Friday, September 18, 2020

Get your covert asana on.


Do yoga anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need a mat to rock a pose and feel better. 

Standing in line

Don’t mind acting out of the norm? Then feel your feet pressing into the ground, drop your tail bone and let your shoulder blades slide down your back. As you inhale, reach your hands overhead. Push your palms together at the top and exhale, bringing them back down to your sides. Do this a few times, breathing deeply, letting your arms float up slightly in front of your face. Just tell the other patrons you’re practising for flight. 

Sitting at a desk

Gradually transitioning from human to full robot? Feel a gentle pull from an invisible string encouraging you to lengthen from the crown of your head down into your tail bone  Broaden your collar bones and from this tall position, do an easy twist – placing your left hand on your right thigh and your right hand on your right hip or on the seat behind you. As you inhale, lengthen your spine and as you exhale twist a little deeper, feeling a release in your lower back. Take a few long, soft breaths then switch sides. After completing the left side, do the right side again for just a breath to restore balance. Always being gentle and listening to your body. Robot transformation averted. Phew.  

Laying on your back

Examining the glow-stars you glued to your ceiling when home-made constellations were all the rage? Hug your knees into your chest. Heck, give your knees a little kiss or blow a kiss if it’s a bit of a reach. With knees bent, take either of your ankles, the backs of the knees, or the soles of your feet, drawing your knees toward your armpits as the soles of your feet face the starry sky. This little number is called “happy baby” or “dead bug.” I prefer to be the happiest of babies. Breathe deeply, sending oxygen into your hips, and feeling your pelvis gently opening.

Always be gentle but firm and listen to your body. If the breath becomes jagged, you’ve come too far. Now go about your day with a little more zest and a lot more breath. x

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