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Enema: What are the Benefits & Dangers for Detox


Numerous types of enemas are available today. This is a brief overview of them as well as some background about usage and/or advantages and disadvantages.


These lists of enemas are categorized by main ingredient or type. Using this guide will give you an idea of what you would be putting into your body if you were to take this digestive cleaning route.



Often these are used to diagnose and treat problems with intestines, especially with children. Often this type of treatment is administered using a bulb syringe. This can be very effective, but be cautious when using this method on your own. Air bubbles can have a dangerous affect on you. Consult a doctor or other professional before using this method.


Using an alcohol base to rinse out your colon could help sterilize it. However, it can also harm you. Since it absorbs very quickly into your body from the rectal area, it could cause alcohol poisoning if you are not careful.


This type is often used during a diagnostic test. It helps detect any abnormal changes within your large or small intestine. The goal is to make the intestines visible so medical professionals and you can witness activity that shows up in X-rays.


You may have heard of this and the thought of sticking coffee beans up your “bunghole” may seem ridiculous. You are not alone. However, there are some good bacteria benefits of this.


Numerous types of cleansers and soaps are used in the rectal area that have oil present in them. The ones that are most often use is the ones made from castor, mineral, or olive oil.


This is one method that can really clean you out. However, some cleansers are very harsh and could dry you out. This could cause colonic and rectal irritation. Soaps made from vegetable oil are most highly recommended.


Using an enema can loosen up hard and impacted stool that is stuck in your intestines and/or colon. The use of an enema also helps make it easier for a specialist to perform a colonoscopy because the area is cleaner afterwards.

Additional benefits of using an enema include the following: Improved circulation, removal of parasites, reduced allergies, and eliminate of stress symptoms (i.e. anxiety and worry). It can also encourage weight loss and possibly remove harmful bacteria, virus, worms, and other parasites.

Sometimes people who experience a colon cleanse also notice that they feel more vigorous sexually. At the same time, their skin tone improves since the digestive system is able to send the right nutrients to it.


Most of the times problems occur when an enema is administered without proper instruction. If you are unsure of how to use it you should consult a health expert.

Furthermore, using enemas for colon cleansing too often can normal bowel movements to become irregular. This is ironic considered that your goal is to be able to relieve your bowels on a regular basis.

Another danger with use of enemas is that sometimes they have in them harsh ingredients. You should be very careful about using ones that are alcohol-based, for instance.

The ones that are usually recommended are the water-based cleansers. However, sometimes people use oil-based ones to further lubricate the bowels.


Enemas are tools inserted into the rectal area, very similar to douching methods used by females. The solution inside an enema bottle is used to rinse out the “back end” and this is done to help promote digestive regularity.

Make sure you also consult your doctor before using the more controversial types of enema solutions, such as the coffee-based or milk-based ones. Be careful when using soap-based ones as well.

It is possible to make homemade recipes, but in any case you should contact a doctor first. Moreover, you should be very concerned about your health.


  1. Sonia

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been learning that colon cleansing is a great way to clean out your system. It will help you get a head start on improving your health. However, in order for it to be effective for you there are some things you should remember.

    In order to get the most out of your colon cleanse you can find out how to do this in the next section. It will help you gain some perspective and show you how you can benefit fully form this experience. It will also give you the tools you need to have as successful of a digestive cleaning experience as possible.

    Is it Necessary?

    There are several factors including diet, age and overall health that determine the necessity for a good digestive cleaning. Some experts argue that it cannot help, yet on the other hand knowing a person generally feels better afterwards it is said not to hurt either.

    It can make a person feel as light as air. It can also cause a person to be able to lose weight easier, and any number of other benefits. Some people feel overall more energetic. Therefore, even though there is some controversy regarding the necessity of it, people often benefit from it.

    Some Practical Tips

    Of course, in order to get the most out of your colon cleanse it would benefit you to be guided along the way. Here are some practical tips:

    A proper colon cleanse is done gradually rather than hurriedly. This will help prevent the overburdening of your system as you clean out your body.
    Taking a few days to prepare for your colon cleanse is also helpful if you use an over the counter product to aid the process along. Ideally all processed foods should be temporarily eliminated from you diet, and half of the food you eat should be fresh fruits and veggies.
    While on a colon cleanse, it is best to limit most if not all dairy products, meats and breads as they are mucous forming. They can also make digestion of food much harder.
    During your cleanse, be patient and stay with it. Realize also it is not the answer to all your health goals. You can undo poor diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits in one night.
    After your colon cleanse it would be helpful if you continue to eat balanced meals. A healthy diet is what will help you maintain good health. Exercise will help you as well.

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