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Duke Diet


The Duke Diet Plan was established in 1969 in North Carolina.  Thousands of people wanting to lose weight traveled to the Duke Diet and Fitness Center to realize their goals.  Although you can still go to the Center in North Carolina if this is not an option for you, these travels are no longer necessary as the program is now available online.

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Goals of the Duke Diet Program

The world renowned Duke Diet and Fitness Center has a weight loss plan that is comprised of four components including nutrition, fitness, behavioral health and medical expertise.  It is not just about losing weight, it is about losing weight and gaining improved health.

The Duke Diet Online Program

What differentiates the duke diet from other diet plans is that you receive the same benefits using the online program as you would if you traveled to the center.  You would, as a member, receive support, encouragement, daily meal plans and customized exercise routines.

The Duke Diet and Fitness Online program combines the weight loss strategies of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center and online tools to help you meet your weight loss or weight management goals.

Some of these tools include a behavioral health assessment, shopping list tool, personalized meal planner, calorie and fitness calculators, custom fitness plans and you have access to the Duke Diet community and the experts at Duke.

What Differentiates the Duke Diet from other Diet Plans?

What differentiates the duke diet from other diet plans is that his plan teaches you what you need to know to lose weight and keep it off.  Everything from how metabolism works to how many calories are needed to meet your weight loss goals.  They allow you to choose from two different eating plans; low carbohydrate or the traditional Duke Diet Plan. You make your own choices of the foods you eat from six food groups and are taught to balance portions for lasting and safe weight loss. The program contains 4 weeks of meal plans and recipes and you choose the meals you want.

The Duke Diet Plan uses behavioral assessment tools to help you identify any barriers to losing weight and change the way you use food.  They provide you with a unique exercise plan that is custom made for you to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits of your energy.

With many diets you don’t have experts standing by to answer your questions and help you meet your goals.  You are given a plan to lose weight and most times you actually do, but if you do not know how to manage the weight you will generally gain it back.  With the Duke Plan you are taught why you gain weight, how your body receives food and acts with it and you have a better understanding and the knowledge to not only lose the weight but to successfully keep it off.

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