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Equinology is an organisation dedicated to the provision of quality educational courses in horse care and health science. Curricula developed by Equinology are constantly revised so that the material studied is at the cutting edge of the various equine health fields. Satisfied students of Equinology include veterinarians, physical therapists, chiropractors, grooms, trainers, barn managers, massage therapists, owners and people without prior horse experience.

Equinology has garnered respect in the field of horse health care training due to the well-prepared students who have entered the workforce after leaving the institution. Equinology emphasises the understanding of equine anatomy, and this enables students to work with confidence in their chosen profession.


Equinology was founded in 1984. Since then it has set the standard for the training of equine health care and body work. The company now complements its equine body work programs with programs focused on canine body work.

No other organisation offers as large a number of courses as Equinology in the field of horse body work. There are over 40 courses taught by Equinology The focus is on classroom learning as opposed to distance learning. It is thought that when it comes to massage therapy, it is important for students to acquire hands on experience.


Equine body work has a number of benefits for horses. It increases stamina and performance as no energy is being wasted in holding stress within the horse’s body.

After a horse has been treated by equine body work, it is common to see a change in its behaviour. If a horse is uncomfortable it is likely that this will be evidenced in its behaviour. Although it may seem that the horse is misbehaving, it may just be trying to let you know that it is in pain. Once this pain is relieved, it is likely that the horse’s bad behaviour will cease.


There are many advantages of training at a large organisation such as Equinology: information presented in the courses is the latest available; for personal interest, individual courses can be taken outside of certification programs; Equinology has the approval of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; graduates receive free listing on the Equinology website; instructors are reliable, energetic and highly qualified; Equinology Inc. is always evolving and new courses are continually being made available; Equinology offers an in house finance program; graduates of the Equine Foundation Massage Course are eligible for membership in International Equine Body Worker Association; professional liability insurance is offered to graduates in Australia, the UK and a number of US states.

Courses offered by Equinology

Courses offered by Equinology include: Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study; Equine Body Worker Certification Course; Advanced Equine Massage Techniques; Equiken Basic Anatomy Survey; Comparative Dog and Horse Anatomy in Clay; Bio-mechanics, Applied Anatomy and Gait Abnormalities; Stretching and Range of Motion Exercises; Fundamentals of Equine Dentistry; Presentation of Lameness Case Studies; Principles of Saddle Fitting and Shoeing Dynamics; Equine Acupressure Foundation Course; Equine Skeleton Assembly Workshop; Equine Head and Neck Dissection Class; Equine Myofascial Release; Equine CranioSacral Therapy; Introduction to Human CranioSacral Techniques; Equine Neurology, Muscle Physiology and Pathologies; Fundamentals of Equine Nutrition; Equine Aromatherapy; Equine Sports Medicine and Science; Shadow an Equine Body Worker; Introduction to Horse Handling.

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