Monday, September 28, 2020

How to Run Early in The Day For Extra Motivation and Energy


Research shows that running early in the morning can give you extra energy and keep your motivated throughout the day. However, it can seem challenging to get in the mood first thing in the morning to run. Here are some tips on how to add running to your daily routine.

Go to bed early:

Record your favorite television show and chose to get some extra rest. You will be more motivated to run in the morning if you’ve had a decent nights sleep. You’ll also feel more rested in the morning.

Put you alarm clock out of reaching distance:

If your alarm clock is across the room, you’re less likely to press the snooze button and go back to bed.

Plan for your run the night before:

Plan your entire run the night before so that you know how long your run will take and that you have time for it before your day starts. To start running as early as possible, lay out your clothes the night before.

These are three tips you can use for effectively starting a running routine first thing in the morning. You’ll be amazed at the change it will make in your life.


  1. Myra

    Long ago, I was a not-very-good runner. Like you, I’d gotten a little heavy and wasn’t active enough

    And my attempts to go for it were a complete failure. Luckily, I was in a big city with a lot of runners, and more than one person took me aside for some advice, which I’m happy to share.

    First, go for your distance. Figure out where two miles is on some route you can walk or run without it being a big production. Most public paths that are paved have mile markers. Or if you’re indoors, a track usually has a sign saying how many laps per mile.

    Go slow. Start at the slowest jog you can do, and when you can’t go any more, switch to briskly walking while you catch your breath. Start running again when you can. Don’t worry about how often you have to walk, or how slowly you jog.

    Do this at least every other day. More often is better.

    Your cardiovascular fitness will improve pretty quickly if you’re young. Over 45 or so, and it’s slower, but it will come.

    One day, you’ll realize you’re getting close to jogging the whole two miles. The next time you go, see if you can jog the whole distance. It’s okay if you can’t, but really give it your best effort. When you’re pretty close, push yourself.

    Once you jog the whole way, you start working on speed the same way you worked on jogging. Start faster than usual, and when you can’t keep that up, drop back to your slower jog, then speed up again when you can.

    I went from not sure I could even walk a mile (of course I could!) to jogging for three miles in 36 minutes, which was my goal, in a few months, IIRC.

  2. Michelle Cain

    I like to workout first thing in the morning and I have really been feeling great since I have started doing this. I think that if you can easily run first thing that it will set you up for the day ahead

  3. Emily

    I have recently gone for a some early morning runs and I must say, it helps tremendously overall with my everyday motivation. I started simply with about a half a mile run, now I running nearly 2 miles every morning!

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