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Equine Touch


The Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive energy and connective soft tissue discipline that works at the holistic level. Although a new field of animal modalities, the Touch is esteemed by horse owners, riders, equine chiropractors, equine therapists and equine veterinarians who attest to its amazing results in long-standing problems with horses.

Through a series of vibrations administered gently in predetermined patterns, the Equine Touch induces an ideal state of homoeostasis. Bringing the horse to this relaxed equilibrium allows for greater success in addressing areas of concern, whether the malady is physical, neurological, emotional or behavioural.

Equine Touch History

In 1997 Jock Ruddock, a pioneer in Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique began addressing equine problems by using his own unique bodywork methods.

The amazing effects of Jock’s adapted Equine Bodywork gained attention. Jock was treating the horse as a ‘whole’ and called upon the entire body and its natural ability for self-healing. Holding training seminars, Jock pioneered the Equine Touch throughout Europe.

At one seminar, Jock met his future wife Ivana, a teacher at a veterinary university. With further research into the mechanics of the horse, its energy patterns and emotional armour, along with Ivana’s knowledge of veterinary science Jock was able to modify the discipline into the premier equine care that is recognised worldwide.

How it works

Gaining a clearer understanding of horses through the aid of the Equine Touch, horse owners are now able to provide help by giving the horse a ‘healing gift’. Through encouragement the horse is lead to a balanced state, which enables the owner to utilise more fully the body’s natural, healing thereby providing relief for the diseased state. The Touch complements all other methods of treatment, from orthodox veterinary medicine, to aromatherapy, and herbal treatments.

Gentle application of predetermined moves over specific points within various muscle groups interspersed with pauses allows the horse to discern and process the effects of the subtle routines.

Equine Touch Theory

Although at times working via other receptors and trigger point release mechanisms, research has shown that it works fundamentally through the fascia, the intelligence network of the body.

The Touch addresses the body physically, chemically, emotionally and some suggest spiritually. When an area needs attention, through the Equine Touch what is required to heal the area is made apparent. This is because the better side of the area is often addressed first.


Ideally the horse is led from a state of disease toward homoeostasis by addressing the horse’s body as a whole. Old and sickly equine can benefit as much as young athletic horses.

Sending vibrational energy in a predetermined pattern through the body, aids in releasing muscular tension and energy blockages thereby improving circulation and lymphatic action. The horse, in processing the movements, often becomes very relaxed and is relieved of pain and tension. The Equine Touch can benefit all horses in all disciplines.

International Equine Touch Association

To insure high standards among practitioners and students of the Equine Touch an association, The International Equine Touch Association (IETA) was formed in 2004. The IETA would operate as a separate entity from the Equine Touch Foundation, which served as the teaching branch.

Comprised of practitioners and students from both Touch and Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) members voluntarily committed themselves to be regulated by the Code of Ethics set forth by the association.

In order to practice under the name of Equine Touch and VHT, it is mandatory for practitioners to remain a member of good ranking with the IETA and devote at least two days a year to professional development.

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