Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Eva Longoria: Diet “Desperate Housewives” Exercise & Detox


How does Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria stay in shape year round?

Diet Plan

Eva Longoria likes to keep it simple, keep it healthy and stays away from junk-food.

Eva Longoria eats organic foods as much as possible, she loves to eat health foods like broccoli and leafy greens like kale.

She doesn’t eat much junk food at all apart from on her cheat-day and she avoids sugar and processed food altogether.

Workout Routine

Mostly Eva Longoria runs for her workouts and that’s how she keeps her body in great shape. She is of hispanic origin so still keeps her curves even though she runs consistently a few times per week.

She works with a personal trainer called Patrick Murphy who is known to help her place first in the Maxim hot 100 in the years of 2005 and the following year of 2006.

Eva Longoria Comments

What can you add about Eva Longoria diet plan, exercise and detox programs?

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