Friday, November 27, 2020

Elisha Cuthbert: Diet, Detox & Exercise Fitness Plan


Elisha Cuthbert is always in such slim and amazing shape but really how does she do it? Is it true that she doesn’t really workout and exercise?

What is Elisha’s diet plan like and how does she burn fat and stay in incredible shape?

Detox Diet Plan

About her diet plan, Elisha Cuthbert says: “I’m more likely to splurge on a savory dish than a sweet one.” She does not eat many sweet foods and junk-food.

“I’m not much of a junk-food eater. I think that comes from being on set so much and having the craft table that’s full of doughnuts and sweets throughout the day.” 

“I don’t also follow a strict diet, I just eat in moderation,” she says.

One thing that Elisha Cuthbert does enjoy, is a glass of wine.

“I used to drink a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a heavy, full wine,” she says. “Lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of wines that don’t have as much body to them.”

Workout Routine

Elisha Cuthbert doesn’t follow a strict workout routine because she says that she can stay in shape by simply keeping active.

“I’m not a gym girl,” Elisha says. “So I try to run outdoors, walk, ride a bike.. anything that keeps me active.”

“I don’t really try to work out, but I try to do things that are active,” so as you can see the way Elisha Cuthbert stays in shape is simple.

Keep active, don’t sit around all day, eat in moderation but enjoy your food. “You can’t catch me sitting at home watching TV all day, I like to jog and stuff like that.”

Elisha Cuthbert’s favorite song to workout to is: “Lady Gaga, ‘Just Dance’. It’s an upbeat tune,” she says “And I love Sia, she’s terrific.”

Elisha Cuthbert Comments

We’re always on the lookout for more information about our celebrity cleanse plans. What do you know about Elisha Cuthbert’s routine?

I write in the vertical of celebrity detox plans, diets and exercise routines.

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