and tea or coffee

The book The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet: Plus Dr. Tarnower’s Lifetime Keep-Slim Program goes into complete detail for this program.

Slim-Fast Optima Diet Review

Slim-Fast Optima Diet is affordable and convenient.

Are you on the run a lot? …Simply take the products with you!

Besides being extremely simple and convenient, this weight loss program is an effective and sensible way to lose those extra pounds.

Over thirty published studies show this weight loss program is safe and it works.

When I think of Slim Fast, I remember the days of replacing two meals with shakes and eating a balanced meal for dinner.

Those days and the weight loss program have changed. Now you get delicious Slim-Fast Optima Ready To Drink Shakes and more!

What To Expect on Your Slim-Fast Optima Diet:

You Eat

Yes, you can pair up your favorite foods with the Slim Fast Meals. You don’t have to give up all your favorite foods.

Personalize Your Program

You can change your plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.

You’ll eat three healthy meals each day and three healthy snacks each day that include fruits and vegetables. You won’t get hungry, you’ll lose weight and keep your energy level at its peak. This will keep you motivated!

No Measuring and No Counting

Your calories, portion sizes and meal preparation are all done for you. With over 100 products to choose from, you’ll have convenience and you won’t get bored.

This weight loss program does consist of shakes and bars. If you are allergic to soy or are lactose intolerant – this diet may not be for you.

However is low carbohydrate diets work for you, then this may be a plan to try.

Somersizing with Suzanne Review

Suzanne Somer’s “Somersizing” is a high fat, high protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. The theory is if you combine certain foods it will promote weight loss.

In her new book, “Suzanne Somers’ Fast & Easy: Lose Weight the Somersize Way with Quick, Delicious Meals for the Entire Family,” she explains the program and gives you the information to make it work easier and faster.

It also has recipes and great photo illustrations.

To date there have been no studies completed to support the theory of food combinations promoting weight loss or that carbohydrate and protein enzymes stop digestion if eaten together.

On the other hand, there are no studies to disprove this theory, and there are a lot of weight loss programs that do promote it.

What You Can Eat

Included are unrestricted amounts of cheese, meat, cream, eggs, butter and oils.

Included are restricted portions of whole grain pastas, low carb vegetables, breads and cereals, fruits, beans, and nonfat dairy products.

The diet reduces calories and eliminates foods high in sugars. It does reduce “funky foods” or junk food.

Her pointers are:

  • When you eat fruit, don’t combine it with any other foods.
  • Eat carbohydrates with vegetables and don’t include any fats.
  • Eat fats and proteins with vegetables.
  • Don’t eat cabohydrates with fats or proteins.
  • If you eat a fat and protein meal, wait at least three hours before eating a carbohyrate meal and vice versa.
  • Never skip a meal.
  • It does encourage eating smaller meals more often.
  • Physical fitness is encouraged.

Suzanne Somer’s Popular Books

Following you’ll find a list of Suzanne’s books that deal with weight loss and recipes so you can enjoy great tasting foods and drinks!

  • Suzanne Somers’ Fast and Easy: Lose Weight the Somersize Way with Quick, Delicious Meals for the Entire Family!
  • Somersize Appetizers: 30 Scintillating Starters to Tantalize Your Tastebuds at Every Occasion
  • Somersize Chocolate
  • Somersize Cocktails: 30 Sexy Libations from Cool Classics to Unique Concoctions to Stir Up Any Occasion
  • Suzanne Somers’ Get Skinny on Fabulous Food
  • Suzanne Somers’ Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away
  • Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight
  • Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness

Sonoma Diet Review

The Sonoma Diet is claimed to be the most flavorful weight loss program under the sun.

It is inspired by the Mediterranean Diet and the Food Guide Pyramid.

The Theory

The meals are for festivity instead of being deprived of food.

Staying away from food isn’t going to help you lose weight, instead try losing weight by taking pleasure in what you eat.

Foods You Can Eat

The focus is on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans, rice, pasta and seeds. Moderate amounts of dairy products are eaten such as yogurt and cheese. The main protein source is plant proteins, but animal proteins are included.

The main foods singled out are: Almonds, Bell peppers, Blueberries, Broccoli, Grapes, Olive oil, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes, and Whole grains.

The 3 Waves of the Diet

This diet is separated into three stages or waves.

Wave Number One lasts for 10 days. Foods that are rapidly absorbed are limited such as refined flour and sugars.

Wave Number Two is the main weight loss period, and you remain in this wave until you have achieved your goal weight.

Weight loss is slower but healthier. The focus is to enjoy and savor your food.

Wave Number Three is your maintenance plan for life.

Appropriate Portioning

Instead of measuring food or counting calories, they have a different approach.

The Bowl-and-Plate notion has you use a nine inch plate for dinner and a seven inch plate for breakfast. As you progress through the waves, you are instructed how to load up your plate.

The Cost

Sonoma Diet cost $5 a week, billed quarterly (every 13 weeks), with a five-week minimum commitment online.

You get their daily meal planner, day by day plan, a registered dietitian online, weight tracker and other tools plus 500 recipes.

In my opinion, the Sonoma Diet is a sensible weight loss program. However, it doesn’t promote a healthy fitness program.

South Beach Diet Review

The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston. as a way for his heart patients to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

This weight loss program is set up to teach you to alter the balance of food you consume by eliminating bad carbs and fats and replacing them with good carbs and fats. The program is set up in three phases.

Foods You Can Eat

Phase 1 – Two Weeks – Start Losing Weight

You will consume regular portions of seafood and meat, such as fish, shrimp, beef and chicken. You will also eat eggs, cheese, vegetables, nuts, and salads with salad dressing containing olive oil.

This phase will consist of three meals each day and two snacks. You can drink diet soda, have dessert (but only after dinner) and eat out.

You won’t be able to have rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, baked goods or fruit and you will eliminate cake, candy, ice cream, cookies, sugar, alcohol or beer. These foods will be reintroduced after the first two weeks.

Phase 2 – Reintroduction – Until You Reach Your Goal

Now you’ll be allowed to have pasta, bread, cereal, rice, fruits, potatoes, beer, wine, and chocolate. You will be able to choose one carb to introduce into one meal daily for a week.

If you aren’t gaining weight after a week, you can incorporate another carb into another meal until you can incorporate 2-3 healthy carbs daily.

Phase 3 – Maintenance

After reaching your best weight, you can add more foods. You can eat regular foods in regular portions. Rebalancing the meals keeps your weight precisely where you want it to be.


The purchase of The South Beach Diet.

The Benefits

Emphasis on healthy eating and eliminating trans-fats and refined sugars. Highly supported program with a maintenance plan.

The Cons

Eliminating some fruits, carbs and sugars may make it harder to stick with the program long-term. There are no substitutes for the foods on the plan. If you are unable or don’t like certain foods, it could be a problem for long-term dieting.


The South Beach Diet is one of the better “fad” diets out there. It actually teaches you a new lifestyle and how to make healthy choices. It’s also a high profile diet so there are many products in your local grocery store that are made specifically for people on the diet. This makes meal a lot easier.

Special K Cereal Diet Review

Kellogg’s came out with the Special K diet. Is this real?

Or is it possibly a concept for a marketing campaign as some tend to think?

They challenge you to follow their dietary plan which consists of two bowls of Special K per day in order to lose six pounds per week in two weeks.

You’ll have one bowl of cereal in the morning and one at lunchtime, with fruit and skim milk. Then you choose a healthy dinner.

You can use only skim milk and sugar substitutes on the cereal for this weight loss program to be effective.

Kellogg has created a variety of cereals such as Vanilla Almond, Chocolatey Delight, Cinnamon Pecan, Fruit & Yogurt, and Red Berries.

They’ve also created snack bars, shakes, cereal bites, Protein Meal Bars, and K20 Protein water in Protein Water Tropical, Lemon Twist, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Although as far as cereals go, Special K is a good choice for breakfast. It would be a healthy breakfast on a weight loss program.

A serving size with skim milk, fruit and coffee is just under 250 calories.

The K20 Protein water and snack bars are a healthy choice for snacks.

This may work as a jump-start on weight loss for a short term goal of two weeks, but it’s simply not a healthy long term choice.

When you limit your food groups and choices, you get bored!

Sugar Busters Diet Review

Sugar Busters is a low sugar, high fiber, low glycemic index weight loss program. It stresses reduction of calories from foods like sugar that are refined carbohydrates.

The theory is explained by the authors as…

“The glucose level is raised quickly in the blood stream by sugar. This causes the pancreas to let go of the hormone insulin which in turn makes too much insulin. Your body isn’t capable of converting the glucose into glycogen.”

By lowering the number of sugars you eat, you maintain a more balances blood sugar level which makes you less hungry and gives your body less opportunities for storing excess carbohydrates as fat.

Foods You Can Eat

The plan is to eat stone ground whole grains, high fiber vegetables, fruits, lean trimmed meats, and fish. Food should be baked, broiled or grilled. Cooking oil should be low in saturated fats and rich in mono-polyunsaturated fats.

You eat 3 meals each day with snacks such as nuts or fruit. Consume fruit by itself, it’s preferred over juice, and should be eaten 30 minutes before a meal.

Recommended Foods

Apples, apricots, pears, tangerines, oranges, cherries, kiwis, grapefruit, raspberries, melons, broccoli, lettuce, peas, whole grains, dairy products, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, artichokes, brussel sprouts, squash, cabbage, spinach, cucumbers, celery, onions, zucchini, lentils, lean beef and lean pork, poultry, Canadian bacon, game meats, fish and shellfish.

You can buy the shopping guide online to help you in creating grocery lists.


There are a few book you can purchase the main one being The New Sugar Busters! Cut Sugar to Trim Fat and the Sugar Busters! Quick & Easy Cookbook which is full of cool recipes for you to follow.


No calorie counting. High fiber plan low in saturated fat.


Requires major lifestyle change, but most diets do Tough for people who like to indulge their sweet tooth.


Sugar is definitely used to excess, especially in the US. Cutting back on your intake of sugar can greatly improve your overall health and fitness as well as trim off some of those extra pounds sitting around your midsection.

Weight Watchers Diet Review

Weight Watchers uses a point system for counting calories. It’s simple to use and there is no guess-work involved. They also offer meetings or you can join online.

They really keep you motivated and provide support with a variety of programs.

The Pros

  • You can join a local group and attend weekly meeting for motivation and support. They also have you weigh in weekly.
  • You can join online for motivation and support, and also get eTools to assist you.
  • Online provides hundreds of delicious recipes and meal ideas.
  • They provide a restaurant guide to show you how to make smart dining choices.
  • They have more than one program to fit your needs.
  • It is a healthy diet program.
  • No special foods are required.
  • They promote weight loss and weight management.
  • They work on a point system for counting calories. Converting the point system to food outside their program may be challenging. With the support meetings and groups, you should be able to get assistance with this.
  • Membership fees online are set up in two ways. The costs are very minimal, especially for everything that you receive.
  • Weight Watchers is a healthy diet plan that promotes change in your eating habits and promotes physical fitness.
  • I personally lost weight and learned a lot through this program. Your commitment will make permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

Weight Watchers gets you on track for that!

The Zone Diet Review

The Zone diet developed by Dr. Barry Sears and based on his best selling books is a clinical program that will help you lose weight.

Additionally this program helps reduce chronic disorders risks, slows down the aging process, and helps improve physical and mental performance. This is all accomplished by consuming the right amounts and combinations of carbohydrates, fat, and protein at each meal.

If you have to much insulin this can cause an increase in fat being stored. It is a scientifically evaluated program designed to stimulate your body to burn excess body fat and lose weight

Foods You Eat on the Zone Diet

You eat five times a day, three meals that combine low-fat protein, favorable carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, and monounsaturated fats which include almonds, olive oil, and avocados. No foods are actually off limits but they recommend avoiding high-fat foods and carbs such as pastas, grains, and starches.

The Pros for the Zone Diet

  • Developed by a doctor and has a successful weight loss record.
  • Online support with weight loss management tools such as meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, snack ideas, diet journal, and weight tracker.
  • Online site membership is free.

The Cons for the Zone Diet

In the Zone Diet each meal has to be calculated with the exact balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates to be in the “zone.”


The Zone Diet does teach you to eat more vegetables, fruits, and protein and to limit processed foods and sugar.

Dr. Sears also recommends exercise, daily fish oil supplements and stress management techniques to get you “deeper into the Zone.”

The Ultimate List of Diet Reviews Conclusion

There isn’t a “quick fix” to losing weight. You didn’t gain it over night, and unfortunately it doesn’t come off over night.

Women’s health is severely impacted by poor choices in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Each time you lose weight and gain it back, it impacts your health and makes it more difficult to lose the weight again.

With quick weight loss or fad/crash dieting, you may lose weight faster… However, if you don’t change your eating habits and incorporate an exercise plan into your lifestyle, you will more than likely gain that weight back.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” eating plan.

BUT… there are enough healthy foods to create your own healthy eating habits.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” exercise plan.

BUT… regardless of age, weight, finances and your schedule, you can create your own.

Speaking from experience… choose wisely when incorporating a weight loss and exercise plan. Stop using the word “diet!” Make your choices a healthy lifestyle change.

Gloria Brown
Women's health and wellness retreat leader providing vacations and trips for women to get in shape -- and stay that way! On you can find my articles about weight loss, health and women's issues. Please feel free to contact me on

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