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Effects of High Heels High Heels on Your Feet


All of the weight of your body rests on the bottom of your feet. Unfortunately, when we think of this, we think that our feet are incredibly strong to support our weight – and they are strong, to an extent. However, when we put on shoes we can actually change the strength of the foot, making it weaker and causing serious health issues. This is the case in high heels shoes.

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The Effects of High Heels on Your Feet

High heeled shoes can cause problems with your feet. First, for the sake of fashion, we are wearing shoes that are narrower, which essentially squishes all of the muscle, bone, and ligament in the foot together. The overall design of the shoe – especially a high heeled shoe – forces the foot into an unnatural position, causing pain and injury to all of those tiny bones.

The fact that the slant of the shoe puts all of the body’s weight on the ball of the foot is another problem, which can lead to serious injuries in the foot. These shoes can also cause hammertoes, and can bring about bunions, corns, and bone spurs.

High Heels on Your Bones, Joints, and Tendons

Some doctors believe that some women actually develop osteoarthritis simply because they spent years wearing high heeled shoes. This is very common in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee. These shoes also contribute to disfigurement of the Achilles tendon, and can cause Morton’s Neuroma, which is a condition that is identified by nerve and sensation problems.

The bones, joints, and tendons in the foot are not the only areas affected. High heels have a huge impact on the bones, joints, and tendons in the legs, the buttocks, the hips, and the back as well.

High Heels on Your Back

Because high heeled shoes alter your posture, causing you to stand and walk in ways that are not natural to the human body, you can expect a great deal of back pain. The design of the shoe, and the way that a person must walk when wearing them prevents the proper stretching of the muscles that run across the lower back.

Fashion may call for those really high heels, but your health is more important. These days, footwear manufacturers are more aware of the health risks that their shoes have, and are designing footwear that is more appropriate in the protection of the human body as a whole.

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