Friday, January 15, 2021

3 Exercises for Detox & Weight Loss


There are three types of exercise that may not be familiar to you. One concerns a type of walking. We know that many people walk as part of their workout regimen, but very few walk after eating. We will discuss this in some detail. Another type of exercise that was very popular years ago but has been replaced with gym memberships is the use of the Rebounder. It is a small trampoline like product. The health claims are well documented and worthy of our investigation. The Rebounder is practical for home use and easily stored under the bed. The third one is referred to as the 5 Rites. The story behind this is of interest and the benefits derived from these simple Rites or exercises, which can be done at home, are nothing short of miraculous. In fact, Dr. Oz recently spoke about them on his TV show.

I am writing about these three because of their association with many health improvements and I have first hand experience with them over a long period of time and have seen the results for myself.

Just 15 minutes of walking after eating, instead of sitting in front of the TV set or your computer will be of benefit. In fact, experts believe just 100 steps after your meal can improve digestion, burn calories, help control blood sugar levels and even help your triglycerides.

By walking after eating, your gastric juices and enzymes responsible for digestion are actually put into high gear. This boost to your digestive process prevents acidity and indigestion, a common complaint after eating. In addition your metabolism is energized which helps your overall health and well being.

Another benefit from the 100 steps or walking, especially if you are a late eater, comes in the form of improved sleep. The worst thing you can do is go to bed with a full stomach. The rest period is needed to build you back up, it should not be used for food digestion. The increased blood flow from walking after eating makes sure your food is well on its way to being broken down before falling asleep.

Walking also lowers blood sugar levels and is one of the best aids to helping prevent diabetes. It prevents glucose spikes and dips. Perhaps the greatest reason to walk after eating, and this one appeals to me the most, has to do with weight gain. People who walk after their meal seldom gain weight. Walking after meals makes a huge difference in your overall health and appearance and will prevent your body from turning the calories of a late meal into the added body weight that everyone dreads. As they say, timing is everything.

I can remember, and it was not that long ago, when every store had a Rebounder or mini trampoline for sale in their sporting goods department. Now your best bet for finding one is online. So what happened to this once popular form of exercise. For the most part is was replaced with more modern approaches and with the appearance of thousands of fitness centers around the world. When it was at its peak, in the 1980’s, more than one million units were sold each year.

In spite of its downfall in popularity, for those who prefer to get their exercise at home, it still ranks as one of the best ways to loose weight and maintain a high metabolism and healthy body.

Albert Carter is considered the father of the Rebounding movement. He and his family have a history of trampoline expertise and his book: “The Miracles of Rebound Exercise”, helped the exercise mini trampoline become a household item. Early versions of the device were poorly made and this may have lead to their loss in appeal. His book sold over one million copies.

There is overwhelming evidence, scientific in nature, that the use of the rebounder has profound health benefits. One study in particular by NASA, no less, reveals these facts:

“The external work output at equivalent levels of oxygen uptake were significantly greater while trampolining than running. The greatest difference was about 68%.

While trampolining, as long as the G-force remained below 4-G’s, the ratio of oxygen consumption compared to biomechanical conditioning was sometimes more than twice as efficient as treadmill running.

The G-force measured at the ankle was always more than twice the G-force measured at the back and forehead while running on a treadmill….While jumping on a trampoline, the G-force was almost the same at all three points, (ankle, back, forehead) and well below the rupture threshold of a normal healthy individual.

…averting the deconditioning that occurs during the immobilization of bed rest or space flight, due to a lack of gravireceptor stimulation (in addition to other factors), requires an acceleration profile that can be delivered at a relatively low metabolic cost….for equivalent metabolic cost, and acceleration profile from jumping [on a trampoline] will provide greater stimuli to gravireceptors.”

Many celebrities used the device and give it high marks: Jack LaLane, Tony Robbins, Bob Hope. President Reagan stated: “If you see somebody jumping up and down on the second floor of the White House, that’s me rebounding.”

There are five main claims about the health and fitness benefits of rebound exercise: (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Strengthened Cells: All of the body’s cells are said to be strengthened through the mechanics of rebounding, either because of gravity changes or because of pressure differentials (along with more oxygen reaching cells throughout the body)
  • Increased Lymph Flow & Immune System Function: Rebounding is said to lead to greatly increased lymph fluid circulation, leading directly to a boosted immune system, greater white blood cell activity, and increased detoxification generally
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Improvement: Rebounding is said to directly yield impressive aerobic exercise benefits in terms of heart strength and functioning, respiration, and related physiological functions
  • Physical Strength, Muscular Development, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility: Rebounding is often said to improve all of these
  • Low Impact, Less Strain on Joints, Soft Tissue, Skeleton: The elastic element of a rebounder, either springs or bungee bands, absorbs much of the impact or shock on each bounce, thereby making rebound exercise more attractive to those who need to avoid shocking or straining their joints, soft tissue, and skeleton

Buying one has been made easy by the Internet. Walmart has one for around $50 and it comes with a hand rail for added safety. Better quality ones sell in the $300 – $500 range and are worth the investment, especially if you are going to really get into it. Some fold up so they can be placed under you bed for easy storage.

The third form of exercise we should take a look at are the 5 rites. I recently spoke to a mother of three who is 36 years old and she told me how the daily use of these rites or exercises completely flattened her stomach. Everything else failed to get her stomach flat again, even her 16 miles of running each week. The number of testimonials for the 5 Rites numbers in the thousands. In fact, just go to Amazon, where the original book about the rites is available and read the reviews. I will quote some so you can decide for yourself about the merits of them.

The copy of the book I have, is a closer version to the original (which was published in the late 1930’s). It is called: “Ancient Secret of The Fountain Of Youth” (1985 version), by Peter Kelder. Peter spins an amazing story in the book about an army officer from England who travels to remote parts of Tibet and uncovers the secrets of the monks who look many years younger than their age and have great health and energy. As the story goes, the officer meets Peter Kelder years later, after traveling back to Tibet, and instead of aging, looks years younger than when they first met. In fact, the difference is so amazing that the story helped push book sales into the millions. No one has ever been able to verify any of it and no one seems to know if Peter is still alive. He wrote the first book in 1939 and rumor has it that he is still with us after 75 plus years. Could he be over 100? No one that I contacted knows, even his publisher.

Well let’s take a look at the 5 rites and one of the best ways to see them in action and learn how to do them yourself is by watching Dr. Oz, on his TV show. Here is the link:

The nest image shows what they are:

Testimonials reveal the many benefits they produce. These are from Amazon and here is the link: (This is the version of the book I recommend – it is the earlier one that I have and use): Kelder/dp/0936197250

“I have been doing these exercises for 4 years (almost everyday). I’ve never been sick, have plenty of energy, have practically no gray hair, and many people tell me I look at least 8 years younger.
I do not agree with the reader who said “if these exercises were as good as they claim the whole world would be doing them”. For years the medical community has been saying we should eat 5 or 6 servings of fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer and heart disease. How many people do you know who actually do it?”

“I read this book only one week ago, and started the rites. My energy went up, and in only four days I lost four pounds. I have worked out for years and nothing that I have done in the past has equaled this or made me feel this good.”

These are just a few I wanted to quote. If you search the internet you will find thousands of them.


  1. Kate

    @ Casey It’s better to work out before you eat if possible. If you absolutely must exercise afterward, wait an hour or two before you go to let your stomach empty out, or you might end up making yourself sick.

  2. Casey

    Is it a bad idea to exercise after a heavy meal?
    I am going to a restaurant tonight

    And I want to exercise afterwards to burn off the calories I consumed

    I am just worried its not healthy to exercise when your body is busy trying to digest the food you eat

  3. Campbell

    You got to want it, pure and simple! You got to want to get in shape badder than you want to eat junk food, and drink garbage drinks! You got to eat healthy foods only, and drink just water. And also exercise regularly, and those pounds will disappear! I’m going to follow my own advice. I’m tired of being an obese, loser! Not saying being obese means you’re a loser. I’m a loser, for other reasons! 😛

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