Friday, June 5, 2020

“Emptiness brings Fullness”


Many women go through physical changes of showing masculine image as well as psychological ones such as depression as they become obese.

In some serious case, they even look as aggressive as wrestlers just before match. This is, regardless of their intention, the result from breakdown of balance in sex hormones.

Especially, Obese women near menopause produce more male hormone with abdominal fat and less female hormone which makes them look more masculine.

Fat persons keep large amount of energy in their adipose tissue, but the problem is they’re hardly able to use this energy.

Thus, the key to this energy cell lies in both less sugar intake and effective breathing. First of all, To burn up fat in body, one needs enough supply of oxygen, which means one needs effective breathing.

At this point, Lao tzu’s “Vanity”philosophy is a very powerful gear.

People tend to concentrate on their inhaling rather than exhaling when told to breathe deeply, but breathing is continuous process of inhaling and exhaling.

One needs to exhale deeply first for deep inhaling with emptying his/her lungs.

Lao tzu’s teaching is unexpectedly easier to approach than we’ve thought, which stressed “Emptiness brings Fullness”.

One with average inhaling capacity of 500cc can inhale up to 4500cc through proper breathing method.

Long exhaling makes consequently inhaling pretty easy and natural. One of the simple methods is to count 10 on exhaling and 5 to 6 on inhaling.

On top of that, if some walking or exercise such as yoga and “chi”practice is added, you can easily open the door of “fat energy cell”.

With loss in weight and fat of body, women can recover the balance in sex hormones that gives a huge gift of having feminine appearance through “Empty your ego” philosophy.

Wang Wei
Wang Wei is a holistic health practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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