Friday, July 19, 2019

How To Exercise During Your Pregnancy


Did you know that exercising during pregnancy can actually help you fight that fatigue and the various aches and pains that every expecting lady you have talked to seems to be complaining about? In fact, all doctors today recommend some form of exercise during the nine months to ensure both a healthy mother and of course, a healthy baby.

If you are already doing some kind of exercise, then it is good news. Just continue with the routine for as long as it does not begin to get comfortable. This might include regular gymming or yoga or long walks.

It is true that as the pregnancy advances, you will have to alter the way you exercise, particularly to make sure you do not overdo it. Talk to your trainer and let him or her know that you are expecting a baby. Also, make sure the trainer is an expert enough to recommend what is best during the days ahead.

It is also recommended that you talk to your doctor, who might suggest things to be avoided during the coming months, which will help you better organize the exercise routine. Also, if you have a medical condition, the doctor will be best placed to suggest the right course of action.

In case you did not have a regular exercise regimen before the pregnancy, it is best to start slow and then gradually increase the amount of time spent training. Try and begin with simpler tasks like walking or aerobics or even swimming for about 15-20 minutes before increasing the duration once the body adjusts to the new regime.

Even if you were an active person already, do not try to go for long exhaustive workouts during pregnancy and instead aim to fit in half an hour of moderate workouts regularly. It is advised to take up walking, cycling, not-too-strenuous aerobics and swimming. For the athletically inclined, jogging can be great as well as indulging in sports that do not involve too much strain on the body. Avoid things like horse riding or contact sports where there is possibility of falling or anyone pushing against the belly.

Not only will it help you stay active during the pregnancy, exercising during this time also has several other benefits. By focusing on exercises that strengthen the back and the pelvis, the pain in these areas in reduced and makes for a much smoother journey.

Also, it makes sure you do not put on too much weight due to inactivity during the nine months. This is especially beneficial when you are trying to get back to the pre-baby weight after the delivery. Since the weight gain has been under control and the body is used to exercising, the shifting of the added pounds is that much simpler.

The benefits of exercising during your pregnancy also extend to uplifting the mood and increasing the energy levels, which means you can enjoy these special days happily. This is especially relevant as most women these days continue to work right upto a few weeks before the due date. To be able to juggle work and still enjoy the pregnancy calls for an exercise regimen that will preserve your energy levels and let you perform at your best.


  1. Rita Hopkins

    I’m in my second trimester and am looking for good exercises that keep me in shape but don’t have any bad effect on me or the baby

  2. Vera

    Walking and swimming have been my two favorite exercises during this pregnancy. Especially since I’m in Florida and it’s hot…swimming is refreshing and feels so great to feel weightless when I feel quite the opposite when out of the pool!

  3. Charlie

    This will help many pregnant women with their pregnancy . I will give the link to this topic to some of my friends that are going to have a baby .

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