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Energy Healing


Energy Healing & Auric Magnetic Healing is a holistic approach to a complete and balanced body-mind-spirit wellness.  It can help you to release past negative energies or traumas that may have occurred physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally.

These energies, while they originate within your mind and subconscious, transition throughout your body causing disease, emotional breakdown, creating negative attraction, and cause us to resist love, joy, abundance, creativity and our full life force.

To the left is a recent photo of me performing an Energy Healing session on an actual client.  The light orbs visible in the photo are how other light beings appear in our physical reality. This is a relatively new phenomena, that we see them like this, so clearly, and to me a sign that the veil between the “seen” and “unseen” is very thin.

What Is Auric Magnetic Healing?

The term “Magnetic Healing” was coined by New Zealand healer, Colin Lambert.  He would show how the energy field around his hand was interacting with the field or aura of his patient, just as the energy field around one magnet will interact with the field of another. And so the name ‘Magnetic Healing’ was born.

“Auric / Magnetic Healing is using high vibrational energy through the healer’s hands to facilitate healing of the auric field and physical body”. The auric field (also known as the aura) is a field of electromagnetic vibrations that directly relates to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual.

It is an energy field that surrounds the body in the form “of liquid light” which moves & pulses. It’s energy around the outer body flows from the cells of the body; creating the electromagnetic field. This energy field surrounds all living things, e.g. humans, plants and animals.

As known by healers over the centuries, and now detected by scientific instruments, many diseases seem to begin in this energy field. The healer can pick up these imbalances or disruptions before they become too severe in the physical body. 
The first principle of Auric / Magnetic Healing is to find the source of the problem.

Auric / Magnetic healers’ hands are drawn together like magnets, to the areas in the auric field that are basically ‘out of phase’. The “negative charged block of energy” is scooped between the hands and drawn away from the body, out of it’s energy field and returned to “the light or the earth” for recycling.

” I was once doing a treatment at a festival, with a screen between me and the next stall holder, who happened to be an energetic healer himself, as I was “throwing the energy with the intention of it being returned to light” , I had a small misgiving about throwing it his way.. Sure enough, he popped his head out from behind the screen to ask me to please stop throwing it his way, as it was “passing” through his space and going through the wall and into the earth outside. Since then, my preference is returning it to Lady Gaia directly, beside my feet.

I’m sharing that experience to highlight that the energy blocks removed are “real” things. To me, they are very “physical” even though you may not be able to see them, when I feel them, they are solid, like a wall, and my hand cannot pass until the block is removed.


“This energy can be used by anyone who uses ‘love and light’.  The healers of all the great religions and many tribes have had such skills for hundred of years.” “Magnetic healing is part of an ancient healing tradition with the ability to tune in to the etheric energy of the auric field which surrounds the body of the patient.

“With the positive energy generated by the healing hands, one can remove the ‘block in the auric body’. This then draws the corresponding cause away, replacing it with higher light vibrations, assisting the healing process.

How Does Distant Healing Work?

Auric / Magnetic healing is about working with the electromagnetic energy which surrounds every living thing, and the interaction between those energies. When a healer places his/her hand over a body and turns their computer mind to the desired frequency of transmission of energy, then that energy interacts with the energy surrounding the patient.

If you can imagine the patient’s body is like a radio station putting out a frequency, from a distance, a healer, with developed sensitivity, picks up and works with it. It doesn’t matter how far away the patient is, as vibrations travel a great distance. The name and address of the person is enough, or a photo or a letter written by them is an added advantage, as they too hold the person’s vibration for the magnetic healer to place on their couch.


  • Emotions, depression, grief, feeling powerless
  • An accident, shock
  • Negativity from others
  • Pollution, sick buildings
  • Chemicals, drugs
  • Food & drink
  • Sound

Other electromagnetic energy:

  • Radiowaves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, UV radiation,
  • X-rays, Gamma rays, Television, computers, cell phones,
  • Fluorescent lights, electrical machines, powerlines etc.


  • Reduce pain, stress, pre & post operative trauma
  • Heal wounds & broken bones in half the time
  • Alleviate infertility, dizziness, tiredness
  • Deal with Disease, Medical conditions, disorders, accidents, grief, and emotional traumas
  • Enhance immune efficiency
  • Balance & energise the energy field.
In other words, return the cells of the body back to their correct frequency of vibrations.

A magnetic healer sees the physical body as a billion, billion living cells which go to make up that body. If every living cell in the body is in perfect working order, then there will be no negative areas reflected in the energy field, therefore no resistance to the flow of the hand over the body. (Quote: Colin R. Lambert)

Auric / Magnetic healing can help to clear the build up of this dross, by releasing it and then repairing areas of the aura affected. 
Sometimes the healer will also need to seal any leaks, rents or tears that have been causing fatigue of either the physical, emotional and mental layers.

During an illness, strengthened energy fields heal physical illness and can be combined with all other health care being used. This helps the patient to return to full health using all levels of healing.

During a treatment, I frequently am shown what is happening inside your body and also given suggestions and guidance for helping with other aspects of your life and being.

I recommend Energy Healing on a regular basis for maintaining your optimal health and life balance within the body, mind and spirit.  I also recommend Energy Healing sessions to address specific problems.  My sessions are provided to help you maintain and continue with your best possible self.  Many of my clients realize significant benefits through their ongoing commitment to Energy Healing to maintain their optimal health and you can do the same.]


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