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6 Dreams That Are Trying To Tell You Something


Dreams are some of the most private things that we can ever have. They are inherently only available to us, and we cannot generally escape them: unlike a book we don’t like, or a film that scares us, we cannot simply put a dream down or switch it off. We are forced to ‘live’ through it. Many people complain about having repetitive dreams, or dreams with similar themes over and over again, but instead of complaining, perhaps we should look a little closer into what are dreams could be trying to tell us.

After all, dreams are considered by many professionals to be the subconscious attempting to resolve problems or complicated thoughts while the rest of our mind is switched off. This gives it more brain power to try and sort out issues, and that is why some of our dreams can feel very intense and real. Of course, everyone dreams slightly differently, and it could seem completely impossible to actually know what our dreams are trying to tell us. Thankfully, there are six dreams that, if repeated, could have a very clear message. So what are your dreams trying to tell you?

1. Being chased.

  • Examples include: a masked man following you, someone you don’t recognise chasing you, a group of people chasing you angrily, a monster chasing you.
  • Theories behind it: it doesn’t take a genius to work out that running away from something in your dreams could mean that you are running away from something in your life. However, this does not necessarily mean that you are avoiding one particular person, or even a group of people. Instead, you could be ignoring a concern that you do not know how to deal with, such as a problem at work, or even a worry for the future, like which school your children will go to. The central point is not what the problem is, but that you have completely avoided it throughout your waking hours. Your sleeping mind, however, is not impressed, and wants you to stop fleeing the problem. If you cannot think what it is that you have pushed to the back of your mind, then try to pay attention to the circumstances of your dream. Are you running from someone you recognise, or do you realise what your surroundings are? These could give you clues as to exactly what it is you have avoided for so long.
  • Could be telling you: to face up to a fear that you have been ignoring for a long time.

2. Flying.

  • Examples include: soaring above buildings, or swimming through the air.
  • Theories behind it: There are two general ideas about flying dreams. The first is you are feeling especially free and wonderful, overcoming challenges and defeating the odds. That is certainly a great dream to have, but chances are it will not be one that you repeat regularly. That usually means that there is something wrong, which brings us to our second idea. The theory is that a dream in which you are flying is concerned with about sexual prowess. Your mind secretly thinks that you are particularly fabulous in the area, but perhaps when you are awake you do not recognise this. On the other hand, if you are struggling to stay airbourne, it could be that you are concerned about your sexual performance.
  • Could be telling you: to think carefully about whether you are happy with your sex life.

3. Snakes.

  • Examples include: falling into a pit of snakes, finding a snake where there certainly should not be one, snakes being part of the background continuously.
  • Theories behind it: We are certainly not the first to consider whether dreams have deeper meanings. The Ancient Egyptians believed that snakes brought bad dreams and nightmares to people, and they spent a lot of time before going to bed trying to ensure that there weren’t any in their homes. However, the symbol of a snake in a dream is slightly different: this could mean renewal and change, just as a snake sheds its skin. Examine your emotions when you saw the snake in your dream: was it in a positive or negative context? If positive or neutral, it could be that you are coming up to a change in your life which you are a little uncertain about.
  • Could be telling you: that it is time to shed your skin, and enter a new era.

4. Falling.

  • Examples include: toppling off a building, sinking in quicksand, or falling off something like a fairground ride.
  • Theories behind it: When you are falling in dreams over and over again, it is time to think about how you are supported. Whether it be at work or at home, we all need someone to encourage us and to keep us going when times get touch. If you are dreaming about falling, then it could be that you do not feel you are getting all of the held and guidance that you need. A dream of insecurity, falling can also mean a panic that you are losing control about an aspect of your life that is very important. What makes falling dreams so terrifying is that often we can wake up feeling as though we have just landed on our beds from a great height. This is due to myoclonic jerks: natural spasms in our muscles when we sleep. Combined with a falling dream, it can cause a lot of disorientation.
  • Could be telling you: that you need to reach out for help from friends and family.

5. Losing your teeth.

  • Examples include: looking in a mirror and noticing you have a gap, or totally being unable to talk because you have no teeth.
  • Theories behind it: Many people have debated exactly what losing your teeth in a dream really means. Freud (unsurprisingly) suggested that women secretly wanted children, whereas men were worried about castration. However, a much more simple understanding would argue that the person dreaming about losing their teeth are concerned about decay, and loss. Our teeth can also represent our appearance, and our self-confidence in that appearance. Many people who have these recurring dream are in their late forties and early fifties, and can often be a sign that they are fearing the onset of old age.
  • Could be telling you: that you need to relax about your age, and embrace what you do have.

6. Death.

  • Examples include: a loved one dying, people dying in front of you, or even your own death.
  • Theories behind it: One of the most terrible things that can happen is the death of a loved one, and so it should come as no surprise to us that one of the most frequent ñ and most hated ñ dreams include death. However, there are both positive and negative aspects to dreaming about death. Although it could certainly mean that you are experiencing an end of a relationship in your life, it could be a good thing, as the time is right for you and that person to go your separate ways. It could also mean that you are upset about a process coming to an end, such as a degree. Whatever it is, you may be ignoring your feelings when awake.
  • Could be telling you: that you are struggling to grieve over a recent death, or that you need to start to accept a change in your circumstances.


  1. Kelley

    I keep dreaming, very vivid dreams, that my husband is cheating on me. It has freaked me out enough I am looking for signs of it. Help! It is really bothering me.

  2. Dee

    Wow!!! I am speechless…!!! I have few recurring dream’s that I struggle to even sleep at times. I finally have the answers I need. Some I already some what knew. Thank you!!!

  3. Panda white

    Would be good to learn more information about this because im having really weird dreams

  4. Trinity

    I’d like to remember my dream so well that I could analyze it but this makes all better and so much easier to know what my dreams are telling me THANK YOU!!

  5. jojo

    PLEASE HELP?? I had a dream that me and my ex were talking and i said to him u cant marry me can u and he put his head down in shame then 6 months later he left me… now im having real life dreams of my crush an we are happy together i even felt his hand in mine as i woke up please help me understand this?

  6. Amber Mc Eniff

    The other day I was at school and I was shacking when I was singing and when I stopet signing i stopet shacking I had a dream like that and I don’t know what it means can you help me.

  7. Britney

    This is one of the most interesting topics I have read in the last few weeks . Dreams are amazing but unfortunately I don’t get to dream so often so ..

    • jojo

      PLEASE HELP?? I had a dream that me and my ex were talking and i said to him u cant marry me can u and he put his head down in shame then 6 months later he left me… now im having real life dreams of my crush an we are happy together i even felt his hand in mine as i woke up please help me understand this?

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