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Dowsing a an ancient healing technique that comes from European origins. It facilitates emotional healing and is believed to assist the patient’s recovery from self-destructive patterns. It is also intended to help the patient connect with a higher source or being, as well as relieve exterior pressures in order to balance emotional, mental and physical health. The treatment uses special dowsing tools to communicate with earth energies – what healers believe to be the voices of plants, animals and spirits in the world. Dowsing is also credited with being able to find hidden sources of water using a pendulum.

Dowsing Energy Healing Process

During the dowsing treatment, the healer searches for imbalances in the patient’s mind, body and aura through the diagnosis of the energy fields and lines of the body. The healers use either a long crystal pendulum, or a pair of wands to detect where these imbalances may be occurring. The treatment involves a state of deep relaxation, where brain waves are similar to that experienced in meditation. The dowsing practitioner asks of the patient’s mind simple questions and waits for an answer from their subconscious. The patient may not need a healer to attain the state of relaxation needed for healing, however it is recommended if they find meditation difficult.

Typical Dowsing Energy Healing

Usually, the patient is situated in a lying position for the duration of the treatment. The practitioner often uses a meditative process of guided relaxation with the client in order to induce the state of calm necessary for dowsing to be successful. This relaxed state is also intended to make the therapy more enjoyable for the client.

Dowsing Energy Healing Pendulums

Pendulums are used in dowsing therapy in order to facilitate energy healing in the patient. The are believed to direct the patient and practitioner to the underlying condition, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, that gives rise to poor health. They are credited with being able to pinpoint the exact location of ailments in the body or energy field, and can therefore indicate when this problem has been corrected as well. In this way, the pendulum is believed to direct the healer to a certain style of therapy, as it can demonstrate when one treatment is working over another.

Dowsing Energy Healing Techniques Without Pendulums

Dowsing uses techniques that are unrelated to pendulums, as well. The techniques are derived from kinesiology, and can be performed by the patient themselves as a sort of manual self-testing. The patient is directed to make a circle with the thumb and forefinger on one hand, and loop the thumb and forefinger from the opposite hand through them in another circle. The patient then asks a yes/no question, and tries to open the loop with gentle pressure. If the answer is yes, the loop will not open; if they do, the answer is no. Dowsing can also use the the hand to act as a pendulum by holding the arm relaxed and letting it swing to the same effect. This can also be done using the entire arm, and relaxing from the shoulder, however practitioners believe this is a less reliable method of diagnosing potential problems compared to the other methods.

Dowsing Energy Healing and Nutrition

Dowsing has also been credited with being an effective way to establish a patient’s nutritional requirements. Some people may experience difficulty in absorbing particular nutrients, and this in turn causes vitamin imbalances, which give rise to physical problems. This has become a more central social concern since the invention and widespread dispertion of modern agricultural techniques that require many chemicals to be sprayed on fruit and vegetables. Dowsing is believed to be able to identify deficiencies in the patient’s nutritional system (in the same way as it can find emotional and physical imbalances) which can then be treated accordingly with diet changes or vitamin supplements.

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