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Dry Skin Causes, Symptoms, Alternative Treatments & When Medical is Necessary


Dry skin can be a very uncomfortable and unattractive condition at time. Therefore, the definition for dry skin is Dry skin or Xerosis as it is known by medical terms is a common problem.

Who Can Get Dry Skin?

Dry skin tends to occur when the skin lacks vital moisture and this happens with advancing age or to other causes, which will be explained here. Anyone can get dry skin at any time when his or her skin is not getting the required moisture.


The causes of dry skin are numerous. Skin is very susceptible to losing its normal state of moisture with the changing of the seasons. The season, which does cause the driest skin issues, is the winter. This can happen because of being constantly exposed to central heating in your home or in other buildings.

Some of the other causes of dry skin can range from taking a bath and towel drying to using the wrong kind of soap to a moisturizing lotion that traps moisture. Other factors can also cause dry skin and some of these are attributed to diseases such as Psoriasis and Thyroid disorders. Alcohol and drugs can cause dry skin and Dehydration.


The symptoms of dry skin vary and depend on a person’s age, the specific location you live in, the cause of the problem, and so forth. But some of the most classic symptoms of dry skin do include the following:

  • Redness
  • Cracks that may bleed
  • Skin tightness
  • Frequent itching
  • Skin that is rough and not smooth

Alternative Treatments

There are numerous oils, lotions, and creams available over the counter as treatments for dry skin. The best products to look for are those that contain humectants and emollients. Some recommendations include Eucerin lotion, Aqua Care therapeutic lotion, Neutrogena and Cetaphil lotion.

There are several alternative treatments for dry skin. The treatment that you decide to choose depends on you. Some of the alternative treatments for dry skin are taking milk baths, using a humidifier in your home, herbs for dry skin, diet recommendations, wearing certain materials, and so forth.

When Is Medicinal Treatment Necessary for Dry Skin?

Most dry skin conditions can be healed by taking care of them yourself. However, if you suffer any of the following, it is highly advisable to see a doctor for help. They are:

  • Constant itching that keeps you awake
  • The appearance of infection or open sores from scratching
  • Your skin doesn’t get better despite your efforts

Medical Treatments

The specific medical treatments for dry skin may vary according to the dry skin condition that you have. Some doctors will recommend home care in the form of non-prescription creams and moisturizers and not taking long baths and showers. Nevertheless, it depends on how serious your dry skin is. They may also prescribe prescription creams, ointments, and hydrocortisone lotions.

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