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6 Essential Foods for Pregnant Women


Pregnant women require adequate amount of nutrition for the development of the various organs of the unborn baby. Additionally, pregnant women undergo hormonal changes which make them sensitive to the smell of certain food products in the first three months. Women can include a number of different types of food items to meet the nutrition requirements. They should also be careful to include certain food items each day. Women should take food rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and folic acid, and avoid intake of saturated fats to stay healthy and deliver a healthy baby. Some of the foods which should be included are –

1. Cereals

Women should take cereals every day in food as it contains minerals, vitamin B, carbohydrates and calcium which are needed for getting energy to do everyday tasks. It also provides nutrients to the fetus. Whole grain breads can be taken instead of using refined grain breads. Whole grain products contains adequate amount for fiber which reduces the formation of plaque in the blood vessels and regulates blood pressure.

2. Dairy Products

Women should include a good amount of dairy products to get adequate amount of proteins and minerals. You can take yoghurt each day in your diet. Proteins are essential for growth of new tissues and for repairing broken tissues. It is needed for formation of muscles, tissues, and also for the transportation of oxygen to the fetus. Dairy products also contain calcium which is required for the development of bones. Soy milk contains adequate amount of vitamin D and it can be included in the diet.

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3. Fruits and Juices

Orange juice is recommended during pregnancy because it provides a good amount of vitamin C required for increasing the immunity of the body. It is needed for fighting infections too. Fruits such as bananas and apples should be taken between meals or after a meal to get adequate amount of minerals, vitamins and fibers. Intake of food rich in iron helps in preventing anemia. Moreover, fruit salad can be taken each day along the diet to increase the content of fibers in diet as fiber helps in increasing the metabolic rate and immunity.

4. Vegetables

Green leafy vegetable such as spinach is rich in iron. Iron is needed for the formation of hemoglobin in human body. Hemoglobin transports oxygen to the body cells and provides energy. Pregnant women should take vegetables to meet the mineral requirements.

5. Fish

Fish is considered effective in providing proteins and it also contains a fair amount of omega-3 fatty acids, but you should be careful to not to take fishes which contain high quantities of mercury or lead. Pregnant women should also reduce intake of high fats mostly found in animal meat, as it can raise the saturated fat levels in the body.

6. Legumes

Pulses such as kidney beans contain folic acid and Vitamin B which is required for the development of the nervous system in the baby. Pulses also contain a substantial amount of proteins and hence should be included in diet.


  1. Kerry

    Teen mothers-to-be are more at risk of pregnancy complications than older pregnant women. Premature or prolonged labor, anemia, and high blood pressure are the more common risks that young mothers-to-be face. These risks are even greater for teens under 15 years old.

    Children of teen mothers are also at risk. Low birth weight babies are more common among teen mothers, and low birth weight babies are more likely to die within their first month of life.

    It is very important to stay healthy before getting pregnant. Everything a mother deals with, a baby will also deal with. Many women think when they are pregnant they can eat anything they want, since they are “eating for two.” This is not true.

    Many women think their baby will take the nutrients it needs from the mother first, even at the expense of the mother’s health. This is not true, either. There would be no small or poorly nourished newborns if this were true.

    Good eating habits are important because your baby depends on it. Energy and every nutrient baby needs for growth and development, are supplied by the foods or supplements recommended by doctors. A baby grows and develops in a series of critical periods. If the nutrients needed for developing tissue or organs to grow are not adequate at the time the baby needs it, he/she may not develop normally. Since tissues and organs develop only at certain weeks of pregnancy, it is important to eat the necessary foods every day. Skipping meals today, hoping to make up missed meals later, will not help your baby.

    Use the Food Guide Pyramid for Pregnant Teens to make healthy food choices. A pregnant teenager needs to increase calories, but only by 300 calories each day. That does not leave room for “empty calories” or “junk food.” Make sure the food fits into the Pyramid.

    Fat adds calories without giving many necessary minerals and nutrients. Limit fat to no more than 30% of daily calorie intake. Before eating ask, “Is it good for me and my baby?”‘ If the answer is “yes,” go ahead and eat it. If the answer is “no,” think of something else that satisfies you and is healthier.

    Alcohol is absolutely off limits. Drinking even small amounts of any alcohol, including beer, can lead to mental retardation and facial deformities. It is also a major factor of low birth weight and delayed growth. Low birth weight babies often have major health problems.

    No one can guarantee that a baby will be born healthy and strong. However, these are steps to take to make the best baby possible. Nothing offers greater benefits for mother and baby, than eating right.

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