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Electrodermal Screening


Electrodermal Screening, also known as Electro Diagnostic Screening, is a procedure which utilises a computer-based instrument to measure the energy in the body, in order to determine the cause of ailments. Similar to bio-feedback, this method of treatment provides practitioners with a new and highly accurate reading of energy, marking a significant breakthrough in health-care.

This type of screening is founded on the theory that improper energy flow through the body causes imbalances and malfunctions. A result of over thirty years of research, the procedure has been appraised and approved by many doctors and dentists in the US, and is being widely used in other countries, such as France, Germany, Canada, and England.

The History

German doctor, Reinhard Voll began to develop this new approach to health in the late 1940s. During his studies of the Chinese meridian system, he realised that if the traditional acupuncture theory was correct and energy did flow throughout the body, then there had to be some way of measuring this energy as it reached the skin’s surface. In time his theory proved successful, and he created a device using an ohmmeter and a brass probe, which he placed on acupuncture points to measure the skin’s ability to conduct energy.

After many years of research, Dr. Voll began to discover that energy flowing through acupuncture points on the feet and hands had to fall within a certain range in order for the corresponding tissue or organ to be healthy. Moreover, he discovered that when homoeopathic medicines were placed close to the patient the energy readings were very liable to change.

How it works

Nowadays, Electroermal Screening is used to extract a considerable amount of information about a person’s health in a quick, non-invasive, and cost-efficient manner. Using a computer database, the body can be evaluated for dysfunctional structures, and possible cures ranging from over 25,000 entries.

Pathogens, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, allergens and emotional influences can all be identified, and by reassessing an abnormal reading when a mineral, vitamin, homoeopathic, or herbal remedy is added to the circuit, a cure can be identified. This technology is also useful to select certain substances such as dental materials and medications most suited to the individual.

Electrodermal Device

The instrument utilised in Electro-Dermal Screening is designed as a communication processor, and because it only requires the measurement of a slight change of skin resistance, it is considered extremely safe to use. Moreover, since there is no system that is completely accurate, the most effective way of using the results provided by EDS is to use them in comparison with other test results as second or third opinion.

Screening Process

Since EDS is an extremely sensitive procedure, it is hard to learn and requires practice and patience in order to acquire a near accurate reading. In fact some refer to it as an “art” form, and the time required to perform a screening test on a patient is anywhere between one to two hours. Computerising the system has helped to provide an excellent visual display, and enables the practitioners to printout information and graphs. Nonetheless, it does little to speed up the process and the time which the practitioner needs to conduct the test.

Electrodermal Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of EDS is that it can be used to assess many functions, systems, and organs of the body. It is also efficient in detecting allergies and sensitivities to foods, plants, animals and environments, and it is useful in screening the quality of teeth, dental conditions and many other malfunctions within the body.

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