Monday, September 21, 2020

Could a Durian be Just as Amazing Without the Smell?


Can a durian be just as delicious without the smell?

A Thai scientist named Songpol Somsri has worked for nearly three decades with crossing over 90 varieties of durian in the hopes of making the “king of fruits” a little less stinky.

What he’s come up with so far is currently named Chantaburi No. 1, named after his province.

Heidi thinks that her favorite thing that has been said about this topic is when Russell James recently posted about this, said, “Durian is the Marmite of raw food”. As being an American who has had Marmite, she couldn’t agree more.

Do you think durian will taste the same without the smell? Will it taste better? Is part of the mystique of durian its smell, or is it something else? The prickly exterior? The creamy flavor? Is it really all about the smell?

And what about these scientists on the quest for making perfected fruits? What will they think up next? In our opinion, we think it is hilarious. And we bet there are many raw foodists out there that might feel a little sad that their durian might not be as stinky as it was before…because then, they would have no one to harass with the unique pungent smell of durian.

Songpol Somsri must really have a love for durian, or must really hate the smell.

Let’s be honest. We, as raw foodists, love the durian because it’s different. It’s exotic. Smelly yet yummy. We love the look on people’s face when you say durian and they look blankly back at you.

But why is it so great for making raw food an easier way to eat everyday?

It’s fun.

The “fun factor” is extremely important in your diet. If you’re always thinking about how bad cooked food is while you are eating raw, you’re missing the point. Personally, we no longer eat raw food just because “cooked food is bad”, but because… it’s fun and it makes us feel amazing.

May your durians be stinky and yummy!

~ Heidi & Justin

My name is Heidi, and I have been eating a raw food diet since 2004. Before I found raw food, I have tried all sorts of different ways of eating including: standard vegetarian, fare, vegan, food, macrobiotic, Marilu Henner's programs, food combining, slow food, and more, I followed along on social and did everything I could. I understood the idea of Raw Food since I first learned of it in 2000, but it wasn't until 2004 that I started making raw food a daily part of my life.

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