Friday, November 27, 2020

Beverages to Cut Out Of Your Diet


At some point, we are all guilty of indulging in a sugary drink or soda. It helps us get through that boring afternoon meeting or that professor’s lecture that wants to put you to sleep. We all have that time of day where we feel sluggish and crave something to boost our energy. While any of these drinks may not be bad in moderation, it is when we start multiplying them by two or four a day that it gets troublesome. Your body starts to feel the effects and while the short-term effects may be great (your energy boost), the long-term effects are devastating to the insides of your body.

First, let us take energy drinks. I am extremely opposed to these drinks the more I read about them. For the most part, these drinks dump in dangerous levels of caffeine and sugar. This is why between 2007 and 2011, emergency room visits doubled due to these drinks. Patients reported having seizures, chest pains and heart palpitations. This usually occurs after individuals drink too many of these drinks. In some of these drinks, there is a startling 215 mg of caffeine. This is dangerously high; is it really worth your health?

Soda is another beverage that you should consider removing from your diet. We have all heard from our doctors how bad soda is for our bodies, and yet we still find it in our hands. Danish researchers, however, have discovered that diet soda leads to fat around the liver and muscles. Moreover, this additional weight leads to conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, researchers have found that our body fat increases by thirty percent when we regularly drink soda. For an average person that weighs 150, this could result in 45 pounds additional weight gain. If this does not startle you, then you reevaluate how much soda you consume each day, week and so on. I think the answer would shock you.

Finally, try to keep your consumption of alcohol to a minimum. It is a fact that a glass of red wine a day can be good for your heart. A glass. When we drink too much, our bodies are not equipped to deal with it. Roll with me and imagine that your body is a car. You would not put too much fuel in it, or it might overflow out of the gas tank. The same is true for too much alcohol, in a way that it overflows your organs with toxins that cause cancers, liver disease, stroke and heart failure. These are all very bad consequences to deal with for a fun night out that has gone very, very wrong.

Therefore, the debate continues. There is always going to be drinks that are bad for our health, but the key is to drink them in moderation. If you must have that soda, limit yourself to when you are out at restaurants. Stop buying the soda at the store and keeping it at home. If the energy drink is the only drink that gets you through that boring meeting, find an equal but less sugary substitute to take its place. These drinks have adverse side effects that are horrible on our bodies, and it is important we limit them to live the best life we can. We owe it to ourselves to be healthy, so let us drink to good health!


  1. Mae

    I think soda is the silent killer. That may seem over the top but sugar definitely is not good for you and should be avoided or an alternative used like stevia.

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