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Essences of Angels


In order for us to bring the understanding and guidance of each Archangel into our use, we use the Essences of Angels, which are a set of 12 Vibrational remedies. They mix the pure and unconditional love of the realm of angels with the energy of the Master Crystal Energies and Crystal Deva’s and inspire healing on many levels. The Essences interact with the major chakras of the body, and stimulate healing in the physical sense, as well as on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Simone Matthews

Simone M. Matthews was guided by the Angelic Realm to make the Essence of Angels. The healing combines with other healing modalities. Matthews has helped thousands of people over the years and has dedicated her life to awakening humanity to the teachings of Spirit. Matthews knew at an early age that she had special gifts and she now teaches others to tap into those same gifts within themselves. She is the founder of Universal Life Tools Metaphysical School of Healing, which is based in Queensland, Australia. The school offers two paths of study that include Crystal Light Healing and Essence of Angels. Anyone taking her classes should expect major growth and transformation after the class.

Essences of Angels Description

The Essences of Angels assist us in bringing love, understanding, and guidance into our lives through a set of 12 vibrational remedies. They combine Angelic and Master Crystal vibrations and they are setting a new paradigm in healing. They work well with other healing modalities and are holistic in their capacity to bring enlightenment and healing into the lives of those that use them. There are courses that teach the use of the Essences.

Essence of Angels Workshops

The Essence of Angels workshop is taught by Matthews and will accelerate the spiritual development and intuitive instincts of those that participate. It is a two day workshop, and includes experimentation with each of the Essences, as well as their use and communication with Angels. The Essences can help to unlock each person’s gifts and bring past wisdom to the forefront. The course is beneficial regardless of whether you choose to use the Essences for you personal benefit or whether you share them with those around you.

Essence of Angels Examples

Archangel Azrael Essence is the helper of life transitions and helps us to let go of things we no longer need. The energy is gentle and loving, and leads us to new beginnings.

Archangel Zadkiel Essence is the giver of love and compassion for humanity. He helps us to speak our personal truth and awakens hearts and minds.

Archangel Michael Essences is a true ally for life on this earth. He helps to guide us toward our true path in life and helps us to cut away unneeded attachments.

Archangel Jophiel Essence is helpful for tapping into our personal beauty, and assists with our creative endeavours in home and business. It also reminds us that life is a journey and that we are responsible for creating our own path and story in life.

Each of the Essences help with healing and guidance and those that are seeking truth, their unique path in light, and that want to gain knowledge and great consciousness will be well-served in learning the methods of the Essences.

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